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CWAC North District Preview
(Last years state place is highlighted in black)
(103 and 145 weightclasses have been updated with late breaking news)

103 - Top 5

Eric McKerlie - Casc #2
Kevin Mitchell - Ton #1
Aaron Hargrove - Cash
AJ Cummings - Eph
Michael Kooy - Qui

Others to Watch

Mariano Silva - Chel

How good is Eric McKerlie. Currently he is ranked #2 in the CWAC but he has not wrestled any of the other top 5 ranked wrestlers in the CWAC. This would be a good tournament to show that he can dominate these 103 pound wrestlers. Eric took the 103 title at the Cashmere Invite. He is the wrestler to beat in the North district. Mitchell, Hargrove and Cummings will be his top challengers. McKerlie defeated Hargrove 9-1 earlier in the season. Mitchell and Cummings have had some experience wrestling in tournament finals this year. It will depend on who gets on the opposite side of the bracket from McKerlie as to who makes the finals. Kooy and Silva are front runners for the 5th adn final regional spot.

Kevin Mitchell pins McKerlie. Mitchell was leading 12-8 at the time.


112 - Top 5

Alex Clark - Ton - 8th
Rolly Clark - Ton
Ricky Brown - Eph
Steve Turner - Cash
Eric Mora - Qui

Others to Watch

Jason Escobedo - Casc
Lukas Wolff - Chel

Teammates Alex and Rolly Clark could be looking at an all Tonasket final at this years 112 District final. Alex placed 8th at last years Mat Classic and placed 2nd at the recent Apple Pie Invite, Rolly placed 3rd. Alex is currently ranked #4 in the CWAC, but the top 4 CWAC wrestlers at 112 are very close in ability to each other. Alex would like to pull away from this pack. Rolly Clark should not have a problem making the finals, as long as he is on the opposite side of the bracket. Brown and Turner may have something to say about that. Brown and Turner should battle it out for third. Brown defeated Turner in a dual during the season. Eric Mora lost to Turner 8-5 during the season. He may challenge for 3rd. Escobedo could challenge either of these for a regional spot. Lucas Wolf will need to pick his game up a bit to get into the 5th place match. Mora


119 - Top 5

Jon Limbeck - Cash - 5th
Lorenzo Longoria - Qui
Aaron Koons - Eph
Brent Zabreznik - Ton
Richie Hearst - Qui

Others to Watch

Jason Bushman - Qui
Tommy Race - Chel
Jeremy Burns - Cash
Chase Bradford - Omak

Jon Limbeck is undefeated and will have no trouble getting to the finals. Limbeck has won every tournament he has entered this year. Jon is a 3X state medalist, placing 5th last season. The anticipated mathup with Sergio Avila of Ki-Be never happened during the season, and now we will have to wait until regionals. Either Longoria or Koons should be his opponent in the finals. Both have lost to Limbeck this year. Longoria lost 10-4 and Koons lost 7-0. Longoria demolished Koons 16-1 during the season. Brent Zabreznik could also jump in their with a good day of wrestling. Either Bushman or Hearst will be the second guy for Quincy at 119. Whoever it is will be have a tough battle with Race, Burns and Bradford for the 5th regional qualifying spot.


125 - Top 5

Huber Lagrou - Omak
Colby Reilly - Eph
Abelino Ramirez - Qui
Josh Grandberg - Ton
Mike Sackman - Ton

Others to Watch

Brody Young - Qui
Bryan Race - Chel
Doug Nunn - Casc

No one has made a great case for supremacy at 125 pounds. Lagrou would like to show that his #1 CWAC ranking is justified. He did defeat Reilly, the Ki-Be Invite champion, 13-9 in a dual meet during the season. Any of the top 5 wrestlers could make the finals. Whoever is on top of their game Friday and Saturday could win the title. Ramirez of Quincy has recorded two pins in his last two dual meets. Both of the pins were in less than a minute. Ramirez may be peaking at the right time. Granberg also has the ability to defeat any of the 3 wrestlers above him. Sackman and Young could even make a case for themselves making the finals. Bryan Race is yet another wrestler who has the ability to pull off some big matches. Nunn has had some impressive moments this year as well. This may be the most entertaining weightclass at District.


