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Kiona-Benton vs. Toppenish

Kiona-Benton 54   Toppenish 17
103 Brandon Ashley WBForf. Forfeit
112 Ryan Corke WBForf. Forfeit
119 Bryce Livesey LBTF Joel Flores
125 Ryan Burns LBF 3:11 Angel Gonzalez
130 Jose Gonzales WBD 4-2 Jess Leon
135 Tony Chapin WBF 3:10 Jorge Espinosa
140 Ramon DelAngel WBF 3:38 Enrique Romero
145 Josh Corke WBF 0:36 Rocky Miller
152 Justin Rolland WBF 5:15 Cesar Godinez
160 Kyle Nickerson WBForf. Forfeit
171 Josh Corriell WBForf. Forfeit
189 No Match    
215 Cody Roos WBD 9-2 Teo Rios
275 Daniel Ayers LBF 1:24 Eugene Umtuch


The Bears defeated the Wildcats in 6 of the 9 matches that were wrestled. They improve to 4-2-1 against Toppenish and have won the last three matches now against the Wildcats. This was also the teams 9th dual win of the season. The Bears recorded the first takedown in 5 of the 9 matches.

Jose Gonzales won a tough match against Jess Leon. Jose blocked a shot attempt by Leon to record the first takedown. Leon reversed Gonzales near the end of the first for a 2-2 tie. Gonzales rode Leon hard the entire 2nd round and held the score a 2 all. Jose exploded out from the bottom in the third and reversed Leon, then rode him hard for the remainder of the round to win 4-2.

Tony Chapin struck quick in his match with a counter on a takedown attempt that took Espinosa straight to his back for an immediate 5-0 deficit. Chapin dominated the rest of the first round. Tony started on the bottom in the second and exploded to his feet, grabbed Espinosa in a head and arm, muscled him to the mat and pinned him.

Ramon wrestled impressively against Romero. After giving up the first takedown, Ramon came back with an escape and a monster double leg. Romero came out strong in the second with an escape and a takedown to take a 5-3 lead. Ramon escaped and ended the match with a near side cradle.

Corke pancaked Miller in 0:36 seconds. Rolland nearly tech'd his opponent, before finally pinning him midway through the third. Roos beat a pumped up Teo Rios 9-2. Rios was coming off of a Hoquiam invite championship. Roos used a half in the first round to turn Rios for a 5-0 lead.

JV Results:

Craig Nunamaker WBF

Jerry Haug WBF