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Kiona-Benton vs. Connell

Kiona-Benton 25   Connell 42
103 Brandon Ashley WBD 9-3 Edgar Mendez
112 Ryan Corke LBF 3:58 Dago Velasquez
119 Sergio Avila WBD 7-1 Jose Mendez
125 Ryan Burns LBTF Taylor Jenks
130 Justin Mack LBD 7-9 Derrick Gray
135 Jose Gonzalez LBF 2:38 Brad Prather
140 Tony Chapin LBF 5:06 David Rae
145 Josh Corke WBD 9-1 Tony Lee
152 Mickey Salinas LBF 1:40 Juventino Orozco
160 Sean McCullough WBD 6-4 Ricardo Magana
171 Kyle Nickerson LBD 8-0 Brian Freeman
189 Josh Corriell WBF 3:40 Josh Tamsen
215 Cody Roos WBF 1:00 Armondo Morfin
275 Kevin Hunter LBF 1:33 Doug Dearborn


The Eagles were prepared for the Bears and showed it by scoring first in 9 of the 14 matches. The Bears pulled out to an early lead and after 7 matches the score stood at 18-16 Ki-Be. The Eagles won 5 of the last 7 matches to pull away for the win. Brad Prather and Juventino Orozco were very impressive for the Eagles.

103 - Brandon Ashley showed a good quality for a wrestler, escapability. He fought off a number of good shots by Mendez and also escaped a couple of bad moves off his own. Ashley wrestled patiently in the first round and then used his upper body strength to takedown Mendez to his back for a 5-0 lead. Ashley also showed quickness and his conditioning looks to be very good. Brandon could be in for a big freshman year.

171 - Kyle Nickerson went up against Brian Freeman who finished 7th at state last season. Nickerson wrestled like a 4 year veteran. He was aggressive, smart and never gave up. Freeman used a couple gut wrenches to help him to an 8-0 win. Kyle is not to far away from giving Freeman an even better challenge. It could be a different story come tournament time. Kyle has a habit of improving greatly from the start of a season to the end.

145 - Josh Corke had a tough time with Tony Lee, but was never in trouble in the match. Josh won 9-1 and the match really wasn't that close. Lee wrestled a good defensive match and did not allow Corke to pile on the points. Corke started the match by knocking Lee to the mat and bull rushing him for the takedown. He finished the match by throwing Lee to his back with a few seconds left. Josh roughed up Lee as he does to all his opponents, win or lose.

119 - Jose Mendez gave Sergio a good match. Mendez wrestled defensively and was never able to get any offense going. Sergio unveiled a leg ride, and nearly got himself in serious trouble. Avila moved away from the leg ride and was satisfied with man handeling Mendez the old fashioned way. An escape and a takedown in the 3rd gave Sergio all he needed to put Mendez away for a final score of 7-1.

189 - When he finally figured out how to use a double arm bar, Josh Corriell was unstoppable. Midway through the second period, Josh achieved the double arm bar and looked to the Bears bench to find out what to do with it. With his teammates going through all kinds of gyrations Josh turned Tamsen on his back for the pin.

215 - Roos made quick work of Morfin with a bear hug to his back for the pin in 1 minute. Cody was the first Bear wrestler of the night to get the first takedown in a match.

135 - Brad Prather looks very, very good!!! Jose Gonzalez stepped onto the mat with confidence and even showed that he had the moves and new how to use them. Prather, however, was just better and had a counter for everything. He also has 3 years high school experience. Gonzalez will be okay this year, he will just have to adjust to the learning curve.

160 - Sean McCullough won his first career varsity match although he took his time in doing so. Trailing 4-1, McCullough reversed Magana and then put him on his back for three points with about 30 seconds to go in the match, for a 6-4 win. McCullough nearly turned Magana at the end of the 2nd round, but it came as the period ended.

130 - Justin Mack gave a good showing with a 7-9 lose to Derrick Gray. Gray got the first takedown, but Mac fought back to take a 4-2 lead by putting Gray on his back at the end of the first. Mack still led 5-4 after 2 periods. Mack did not seem to get gased in the fourth but did lack a bit of motion and Gray took advantage of this to pull ahead and win.

Mickey Salinas (152) And Ryan Corke (112) got some experience wrestling state veterans and both were pinned. Kevin Hunter (275) ran into a big and tall Doug Dearborn. After getting the first takedown of the match, Kevin was pinned with a Dearborn bear hug. Ryan Burns (125) made a few too many mistakes and was tech falled by Taylor Jenks. Tony Chapin (140) ran out of gas in his match with David Rae and was pinned after a close 2 1/2 periods.

JV Results

119- Bryce Livesey lost by fall to Al Prather
125- Jerry Haug won by fall over Ricardo Vergara
152- Freddy Taylor lost by Tech fall to Bryan Prather
171- Justin Rolland won by fall over Jonny Bechenov
215- Daniel Ayers won by fall over Jose Nunez
160- Joseph Delangel lost by fall to Jose Saavadra