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Ki-Be vs Goldendale

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  Kiona-Benton Bears     Goldendale Timberwolves
  60     9
103 Ryan Corke WBF 1:59   Paul Whitner
112 Justin Mack WBForf.   Forfeit
119 Forfeit     Forfeit
125 Forfeit     Fofeit
130 Sergio Avila   WBD 4-2 Bryan Caraway
135 Ramon DelAngel WBForf.   Forfeit
140 Andrew Wight   WBF 3:24 Ashley Turner
145 Justin Corke WBForf.   Forfeit
152 Jesse DeLaPena WBF 3:17   James Gruginski
160 Kyle Nickerson WBForf.   Forfeit
160 Josh Corriel WBF 0:10   Mark Hoctor
189 Cody Roos WBForf.   Forfeit
215 Eliseo Llerenas WBF 0:40   James Andrews
275 Kevin Hunter WBForf.   Forfeit

The Bears finish their dual meet season at 4-4. They have now beaten Goldendale 4 times in 9 career meetings.

At 103, Ryan Corke recorded his first pin of the year after an action filled first round in which Paul Whitner led 4-2 with a td and reverse. Corke gained control early in the second round and cranked Whitmer over for the pin.

The match of the night was between Bryan Caraway and Sergio Avila. Sergio was wrestling up from 119. Neither gained the td in the first and Caraway rode Sergio the entire second round. With the score 0-0 Sergio slapped a leg ride on Caraway and exposed just enough of Bryan back for 2 nearfall points before he got to high and Caraway reversed to tie the score. Caraway rode out the regulation time. In the overtime period, Caraway shucked Sergio and spun around for the td and the win 4-2. It was a great match for Sergio, giving up 10 pounds to a state placer and holding your own is very impressive. Caraway will probably finish in the top 5 at state this year.

Andrew Wight gave the crowd some excitement with a great throw in his match, but Turner rolled on through and no points were awarded to Wight. Turner came back to get his second td and a cradle pin.

Wrestling his final career home match, Jesse wrestled cautiously, looking for a throw on James Gruginski. Neither scored in the first round, but Jesse came close on a few throws. Finally in the second Jesse caught just enough of Gruginski and held him on his back for the pin. Jesse is sporting some impressive muscle as his picture in the program showed. It should help him in the coming postseason.

Corriel and Llerenas recorded quick pins. Corriel wrestled only 10 seconds and probably did not gain much experience from his match, but it did help his stats. Llerenas took 40 seconds to dispose of his opponent.

The Bears travel to Connell next Friday in what should be a very interesting postseason.


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