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Kiona-Benton vs. Goldendale

Kiona-Benton 66   Goldendale 6
103 Brandon Ashley WBF 1:33 Jed Garcia
112 Ryan Corke WBF 5:06 Paul Whitner
119 Bryce Livesey WBF 2:27 Josh Ruff
125 Ryan Burns WBF 0:48 Cole Lash
130 Justin Mack WBForf. Forfeit
135 Jose Gonzalez LBD 11-4 Bryan Caraway
140 Ramon DelAngel WBForf. Forfeit
145 No Match
152 Sean McCullough WBForf. Forfeit
160 Kyle Nickerson LBD 8-3 Stephen Gruginski
171 Josh Corriell WBForf. Forfeit
189 Cody Roos WBF 1:11 Chase Warner
215 Daniel Ayers WBForf. Forfeit
275 Kevin Hunter WBF 2:42 Robert Lemley


The Bears won 6 of the 8 matches wrestled, all 6 by pin, to defeat the Goldendale Timberwolves for the 5th straight time.

Jose Gonzalez gave another good fight against Bryan Caraway. This time Caraway looked a little more aggressive in the early going, putting Gonzalez on his back in the first period for an early 5-0 lead. Gonzalez settled down the rest of the match and lost by a respectable 11-4 score. I t could be a different story at district time, but Gonzalez will have to remember everything he has learned in these two matches.

Nickerson and Gruginski had the best match of the night. Gruginski and Nickerson wrestled cautiously in the first period. Kyle threw Gruginski to his back just after the buzzer to end the first. Nickerson scored first with an escape in the second round, but Gruginski threw Nickerson to his back in the midway through the second for a 5-2 lead. It was 6-3 in the third when Nickerson ran out of gas and Gruginski recorded a takedown for the final 8-3 victory.

Ryan Corke started slow against Whitner but came on strong in the final period. After almost turning Whitner in the second with the score at 6-5 for Corke, Ryan ended up on top of Whitner after a scramble and grabbed a head and arm for the pin.

Ryan Burns recorded the fastest pin of the night with a 48 second pin. Roos pulled Warner over the top of himself in the down position and squeezed him for the pin. Hunter recorded a quick reverse in the second round and rolled Lemley over for a pin. Ashley took Garcia down three times, the third Garcia went to his back for the pin. Livesey used a cradle to turn Ruff to his back for yet another pin. Sean McCullough took a forfeit for the varsity then took care of Anthony Taylor in an exhibition match with a pin in 1:29.