130 - Top 5

Matt Dillin - Eph - 6th
Brandon Sims - Cash
Tommie Lindquist - Qui
Jed Whitaker - Ton
Johnathan Clifton - Qui

Others to Watch

Daniel Hargrove - Chel

Matt Dillin has placed 6th at the last two Mat Classic's. Matt is a 3X state participant and has wrestled 36 post-season matches, winning 20 of them. Lindquist and Sims will give him the toughest competition. A top three finish at state is well within Matt's grasp this year. Sims is well worth watching this year as well. Just a sophomore, he has already made his mark as a very good wrestler and should do very well in the next few years. Lindquist of Quincy needs to use this tournament to assert himself as one of the top 130 pound wrestlers in the CWAC. Whitaker, Clifton and Hargrove will battle for the 4th and 5th spots.


135 - Top 5

Scott Ouradnik - Eph - 13th
Garrett Dart - Cash
Cody Smithson - Casc
Dana Hickenbottom - Ton Curtis Shiles - Omak

Others to Watch

Jeff Smith - Chel
Brent Smith - Cash
Martin Aguirre - Qui

Scott Ouradnik has wrestled very well this year. He lost 3-0 to Bryan Caraway early in the year in the finals of the Ki-Be Invite. He did not show that he was at all intimidated by Caraway. Ouradnik is a very smart veteran wrestler. He should have no trouble making the finals. The rest of the regional spots could be up for grabs. Dart, Smithson, Hickenbottom and Shiles are all about equal and any of them could take it to the finals or the 3rd place. Smithson defeated Shiles 11-9 in a dual during the season. Little is known about Martin Aguirre, but he has been showing up in the win column for Quincy a little bit lately. Brent Smith of Cashmere pinned Aguirre in a dual and could have the ability to upset one of the top 5. Jeff Smith of Chelan could battle for the 5th spot.


140 - Top 5

Derek Williams - Ton - 1st
Willy Ives - Omak
Brandon Craven - Eph
Stephen Smith - Casc
Jeff Levi - Cash

Others to Watch

Elias Longoria - Qui
Isaac Wolf - Qui

Nobody in this group is going to compare with Derek Williams. Derek exploded onto the scene last season, as he tore through the competition on his way to the state title as a sophomore. He is the only returning state champion in the CWAC this year. Williams placed third at the pretigious Tri-State Tournament. His only loss was 4-3 to a 2X 4A state champion from Oregon. Ives and Craven will probably wrestle each other to see who gets the chance at Williams in the finals. Ives defeated Craven 5-2 during the season. Ives is only a sophomore and he will be providing the CWAC fans with a few more great seasons. If not for Williams, Ives might be the top dog. Craven is a senior and seems to firing on all cylinders. It could be a battle to get into the finals between Craven and Ives. Smith, Levi, Longoria and Wolf will battle for the other to regional slots.


145 - Top 5

Jake Streich - Qui
Kelly Davis - Eph
Jared McGuffin - Chel
Jesse Kitzman - Ton
Alex Martin - Casc

Others to Watch

Chuck Thomason - Chel
Andrew Pickett - Cash

Jake Streich moved his way up the 145 ranks with his stunning pin of Othello's Casey McCourtie. How good is Streich. This will be his first test. Was the pin of McCourtie a fluke, will he be able to challenge #1 ranked and undefeated Josh Corke at regionals. Some of those questions should be answered at district. Kelly Davis and Jared McGuffin are quality wrestlers who will be happy to help Striech answer those questions. Alex Martin has shown the ability to put an opponent away with a pin and could surprise at district. Picket and Thomason could battle for the 5th spot. The depth of 145 in the North is pretty shallow.


152 - Top 5

Masson Massey - Chel
Zach Harris - Eph
Scott Caudill - Cash
Matt Barnes - Ton
Dean Agee - Omak

Others to Watch

Kyle Murphy - Casc

Masson Massey will try and fend off the other top 5 North wrestlers for first place. Masson has the potential to do so and win his first district title. Harris has defeated Caudill twice this year and could give Massey his best challenge. Caudill lost to Jake Streich, #2 at 145, by only 2 points, 2-0, so he is capable of wrestling well. Matt Barnes could do some damage before the tournament is over. Agee and Murphy will do battle to see who gets the final regional spot. Agee defeated Murphy 10-5 during the season. This is another weight class that is seemingly wide open, although Massey should have things well in hand for first place. Places 2 through 5 could be a battle.


