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Ki-Be vs Othello

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  Kiona-Benton Bears     Othello Huskies
  19     45
103 Ryan Corke   WBD 17-13 A.J.DeLeon
112 Chris Stade   WBF 1:14 Tony Cantu
119 Sergio Avila   WBD 3-0 Mark Schutte
125 Barry Leavitt   WBF 1:10 Rudy Garza
130 Richard Pourier   WBF 0:56 Nathan Gilbert
135 Andrew Wight   WBF 1:23 Jeremai Hafer
140 Josh Corke   WBD 7-5 Danny Villareal
145 Ramon DelAngel WBD 21-12   Casey McCourtie
152 Jesse DeLaPena WBD 11-6   Tim Valdez
160 Mark McCullough   WBD 9-2 Ben Jensen
171 Kyle Nickerson   WBD 10-9 Josh Moreno
189 Josh Corriel   WBF 1:28 Lance Reichert
215 Eliseo Llerenas WBF 1:13   Juan Torres
275 Kevin Hunter WBF 1:23   Antonio Garza

275 - Kevin Hunter recorded his second straight pin to lead the Bears. Hunter brought the crowd to its feet twice in the 2nd period as he fought back from a 6-3 deficit with a reverse and half nelson for two nearfall points. Moments later as the crowd was settleing back into their seats, Kevin put Garza on his back for good with a front arm bar and crossface for the pin.

215 - Eliseo Llerenas showed veteran confidence as he disposed of his opponent in 1:13. Twice he took Torres to his back, the second time for the pin.

152 - Tim Valdez got an early lead on Jesse and led 5-2 early in the third after Jesse slipped on a throw attempt. Jesse reversed Valdez late in the third to make the score 5-4. He let Valdez loose and furiously tried for the takedown as Valdez blocked. Jesse managed the takedown with just 3 seconds remaining in regulation to send the match into overtime. Jesse immediately got a double leg on Valdez in overtime, and Valdez tried to throw Jesse on the way down but ended up on his back where Jesse held him for a 3pt nearfall and an 11-6 win.

145 - Ramon DelAngel dominated McCourtie except for a 30 second period at the beginning of the third. Ramon forged a 14-5 lead with 5 double leg takedowns, one took McCourtie to his back for a 3pt nearfall. McCourtie started the third with an early takedown that nearly took Ramon to his back, but then caught Ramon in a head and arm nearly for a pin. Ramon managed to escape and then took back control of the match with two more TD's and 2 more NF points.

119 - This match featured 3rd place state finisher Mark Schutte against 5th place finisher Sergio Avila. Both wrestled cautiously in the first, with Schutte gaining a late takedown to take a 2-0 lead. Sergio rode Schutte tough in the second and but still trailed 2-0 going into the third. Sergio was unable to escape from Schutte in the third and was called for stalling to give Schutte his third point. Could be a preview of the regional final.

140 - Josh Corke wrestled aggressively. What's new, Josh wrestles aggressively every match for 6 minutes. Josh nearly got the first points with a head and arm at the edge of the mat, but the ref decided not to award the takedown. Villareal then got the first points with a takedown. Josh tied it up at two with a reverse with just 10 seconds left in the round. Villareal was then awarded a questionable takedown in the second to go up 5-2. A full nelson by Villareal and an escape to start the third for Josh made the score 5-4 for Villareal. The final takedown however was scored by Villareal and Corke could not comeback from the 7-4 deficit before time ran out.

103 - Ryan Corke fell behind early, 4-1, to DeLeon, but came back with a TD, Rev and 2 2pt nearfalls to take a 9-6 lead in the second. DeLeon came back with 3TD's in the third to tie the score at 12-12. Corke went ahead 13-12 with an escape and then nearly took DeLeon to his back, but DeLeon caught his balance and threw Corke to his back for 5points and the win.

171 - Kyle fought back from an 8-4 deficit with 2 late third period takedowns, but inadvertently let Moreno go with just 7 seconds remaining and was unable to get the takedown. Look for Kyle to be the most improved wrestler on the team come tournament time.

189 - Josh Corriel gets the tough luck award. In his first two matches of the year he has wrestled Chad Tuck (6th at state, could easily have been higher) and Lance Reichert (2nd at State). Josh will be better for wrestling these two and should have an easier time with the rest of the competition this year.

JV - Justin Corke went 2-0 and put on a good show in his second match as he won by tech fall, 16-1. Justin wrestles like his brother Josh, aggressively!!! Keep an eye on him at tournament time.



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