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Kiona-Benton Invitational

The Ki-Be Invite may not be one of the most prestigious tournaments around, but winning first place in front of your hometown crowd is nice. Sergio Avila has done just that 3 times. He will be going for number 4 this saturday. Not even the great Ale DeLaPena accomplished that feat. That is probably because the tournament was formed in Ale's junior year. None the less, Sergio will be trying hard to become the first 4x winner of the Ki-Be Invite.

Josh Corke will also be defending his Invite title from last season. Josh lost in the finals in his freshman year, so the Ki-Be Invite has been good to him. Ramon DelAngel lost in the semi's last season after winning the title his sophomore year. Ramon destroyed his opponent in the consolation final to take third. Josh Corriell will be setting his sights on a title after finishing second last season to Josh Brewer of Ephrata. Cody Roos took home a third place medal, but could find himself in the finals this year.

Others who could see some finals action include Brandon Ashley, Jose Gonzalez, Kevin Hunter and Kyle Nickerson. Ashley has been very impressive this year and should become a household name in Ki-Be's wrestling circle before his career is over. Gonzalez shows a lot of fight and determination. Nickerson is an ever improving wrestler who will just get better and better as the year goes on. Hunter is showing the ability to hold his own against the heavyweights.

The Bears will need the contribution of the entire team to gain their team title back after losing it to Ephrata last year.