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Ki-Be Bears Final District Results

(Wrestlers to regionals highlighted in red)

Weight Wrestler W L Pins TPS Placing
103 Ryan Corke 0 2 0 0 -
119 Justin Mack 0 2 0 0 -
119 Sergio Avila 2 1 1 20 2nd
125 Barry Leavitt 1 3 0 2 -
135 Ramon DelAngel 3 1 1 18.5 3rd
140 Josh Corke 2 2 1 14 4th
140 Devin Leavitt 1 3 1 4 8th
145 Justin Corke 4 2 1 13 5th
145 Paul Schlotman 0 2 0 0 -
152 Jesse DeLaPena 3 1 1 16 3rd
160 Kyle Nickerson 3 2 2 9 7th
171 Josh Corriel 2 1 1 20 2nd
189 Cody Roos 2 2 2 13 5th
189 Chris Dehmer 3 2 3 11 7th
215 Eliseo Llerenas 3 1 2 20 3rd
215 Daniel Ayers 0 2 0 0 -
275 Kevin Hunter 3 2 3 11 7th
275 Jeremy Walton 1 2 1 3 -


Saturday Night:
Sergio had a tough battle with Adam Logozzo holding on to a 4-2 victory as Logozzo tried 
desperately to get a last second takedown on Sergio.  In the finals, Sergio ran into Rudy 
Rudy Garza who took control of the match early and dominated for a 4-0 win.  Sergio usually 
learns from these kind of loses, so expect him to gain revenge on Garza next weekend.
DelAngel, DeLaPena and Llerenas were all impressive in finishing third.  Llerenas collected 
2 pins on his way to third.  DelAngel collected a pin, a major and a tech, while Jesse had a 
pin and a major among his three wins.
Josh Corke finished 4th after a 13-9 lose to Villarreal.  Corke finally got a takedown on 
Villarreal late in the match.  
Justin Corke came through with an impressive 5th place finish.  Kevin Hunter collected 3 pins 
as did Chris Dehmer.
Friday Night:
Jeremy Walton and his opponent were the only wrestlers to wrestle a loser out match.  Jeremy 
won with a pin.  Sergio, Ramon, Josh Corke, Jesse, Josh Corriel, Cody and Eliseo will all 
all wrestle in the semi's.  Sergio faces Andy Logozzo who he has beaten twice this year.  
Ramon will take on the #1 seed Jeremai Hafer of Othello.  Corke will face Josh Thompson of 
East Valley who beat him 4-1 during the season.  DeLaPena will get a chance to avenge an 8-4 
season loss to Chris Garza.  Corriel will test Goodrich of Connell. Roos faces Chris Coyle of 
Connell. And Eliseo Llerenas will take on Jesus Gonzalez of Wapato.
All of the Bear wrestlers will have a shot at the top 7 and a trip to regionals.  The 7 
semifinalists have already earned a trip to regionals.
The toughest match of the night happened at 140 with Josh Corke and Casey McCourtie.  Corke 
got and early cross face, spin behind takedown and was in on a double leg, but McCourtie
used his strength and nearly put Corke on his back with a counter throw.  Corke wrestled 
cautiously from then on and gained an escape in the third for the winning points.
Everyone else dominated their opponents.  Roos spent some early time on his back, in his 
match with Dehmer.  He quickly reversed, putting Dehmer on his back for the pin.
Standout CWAC wrestlers are Sergio, Teddy Herrera-Wapato, Antonio Avalos-Grandview(unbeaten),
Josh Thompson-East Valley, Lance Reichert-Othello, Chad Tuck-Connell, Jesus Gonzalez-Wapato.
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