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Kiona-Benton vs. Othello

The Bears have never defeated the Othello Huskies in a dual meet. They are 0-4 against Othello. This could be the dual to change that. With good new wrestlers like Brandon Ashley, Junior Gonzalez and Tony Chapin the Bears are stonger top to bottom. The closest the Bears have come to the Huskies was a 31-43 loss in 1998.

Probable matchups:
WgtKi-BeEast Valley
103#4 Brandon Ashley#9 AJ Deleon
112Ryan Corke#3 Keith Smith
119#2 Sergio Avila#8 Jorge Perez
125Ryan Burns#2 JD Gomez
130#4 Jose GonzalezRigo Pruneda
135#10 Justin Mack #7 Jorge Anguiano
140#5 Ramon DelAngel#2 Casey McCourtie
145#1 Josh Corke#3 Alex Torres
152Sean McCullough#8 Jeremiah Rodriguez
160#7 Kyle Nickerson#6 Andy DeLeon
171#2 Josh Corriell#7 Josh Moreno
189#4 Cody Roos#8 Jose Moreno
215#9 Daniel Ayers#8 Curt Davis
275#6 Kevin HunterJosh Cornwell

There will be a lot of good matchups in this dual, beginning with Ashley vs DeLeon. Brandon is a good wrestler on his feet, his small size has given him some troubles this year in the down position. DeLeon should give him a good match.

Jorge Perez should hang with Sergio for awhile, but in the end Sergio will prevail. Unless Ramon moves down to 135, Justin Mack will have an important match with Jorge Anguiano. The team points here will be important.

If DelAngel does not move down than he should have a barn burner with Casey McCourtie. Although a match between McCourtie and Corke would be very interesting considering the way things ended between the two at regionals last year.

Kyle Nickerson and Daniel Ayers will need to wrestle their best in their matches. There could be a 6-12 point swing on the outcome of these two matches. Roos and Corriell will need to take care of the Moreno's.

If the Bears want to beat the Huskies than they will need to keep the mistakes to a minimum. The guys who should win, need to win and the close ones will need to go the Bears way. The dual could come down to the last match.