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Kiona-Benton vs. Zillah

Kiona-Benton 44   Zillah 32
103 Brandon Ashley WBF 1:29 Vincente Mendoza
112 Ryan Corke LBTF Ricky Valadez
119 Bryce Livesey LB Inj Def Art Sevigny
125 Sergio Avila WBMD 13-4 Leonel Lustre
130 Jose Gonzales WBMD 12-2 Mike Gallegos
135 Tony Chapin WBF 1:05 Dutch Winters
140 Ramon DelAngel WBF 0:33 Junior Perez
145 Josh Corke WBF 1:32 Frankie Cisneros
152 Justin Rolland LBF 5:52 Isreal Gonzales
160 Kyle Nickerson LBF 3:41 Eddie Villafan
171 Josh Corriell WBF 0:38 Matt Rowland
189 Forfeit Forfeit Nick Rowland
215 Cody Roos LBD 5-12 Gene Slack
275 Kevin Hunter WB Forf. Forfeit


The Zillah Leopards must have been working on the head and arm all week! Zillah wrestlers used it in the first two matches to pin Bear wrestlers, and then continued to go for it, time after time, in the rest of the matches. Most of their attempts ended in takedowns by the Bears. Ki-Be is now 6-12 lifetime against Zillah.

After the first two wrestlers, Rolland and Nickerson got pinned, Josh Corriell started the scoring for the Bears with a 38 second pin. Josh stacked his opponent and got a very generous and quick pin call from the ref. Josh would have gotten the pin sooner or later anyway, so the time really didn't matter. The pin was Josh's team leading 12th of the season.

After Roos lost 12-5 and Hunter took a forfeit, Brandon Ashley flexed his muscle with a pin in the first round. Brandon got the first takedown and turned his opponent with a half. Corke and Valadez wrestled a blood bath as their match was stopped numerous times for bloody noses and cuts on the forehead. Valadez won with a tech fall to give Zillah a 26-18 lead.

Bryce Livesey started strong against Sevigny with an ankle pick takedown. The match was then stopped because of an illegal hold by Livesey which supposedly caused Sevigny's nose to bleed. The bleeding was not stopped in the required amount of time, so Sevigny got the win to give the Leopards a 32-18 lead.

Sergio wrestled up and dominated winning 13-4. Sergio got on top early with two single leg takedowns in the first period. He went to his leg ride late in the match and recorded 3 nearfall points before being reversed near then end of the match. Jose Gonzales kept the pressure on as he scored first for a 2-0 first period lead. Gonzales then used a three quarter nelson to help extend his lead in the 2nd. He quickly reversed and garnered 2 more near fall points for a 12-2 win.

Tony Chapin put Ki-Be ahead for good with a first round pin. Chapin got the first takedown as he rolled through on yet another failed Zillah head and arm attempt. Ramon followed Chapin with the quickest pin of the night. Ramon took Perez down to his back, grabbed both arms and hooked both legs, for a spread eagle pin in 33 seconds.

Josh Corke extended his winning streak to 19 with a quick pin on Frankie Cisneros. Corke recorded the first takedown and rode Cisneros early with a leg ride. Cisneros was cut loose by Corke and was agressively driven out of bounds by Josh. The Zillah crowd objected to the aggressive treatment of their wrestler. It just shows you that even in a short match with Josh you are bound to get a little beat up.

The Bears scored first in 11 of the 12 matches wrestled. Out of the 12 varsity matches and 7 JV matches, there were 12 pins. 10 of these pins were recorded by the Bears. The JV put on a good show winning 6 of the seven matches and beating the Zillah JV 33-3. Jerry Haug wrestled a particularly inspiring match. After getting caught in, what else, a head and arm early, Jerry faught back from a 6-2 deficit to win 13-10.

JV Results

Daniel Ayers WBF 0:59
Bryce Livesey LBD 12-18
Craig Nunamaker WBF 0:42
Jerry Haug WBD 13-10
Ryan Phipps WBF 1:21
Justin Mack WBF 0:53
Sean McCullough WBF 2:38