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Grandview Winter Classic
Team Scores: Henry Foss 170, Kiona-Benton 164.5, Prosser 127
Medical Lake 125, Grandview 96, River Ridge 73, Reardon 41.5.

Wgt Wrestler W-L Pins Placing
103 Brandon Ashley 2-2 1 4th
119 Sergio Avila 2-1 1 2nd
119 Bryce Livesey 0-2 0 -
125 Ryan Burns 1-2 0 -
125 Craig Nunamaker 1-2 1 -
130 Jose Gonzales 3-0 1 1st
130 Elizabeth Goeke 0-2 0 -
130 Jerry Haug 0-2 0 -
135 Tony Chapin 2-2 0 4th
135 Justin Mack 1-2 1 -
140 Ramon DelAngel 2-1 1 2nd
140 Ryan Phipps 1-2 0 -
145 Josh Corke 2-0 1 1st
152 Justin Rolland 3-1 3 3rd
160 Sean McCullough 2-2 1 4th
160 Kyle Nickerson 3-1 2 3rd
171 Josh Corriell 2-1 0 2nd
215 Cody Roos 3-1 3 3rd
215 Daniel Ayers 1-2 1 -
275 Kevin Hunter 1-1 1 3rd


Sergio Avila came out strong in the championship match against Nate Uehara. He scored two takedowns in the first round to lead 4-1. On the second takedown he fought off a strong whizzer by Uehara. An escape by Sergio was the only scoring in the seconds. Midway through the third Sergio put a half on Uehara while on his knees. Uehara rolled Sergio and reversed him to narrow the score to 5-3. Uehara came alive and slapped a cradle on Sergio and rolled him backwards onto his back for a 3 point nearfall. Sergio managed to escape to knot the score a 6-6 in regulation. In OT Uehara caught Sergio in a throw for the TD and the win.

Junior Gonzales came on big with an 8-3 win over Kris Pak of Henry Foss. Junior recorded two takedowns, an escape and a 3 point nearfall. Junior scored first on a takedown but was reversed by Pak late in the first for a 2-2 tie. Gonzales controlled Pak in the second and turned him with a arm bar / half for a three point nearfall. In the third, Junior got a quick escape and then muscled through a head and arm attempt by Pak for the takedown. The only imperfection in the match for Junior was an illegal poke in the eye that he delivered to Pak in the third.

In the 140 pound championship match, Adam Logozzo of Grandview struck first with a firemens takedown on Ramon. Ramon came back strong in the second with an escape and then muscled Logozzo for a double leg takedown. Leading 5-2 in the third Ramon somehow fell into a head and arm while he and Logozzo were on their knees. Logozzo was awarded a reverse and 2 nearfall points for a 6-5 lead. Ramon managed to escape to tie the score at 6. Late in the third it looked like Ramon would pull off the win when he got Logozzo in a cradle, but Logozzo rolled through and on top of Ramon for the takedown and nearfall points for the win.

Josh Corke wrestled very cautiously against Curt Smith of Medical Lake. The score was 0-0 until Smith recorded an escape in the sceond round. That is the way it stayed until the third. Josh got an escape and both wrestlers held out for overtime. In OT Josh snapped Smith to the mat, but got his leg too close to Smith. Smith grabbed the leg and sucked it in. Josh ripped Smiths left hand off and threw him off balance. Smith tried to roll away from Josh, but Josh used his quickness to spin behind Smith and gain control just long enough to be awarded the takedown.

Josh Edmondson placed third at the state tournament last season. Josh Corriell didn't care. Corriell more than good enough to win this match. Josh scored first with an escape in the second round. He was the agressor the entire match and it nearly paid off at the end of the second, as Josh got in deep on a double leg and lifted Edmondson off the mat for a takedown. Well it would have been a takedown had the buzzer not sounded as Josh was lifting him into the air. Edmondson reversed Josh in the third for a 2-1 lead. Josh escaped with 53 seconds remaining and gave Edmondson a gentle shove out of bounds. Edmondson came back with a rare takedown attempt, but this one scored and Josh quickly escaped to make the score 4-3. Again Josh was the agressor as Edmondson tried to stall out the match. He was called for stalling as time expired to knot the score at 4. Edmondson then showed that he does have some quickness as he ducked behind Josh and lifted him up and down to the mat for the win.