160 - Top 5

John Roehling - Eph - 9th
Josh Hargrove - Chel
Ron Taylor - Ton
Liam Arellano - Omak
Ben Niccum - Cash

Others to Watch

After Roehling and Hargrove the 160 field in the North is fairly light. Roehling has had a good year. He won the Eastmont Cat Classic, and took second at the Ki-Be and Royal Invites. He also lost a close 7-6 match to Juventino Orozco of Connell. Josh Hargrove may likely be Roehling's opponent in the finals, but he will still have to prove it on the mat. Ron Taylor defeated Ben Niccum 4-2 during the season. Arellano was pinned by Hargrove during the season. There may be someone else, who is not listed here, that could jump in here and win a trip to regionals.


171 - Top 5

Chris Bacon - Chel
Colby Bruehl - Cash
Garrett Klein - Eph
Travis Rairdan - Ton
Clint Webley - Qui

Others to Watch

Justin Haeffner -Casc (189?)
Daniel Sypher - Chel (189?)

Chris Bacon defeated Colby Breuhl 4-2 in a dual during the regular season. This win vaulted him to the top of the 171 pounders in the North. Bacon will want to show that he can dominate his opponents in this tournament, because the nest one will be very tough with the likes of Jimm Orozco, Josh Corriell, Joe Rosenkranz and Jamie Sehorn. It may be likely that only 1 of the North wrestlers at 171 will make it on to state. Bruehl defeated Klein 10-3 during the season and pinned Rairdan. Klein is capable of wrestling better against Bruehl. The finals should pit two of the top three. Rairdan or Webley could sneak in there with an upset or two. Haeffner and Sypher will have to step it up a lot to make it into the top 5.


189 - Top 5

TJ Gilmore - Qui - 13th
Bert Stalder - Ton
Adam Burkhart - Chel
Josh Pacheco - Eph
Frank Womack - Omak

Others to Watch

Justin Haeffner -Casc (189?)
Daniel Sypher - Chel (189?)

TJ Gilmore showed just how good he can be with a pin of Jimmy Orozco of Connell. TJ got a taste of state last year and he must have liked it. He is definetly the top wrestler in the CWAC at 189 and may not get challenged too much at the North District. He also defeated Colby Bruehl of Cashmere 14-0 during the season. After Gilmore the field is more even. Stalder and Burkhart should finish in the top 4 and Pacheco and Womack should finish out the 5 regional qualifiers. Pacheco defeated Womack 5-2 on the season. Haeffner and Sypher may wrestle here instead of 171. Either way they will have to wrestle a bit better to qualify for regionals.


215 - Top 5

Cody Bucholtz - Omak - 13th
Jake Healy - Eph
Ian Anderson - Chel
Corey Stevens - Ton
Clinton Meachum - Casc

Others to Watch

James Peery - Cash
Andrew Erickson - Qui

The lone returning state vet at 215 in the CWAC, Cody Bucholtz will get his toughest competition form Jake Healy of Ephrata. Bucholtz defeated Healy 8-2 during the year. A senior this year, it is Bucholtz' turn to shine. Cody went 0-2 at last years Mat Classic and he will be trying to bring home a medal this year. He will need to take it one tournament at a time though and the first test will be to get throught the North 215's. Healy is a strong wrestler who will be trying to dim the shine of Bucholtz. After Healy and Bucholtz, not much is known about the rest of the wrestlers. Anderson, Stevens and Meachum will battle it out with Peery and Erickson for the remaining three regional qualifying spots. That is if Healy and Bucholtz make the finals.


275 - Top 5

Cesar Williams - Qui
Jake Byle - Omak
Jeremy Radach - Omak
Lee Vandeveer - Ton
Nick Holbrook - Chel

Others to Watch

Cesar Williams and Jake Byl have been going back and forth this year. Williams seems to hold the upper hand in the matchup but Byle is capable of winning as well. Will Radach, Vandeveer of Holbrook be able to break through into the finals? Only if Williams or Byle is not wrestling to form. A final between Williams and Byle may just be the most entertaining match of the tournament. Byle is only a freshman so he has many good years left. He wants a state medal this year though. Williams defeated Jake 11-7 and also a second time, no score available. Vandeveer is a 189 pounder wrestling at heavy weight, but could surprise and do very well.




The Ephrata Tigers went undefeated in league duals. They lost to Connell in the first dual of the year. They may have too much depth on their roster for any other North team to compete with. Tonasket has a lot of good wrestlers but they are not 2 deep at as many weights as Ephrata. Cashmere is in a rebuilding year but improving. Quincy has a strong team but very little depth. Chelan, Omak and Cascade have their good wrestlers but too many holes in their lineups to compete for a team title.