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Ki-Be vs Grandview

  Kiona-Benton Bears     Grandview Greyhounds
  24     41
103 Ryan Corke   WBTF Romi Gonzalez
112 Forfeit   WBForf. Ismael Fajardo
119 Sergio Avila WBD 5-2   Adam Logozzo
125 Barry Leavitt   WBF 3:33 Maurisio Saldana
130 Forfeit   WBForf. Antonio Avalos
135 Ramon DelAngel   WBD 5-1 Alfredo Maldonado
140 Josh Corke   WBD 6-4 Kyle Hutchinson
145 Justin Corke WBD 7-2   Ramon Torres
152 Jesse DeLaPena   WBD 7-4 Andy Logozzo
160 Mark McCullough   WBD 5-0 Ruben Avalos
171 Kyle Nickerson WBForf.   Forfeit
189 Josh Corriel WBF 1:45   Jesse Espinosa
215 Cody Roos WBF 0:35   Gonzalo Galindo
275 Kevin Hunter   WBF 1:59 Wes Schlosser
JV Results
Justin Mack (2-0) WBF 3:26 and WBF 2:16

140 - Josh Corke and Kyle Hutchinson put on the show of the night. Josh came out strong with a nice single leg shot, but Hutchinson fought it off. It was back and forth for the rest of the first round but no scoring by either wrestler, 0-0. Hutchinson escaped to start the second and Josh nearly got a go behind takedown but Hutchinson countered with a switch as soon as they hit the mat to take a 3-0 lead. Josh escaped only to have Hutchinson get another takedown before the period ended. With Kyle holding to a 5-1 lead Josh started the third round on the bottom. Josh worked hard and late in the round Hutchinson was hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct to make the score 5-2. Josh then reversed Hutchinson with 16 seconds left in the match. Hutchinson was then turned loose and nearly tied the match with a single leg, but time expired before he could get Hutchinson on the mat.

215 - Cody Roos started awkwardly as he tried a throw on Galindo, but ended up pulling Galindo on top of him for a takedown. Galindo's lead was short lived as Roos escaped and then tried the same throw, this time it worked for a pin.

135 - Ramon and Alfredo wrestled to a 0-0 first round. Maldonado recorded the first takedown after a DelAngel escape in the second and put the match away with another takedown in the third.

119 - Sergio had his hands full with Adam Logozzo. A week after beating Logozzo for the Grandview Classic title, Sergio beat him again on the strength of a takedown and reverse. Logozzo had his chances early as he nearly put Sergio on his back, but out of bounds. Logozzo also nearly had Sergio in trouble again late in the match on a failed leg ride by Sergio. Logozzo sucked Sergio under but he stayed off of his back and gave up only the reversal.

125 - Leavitt started strong as he gained the first takedown to lead 2-0. Saldana came back to tie the score at 3-3 at the end of one. Leavitt was wrestling tough until he was caught in a cradle by Saldana and pinned.

145 - Justin Corke showed lots of movement and unique wrestling holds and came away with a 7-2 win.

152 - Jesse dominated Logozzo with his double legs. Logozzo wore Jesse down late in the match and got the final takedown in the second. Logozzo then rode Jesse out in the third for the win.

189 - Josh Corriel finished off the night with a pin with just 15 seconds remaining in the first.

Justin Mack had the best night of any Ki-Be wrestler as he recorded two pins in the JV matches.


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