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Kiona-Benton vs. Othello

Kiona-Benton 25   Othello 45
103 Brandon Ashley WBD 10-8 AJ DeLeon
112 Forfeit Forfeit Keith Smith
119 Sergio Avila WBD 9-0 Jorge Perez
125 Craig Nunamaker LBF 2:21 JJ Martinez
130 Junior Gonzales WBF 5:23 Ernest Guzman
135 Ramon DelAngel WBD 9-4 Jorge Anguiano
140 Tony Chapin LBF 0:30 Josh Gomez
145 Josh Corke WBD 11-6 Casey McCourtie
152 Sean McCullough LBF 2:55 Ben Mohs
160 Kyle Nickerson LBD 3-4 Josh Moreno
171 Josh Corriell WBF 1:14 Vito Cantu
189 Forfeit Forfeit Jeremiah Rodriguez
215 Cody Roos LBF 1:07 Jose Moreno
275 Kevin Hunter LBF 1:23 Curt Davis


Josh Corke and Casey McCourtie gave us a match to remember. McCourtie came out like a wrestler possessed. Josh took advantage of the hyped up McCourtie to duck under and behind him for the first points. It isn't a Josh Corke match unless someone gets tossed out of bounds, which Corke did to McCourtie in the first period. Corke then got a little too rough for the ref as he lifted McCourtie from behind and slammed him to the mat. The point for slamming tied the score at 2. Corke let McCourtie go in the second for a 3-2 deficit. Josh recorded a takedown, and McCourtie escaped to make the score 4-4. McCourtie then played a little rough on Corke out of bounds as he tried to twist Josh's head off. Josh fought for a double leg late in the second and was awarded two points as he stradled the out of bounds line with McCourtie in his grasp. Corke added another takedown in the 3rd to take a commanding 9-4 lead. An escape and a third caution on Corke made the score 9-6, but Josh finished off the match with another mats edge takedown with 1 second left. The key to the match was that McCourtie was unable to use his potent throws on Josh, and that Josh was just a little to quick for McCourtie to handle.

Brandon Ashley got the Bears on the board early with a hard fought 10-8 decision over AJ DeLeon. Brandon started off his match with a little breakfast pancake for a 5-0 lead. He rolled through on a head and arm attempt by DeLeon to take a 10-6 lead late in the third.

Sergio followed Ashley's win with a 9-0 major decision of Jorge Perez. Sergio scored first on a double leg and added a nearfall in the 2nd to forge a 4-0 lead after 2 periods. Sergio's conditioning paid off as Perez started to falter in the third. Midway through the third, Sergio put Perez on his back from the referee's position to finalize the scoring.

Jose Gonzales continues to impress. He has showed great improvement during the season and is getting primed for the post-season. Jose dominated Ernest Guzman scoring first on a single leg takedown. He road Guzman tough and ended the match with a wrist/half for the pin with just 37 seconds left.

Ramon had his hands full with Jorge Anguiano. Ramon dominated early with a takedown and turned Anguiano over with an arm bar for a 6-2 lead after 1 period. The match was still in question mid-way through the 3rd when Ramon stopped a head and arm attempt and lifted Angiuano up and down to the mat for the final scoring at 1:07 left.

Tony Chapin started off good, getting in deep on a single, and looked like his opponent was going to his back. Somehow Tony wound up on his back and the match was over before it began.

McCullough trailed Mohs 13-0 and looked liked he would get tech'd early in the second, until Mohs made a near fatal mistake and was nearly pinned. But Mohs regained control and recorded the pin.

Kyle Nickerson came within 5 seconds of a win over Josh Moreno. Kyle scored a takedown in the second on a failed shot attempt by Moreno for a 2-1 lead. An escape made it 3-1 in the third. Kyle was called for his second stalling with 1:30 remaing in the match to make the score 3-2. Moreno then used his quickness to spin behind Nickerson and throw him to his knees for the win with 5 seconds remaining.

Josh Corriell got a wake up call early in his match as Cantu got the first takedown, and left Corriell sprawling to stay off of his back. Josh came back strong and got Cantu off balance, took him to his back, a stapled his shoulder blades to the mat for the win.

Some of the Bears once again fell vicitm to the dreaded head and arm. Othello was not as head and arm happy as Zillah, but they were more successful in their attempts. Othello has now defeated Ki-Be in all 5 duals they have wrestled. A bright spot in the dual was that the Bears acutally split the 12 matches that were wrestled. They also recorded the first takedown in 7 of the those 12 matches. This is a good sign for the Bears as they get closer to the post-season.

JV results - Ki-Be 12, Othello 16

Bryce Livesey LBF
Ryan Burns WBF
Justin Mack WBF
Ryan Phipps LBF
Elizabeth Goeke LBD 5-14