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Kiona-Benton vs. Grandview

Kiona-Benton 42   Grandview 27
103 Brandon Ashley LBF 2:34 Romi Gonzalez
112 Ryan Corke LBF 2:59 Ismael Fajardo
119 Bryce Livesey LBF 3:46 Bryce Shreeve
125 Ryan Burns WBD 12-10 Matthew Saldana
130 Jose Gonzalez WBF 2:58 Daniel Sandoval
135 Justin Mack LBD 6-5 Maurisio Saldana
140 Tony Chapin WBF 2:46 Brian Naylor
145 Josh Corke WBD 5-1 Adam Logozzo
152 Justin Rolland LBF 3:27 Abraham Magallan
160 Kyle Nickerson WBF 0:41 Billy Beston
171 Forfeit   Forfeit
189 Josh Corriell WBF 0:48 Johnathan Jaurez
215 Daniel Ayers WBForf Forfeit
275 Kevin Hunter WBF 5:20 Andrew Morales


Josh Corke remained unbeaten at 18-0. Adam Logozzo wrestled up at 145 and gave Josh a very good match. Corke was the aggressor throughout the match as Logozzo waited to counter everything that Josh threw at him, and Josh threw quite a bit at him. Josh got in deep on double legs numerous times in the first period, but Logozzo countered his attempts and fought out of Josh's grasp throughout the first round. Josh escaped to start the second and take a 1-0 lead. Logozzo once again countered a Corke shot and tried a throw. Corke rolled through on the throw, got to his feet and threw Logozzo out of bounds. Josh recorded the first takedown after Logozzo attempted a rare shot. Corke crossfaced to go behind and hook Logozzo's leg. Despite Logozzo hanging onto Josh's leg for dear life, the ref awarded Josh the TD as time expired in the second, 3-0 Josh. Using a leg ride, Josh nearly turned Logozzo for back points. Logozzo escaped and Josh went right back on the attack recording the final takedown to win 5-1.

Ryan Burn put on a good show at 125 with Matthew Saldana. Burns used 2 first period takedowns to take a 4-2 lead. Saldana came and outscored Burns 6-1 in the second period and midway through the third, to take an 8-5 lead. Burns came alive at this point and after Saldana turned him loose, Burns recorded three straight takedowns for a 12-10 come from behind victory.

The Bears recorded 6 pins on the night. The quickest was from Kyle Nickerson at 160. Kyle took his opponet directly to his back on the takedown for a 41 second pin. After getting an early scare on a throw attempt by Johnathan Jaurez, Josh Corriell put the squeeze on him with an arm bar/ wrist lock that left Jaurez hurting and pinned in 48 seconds. Kevin Hunter and Andrew Morales rolled around on the at for 3 periods. Hunter made a decent shot for a single leg on Morales early in the match, but gave up the single after he was unable to pick it up high enough to get Morales off balance. Hunter recorded the first takedown but was reversed and nearly pinned to end the second round, 5-4 Morales. Hunter tied the score at 5-5 with and escape with 1:30 left in the match. Morales tried a head and arm, but Hunter rolled through. Morales tried to counter the roll, but succumbed to Kevin and was flattened with 40 seconds left in the match. Jose Gonzalez and Tony Chapin also provided the Bears with pins. Gonzalez used a nelson to pin his man in the second round, while Chapin used a crossface to muscle his opponent on to his back, also in the second round.

The Bears dominated this match on their feet. They record 15 takedowns to Grandview's 10. They scored 36 points on the takedowns and nearfall points that came as a direct result of the takedown. Grandview had 21 such points. By my count, the Greyhounds outscored the Bears when both wrestlers were on the mat, 26-24. The Bears are now 7-8-1 lifetime against Grandview.