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Ki-Be vs. Connell

The Bears have defeated the Eagles three straight times. With five starters gone from last years squad, it will be a tough task for this years team to continue that trend. The Bears will pin their hopes on Sergio Avila, Josh Corke, Jesse DeLaPena, Josh Grier and Josh Corriel. The Eagels will counter with Julien Mendez, Mike Nielson, Chad Tuck, Jimmy Orozco, Juventino Orozco and Brian Freeman.

Possible matchups:

112/119 - Sergio Avila vs Dago Velasquez or Brad Prather. Sergio is coming off of a 5th place finish at state and will be one of the stars for Ki-Be this year. Prather is a tough wrestler and could give Sergio a good challenge.

135/140 - Josh Corke will be another wrestler to watch this year for the Bears. A matchup with Chris Lee or Juventino Orozco would be worth the price of addmission.

145 - Jesse DeLaPena will most likely wrestle either Juventino Orozco or Brian Freeman, both outstanding wrestlers. Jesse will a strong contender wherever he wrestles this year.

160/171 - Josh Corriel will be a strong wrestler this year and will have a good chance of going to state this year. A matchup with either Chad Tuck or Jimmy Orozco will give Corriel a good early season test.

171/189 - Josh Grier showed much improvement last year and should be ready to take on the responsibility of being a starter this year. The Bears will need good production out of him to be competitive with the top level of teams. Jason Goodrich has showed much improvement last year for the Eagles.

The Bears will need some Sophomores and Juniors to step up production in the other weight classes. Connell is strong from top to bottom and the Bears will need to wrestle mistake free and aggressively to come out on top in this matchup.

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