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Ki-Be vs East Valley

  Kiona-Benton Bears     East Valley Red Devils
  38     36
103 Ryan Corke WBForf.   Forfeit
112 Justin Mack   WBF 3:54 B.J.Wilson
119 Sergio Avila WBForf.   Forfeit
125 Barry Leavitt WBForf.   Forfeit
130 Richard Pourier   WBF 3:30 John Wilson
135 Ramon DelAngel WBD 12-2   John Coleman
140 Josh Corke   WBD 4-1 Josh Thompson
145 Justin Corke   WBF 4-3 Kyle Hopkins
152 Jesse DeLaPena WBD 17-4   Cody Ransier
160 Kyle Nickerson WBF 1:55   Matt Flowers
171 Josh Corriel WBForf.   Forfeit
189 Cody Roos   WBF 1:41 Ryan Evers
215 Daniel Ayers   WBF 3:04 Adrian Lepe
275 Forfeit   WBForf. Jay Bandle
Ki-Be recorded 4 forfeits to help defeat the Red Devils 38-36.  East Valley won 6 of 9 matches
but could not overcome the forfeits.  The Bears got big wins from Jesse DeLapena, Kyle
and Ramon DelAngel.  Josh and Justin Corke both wrestled tough against good competition.  Josh
Corke is going to be a force to be reckoned with in February.  THe 140 weightclass will be a 
barnburner between Corke, Thompson, Danny Villarreal, Russ Chipman (unless he moves down to 
135), and possibly Kyle Hutchinson. Kyle Nickerson continues his superb season with a first
period pin. The Bears have now beaten East Valley 3 straight and are 3-4 lifetime against the Red Devils.

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