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Bears District Preview

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The Bears will have an interesting postseason ahead of them. There are no Knutsons, no Ale's in this years group. What the Bears do have are many wrestlers who have the ability to rise above the rest and do something special. The Bears got pretty roughed up in duals this year, but the tournament season could be better to the team. The Bears have at least 11 wrestlers who have a good chance at making it out of districts and on to regionals. Here is a breakdown of the possible district wrestlers for the Bears.

103 - Ryan Corke - Has won three in a row. Ryan will have a tough time at districts but will gain more needed experience that will help him in years to come.

112 - Justin Mack - Ditto for Mack. Districts is a great place for young wrestlers to gain experience.

119 - Sergio Avila - A 7th and 5th place finish at state the past two years has made Sergio the top Bears contender this year. His record this year is 21-3. His three loses were to Raul Zambrano 7-6, Mark Schutte 4-2 and Bryan Caraway 4-2. He defeated Schutte later in the year and Caraway wrestles at 130. Schutte may be out with a shoulder injury. Zambrano sometimes wrestles above his ability. All this means that Sergio will still need to wrestle his best. His best should get him into the top three at state.

125 - Barry Leavitt - He has shown a winning desire this year. Even though his stats did not improve much this year, his performance was much improved. A few well placed upsets could get him to regionals.

135 - Ramon DelAngel - The past two postseasons have not been good to Ramon. Injuries kept him from moving on in 1999 and 2000. He looks like he is on top of his game this year. At 15-8, Ramon looks ready to make a serious run at a state birth. He is a relentless wrestler who never quits until the buzzer sounds.

140 - Josh Corke - A state champ in the making. Josh finished 7th last year at state and is the most aggressive wrestler on the team. He has been on his back only one time this year and usually is in every match until the very end. Josh is 16-7 this year. He has lost narrow decisions to Kyle Hutchinson, Danny Villarreal and Josh Thompson. Josh won some big matches on his way to the state tourney last year, expect more of the same this year.

145 - Justin Corke - Although Justin's wrestling is unorthodox, he does not quit. He will keep coming at you until the buzzer sounds. His style has confused many opponents this year and it should help him during the postseason. A trip to regionals should be well within his ability.

145 - Devin Leavitt - A much improved wrestler, Devin should have a good shot at regionals this year. Along with Corke, Leavitt has made 145 a tough weightclass for Bears opponents. Leavitt has shown a toughness that will do him well at districts.

152 - Jesse DeLaPena - Two time state vet with a 19-6 record this year. Jesse can beat any wrestler in the CWAC at 152. He has an unstoppable double leg that the likes of Brian Freeman and Andy Logozzo can attest to. Jesse has added some impressive muscle to his game this year and that could make the difference. Jesse usually saves his best for the postseason. A top 5 finish at state is quite possible.

160 - Kyle Nickerson - There are a number of top wrestlers at 160, and Kyle can consider himself one of them. Kyle has made great strides this year as his 15-13 record shows. Kyle will need to beat a few guys that he lost to this year, but that is not impossible. In Kyles matches it may come down to who wants it more, and Kyle has shown tremendous drive this year.

171 - Josh Corriel - With 5 wrestlers qualifying for state from the CWAC, Corriel has an excellent chance of grabbing one of those spots. Josh has become a more mature wrestler and could give the top CWAC 171's a run for their money at Districts and Regionals.

189 - Cody Roos - A regional appearance last year should be incentive for Roos to make a return trip. Roos will need to wrestle smart and Aggressive to break into the top five state qualifiers. He is 13-8 this year with 9 pins.

215 - Eliseo Llerenas - Experience could be the name of the game for Llerenas. He has a 10-2 record this year and most of his experience had come this year. Llerenas has the ability to get pins, 8 in 12 matches, and can pick up his game when wrestling the big guys. Inexperience could cost him though. It would be great to see him make it to state.

275 - Kevin Hunter - The CWAC South seems to be a little shallow on heavyweights, which will help Hunter make it to regionals. 4 of 6 wins for Hunter were pins. It would be great to see Hunter wrestling for the District title in Connell.




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