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State Results

Josh Corke



4-0 1pin

25 Team Points

Zack Dean - Port Townsend - WBF

Curt Smith - Medical Lake - WBD 3-0

BJ Vavra - Mount Baker - 12-0

Mike Griffith - Lakeside - 6-5

Josh trailed Mike Griffith of Lakeside 5-4 with 1:10 to go in the third round. It had been a back and forth final with Josh scoring the first Td and Griffith coming back with an escape and Td to take a 3-2 lead. Griffith held Josh down for the second. Josh reversed in the third only to be reversed back by Griffith. Trailing 5-4, Josh looked like he might be done. But with less than 30 seconds left Josh sat out and grabbed Griffith's leg. He threw Griffith forward and came out the backdoor. Griffith caught Josh's head between his legs, and after what seemed to be like an eternity, Josh finally freed his head and grabbed Griffith by the leg and gained the reverse with just 14 seconds left. After going out of bounds, Josh and Griffith were placed back in the middle and Josh put in the leg ride and rode out the final 14 seconds to clinch the victory. Josh becomes only the 4th Ki-Be Bear to win state. He is also the 3rd wrestler to go undefeated in a season. Josh will go for number two next year.


Brandon Ashley


5th Place

5-2 2pins

10 Team Points

Derek Allen - Port Townsend - WBF

Edgar Mendez - Connell - LBF

Tyler Marshall - Mount Baker - WBF

Bradley Muri - Steilacoom - WBD 5-4

Scott Thompson - E.Valley - WBD 6-4

Edgar Mendez - Connell - LBF

Bryan Bosch - LaCenter - WBD 4-1

Brandon lost to only one wrestler, Edgar Mendez of Connell. He defeated everybody else. His 5th place finish as a freshman is a stepping stone to future championships. Brandon wrestled tough against Edgar but ended out getting pinned in both matches. He won an inspired match against Bradley Muri of Steilacoom to assure himself a medal on the first day. He delivered a defeat to Scott Thompson of E.Valley once again to move up the ladder before running into Edgar again. I expect to see Brandon in a few championship finals before his highschool career is over.


Josh Corriell


8th Place

2-3 1pin

6 Team Points

Joe Rosenkranz - Naches - WBD 6-2

Jason Wargo - Orting - LBD 3-2

Jeff Simundson - Deer Park - WBF

Danny Horsman - Mount Baker - LBD 6-4

Daniel Caldwell - Lakewood - LBD 10-0

Josh lost a tough quarterfinal match with Jason Wargo of Orting 3-2. He came back to manhandle Jeff Simundson and pin him in the 2nd period. He gave a good showing against Danny Horsman of Mount Baker, but again came out on the short end 6-4. Josh never got started against Caldwell in the 7th place match. Josh is not far off from being a state champion. His performance this year against the top two wrestlers, Orozco and Champion Josh Edmondson attests to that. Josh will again be a top contender next year. Don't count him out of the championship finals in Mat Classic XV.


Junior Gonzalez


8th Place


3 Team Points

Kruze Kinder - Deer Park - LBD 11-6

Scott Lytle - Hoquiam - WBD 6-4

Seth Thompson - Eatonville - WBD 9-3

Tommie Lindquist - Quincy - LBD 8-7

Levi Somers - Rochester - LBD 9-7

Junior went the distance in all his matches. Kruze Kinder defeated Junior in the first round, but was later put out of the tournament on the first day, while Junior medaled. Junior came back to defeat his next two opponents by scoring takedowns and riding tough. Against Lindquist and Somers, Junior scored first with Td's. He then fell behind in both matches and fought furiously to come back but fell just short in both instances. Junior could be a state champ for Ki-Be in the future. Possibly next year, but it will take some work.


Cody Roos



1 Team Point

Garrett Johnson - Medical Lake - LBF

Brett Swidecki - Tenino - WBD 9-2

Justus Tokich - Pullman - LBF

Cody Roos managed a nice 9-2 win over Brett Swidecki of Tenino in the first round of the consolations. He had the toughest draw of the championship first round as he wrestled the eventual champ, Garrett Johnson. He held tough until the third round when he was pinned. Justus Tokich knocked Roos out of the tournament with a pin in the second round of consolations. Roos finishes the season 21-15 and finishes his highschool career as the third highest in pin percentage for Ki-Be.