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Kiona-Benton Bears Mat Classic XIII Results

Jesse DeLaPena


4-2, 4th Place

Championship 1st Round - WBD 15-7 over Tom Snell (Lakeside)
Championship 2nd Round - LBTechF to Steve Burden (Blaine, eventual state champ)
Consolation 2nd Round - WBMD 14-3 over Craig Hutchinson (Rdigefield)
Consolation 3rd Round - WBD 8-6 over Adam Morris (Riverside)
Consolation Semi's - WBD 6-3 over Shawn Smith (Port Townsend)
3rd Place Match - LBD to Chris Garza (Wapato)
Jesse dominated Snell with takedown after takedown. Burden was a bigger challenge but Jesse gave a good fight. Jesse dominated Hutchinson with his power and takedowns. Adam Morris gave Jesse a good battle. Jesse recorded a takedown in OT to beat him and move into the consolation semi's. Shawn Smith had beaten Chris Garza earlier in the tourney, but Jesse was up to the challenge and doubled up on Smith, once again showing domination on his feet. A last rematch with Garza did not go as well as Jesse lost 10-0. A fourth place finish is nothing to frown about though. GREAT SEASON JESSE!!!


Sergio Avila



Championship 1st Round - LBF to Jordan Dixon (Washougal)
Consolation 1st Round - LBD 7-4 Jon Limbeck (Cashmere)
Sergio took the early lead in both of his matches with takedowns, but lost both. An early takedown on Dixon went for not as Dixon turned Sergio over in the second round with an arm bar. Things went a little better with Limbeck. Sergio took an early lead, but Limbeck came back to tie the score at 4. He then used a leg ride to get 3 near fall points against Sergio in the third round for the win.


Josh Corriell



Championship 1st Round - LBD 7-2 Danny Kruger (Washougal)
Consolation 1st Round - LBD 9-5 Aron Nelson (Medical Lake)
Corriell fough hard in both matches losing 7-2 and 9-5. Kruger went on to place 4th. Josh should learn from this experience and will be back next year to challenge for a medal.



Eliseo Llerenas - 215 Did not participate due to disciplinary actions.