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CWAC District Review / Regional Preview


Brandon Ashley shocked the world!!!! Okay, so he didn't shock the world, but he did pull off a shocker against Romi Gonzalez in the South District final. Romi spent some some time on his back in the 12-6 loss. The match was close, 7-5 in favor of Ashley midway through the third. That is when Ashley threw Romi to his back for the second time and secured the title.

Kevin Mitchell came out as the king of the North with his 3rd period pin over AJ Cummings. In the semi's Cummings had disposed of #2 seed Eric McKerlie 8-4. Mitchell had grabbed the #1 seed with a pin over McKerlie in the last week of the regular season.

Who will come out on top at regionals? Romi Gonzalez and Brandon Ashley have stamped themselves as the wrestlers to beat. Can Mitchell pull off an upset over Gonzalez. Of course he would probably have to get past Scott Thompson or Edgar Mendez first , and that is no easy task.



State vet Alex Clark will lead the North contingent into Connell. He dominated Ricky Brown of Ephrata with a 12-4 victory in the North District finals. Clark placed 8th at the state tournament last year and looks poised to make a return trip this year.

In the south, Dago Velasquez dominated his opponents all day. He has definetly pulled away from the pack in the south and will get a chance to see what the north has to offer at regionals.

To show you how tough the 112 class just might be this year, Jose Mendez placed 5th at state last season (103) and was able to only place 5th at district. Ismael Fajardo, Keith Smith, Kameron Hopkins, Ricky Brown, Rolly Clark are all capable of having a strong regional showing.



Joel Flores had no problem walking thourgh his opposition at 119 in the south. He defeated Jardi Faris 11-0 in the finals. He will be looking forward to a match up with Jon Limbeck in the regional finals.

Jon Limbeck had no trouble getting by the north competition and remains unbeaten on the year. He defeated Lorenzo Longoria 15-4 in the north finals.

The absence of Sergio Avila opens up a spot for another wrestler that wouldn't have an opportunity to go to state. Longoria, Aaron Koons, Jarid Faris, Ernest Guzman all have a better chance of getting to state. Which wrestlers will take advantage of this opportunity.



Huber Lagrou has been ranked #1 by myself all season long. Mike Sackman and Josh Grandberg of Tonasket decided that ranking was incorrect. Sackman won the title over Granberg by inj def. Abelino Ramirez also took his shots at Lagrou, beating him 6-4 in the 3rd place match.

Angel Gonzalez showed that he is still a top notch wrestler at district. He wrestled hard all day and won a close 7-6 decision over Jorge Perez of Othello.

125 has been a question mark all year. Who will rise above the rest to be #1? Gonzalez, Sackman? Or will Ramirez or Lagrou break through and gain supremacy? Jorge Perez led Gonzalez in the south finals before losing, what about him? Regionals should sort things out a bit.



Junior Gonzalez showed that he will be a force for the next few years. Only a freshman, Gonzalez dominated JD Gomez to, 14-7, wo win the south district title. Troy Johnson was ejected from the tournament after he would not shake hands with Tommy Vasquez of Toppenish.

Matt Dillin is in his final year and is virtually unstoppable on his trek to the Dome. Tommie Lindquist gave it a good try losing 13-4 in the north finals. Santanna Echavarria came out of nowhere to take third, pinning Brandon Sims.

130 has a bunch of guys who have never experienced the Mat Classic. They are all hungry for a chance. Can Junior Gonzalez do it again and make the finals, probably against Dillin. Will Matt Dillin be upset, most likely not. Dillin is the only 130 pounder with state experience having made it each of his first three years.



Scott Ouradnik of Ephrata won the north final by an 11-2 score over Garrett Dart. Jeff Smith of Chelan shoed his ability with a third place finish over Cody Smithson.

Brad Prather proved that his early season pin over Bryan Caraway was no fluke. Early in the 135 south district final, Caraway and Prather were wrestling cautiously. Prather then slapped a head and arm on Caraway that left him hurting the rest of the night. The match was stopped as Caraway grabbed his chest in pain. He was unable to continue and Prather was declared the winner. Tony Chapin of Ki-Be recorded three pins on his way to third.

Prather may be unbeatable this year. Not only by CWAC wrestlers, but there may not be anybody in the state who can beat him at the 2A level. He may be that good. Ouradnik has wrestled well this year and will have to deal with Caraway first. That is if Caraway has recovered from districts.



Ramon DelAngel avenged a regular season loss to Adam Logozzo to win the south title. Ramon seems to be peaking at just the right time. Chirs OB'rine wins the award for best warmup shirt, a bright red shirt with Ronald McDonald on the front.

Derek Williams seems to be having little trouble defending his state championship. A pin of Branden Craven in the north finals just adds to his list of accomplishments this year. Willy Ives, a top contender, will be missed after he broke his leg at district.

Will anyone beat Williams??? DelAngel and Craven will battle it out to decide who will face him in the finals. That is unless somebody else shows up big.



Jake Streich has appeared on the scene late this year for Quincy. Not much was known about him until recently. He is wrestling very well and did manage to pin Casey McCourtie during the season.

Josh Corke had a surprisingly close finals match with McCourtie as he won 3-0. Corke did manage to shut down McCourtie duting the entire match.

How good is Streich? We should know better if he meets McCourtie in the semi's. Streich defeated Kelly Davis of Ephrata by a close 7-5 margin. Corke has not lost this year and doesn't look like he is ready to lose at regionals this year. Corke will beat you up, win or lose. Or in his case win or win.



Juventino Orozco has a little competition this year from Brandon Wagner of Naches. Juventino won a close 5-4 match in the south finals. Wagner never backed down and nearly pulled off an upset.

Masson Massey of Chelan defeated Zach Harris of Ephrata 4-1 in the north finals. He will give Wagner of Naches a tough fight on his side of the bracket.

Orozco, Massey, Wagner, these guys seem to be the top of the class. Don't forget about Ben Mohs and Zach Harris though. There may be a real battle for the final three state spots.



Brian Freeman is undefeated and it does not look like there will be anybody to challenge him. He defeated Gruginski of Goldendale 12-1 in the finals.

Garrett Klein wrestled a great tournament and defeated John Roehling of Ephrata 10-3 for the title. Josh Hargrove of Chelan is probably not too far behind.

6 guys could do battle for 4 of the state spots. Freeman will probably dominate like usual. It would be nice to see someone step it up and give him a real challenge though.



Jimmy Orozco will have a bit of competition at 171. Josh Corriell has lost twice to Orozco, each time by 1 point. At district it took 2 OT's to fend off Corriell. Each wrestler scored an escape and , when Orozco was able to choose down in the 2nd OT, he escaped to win the title.

Colby Bruehl came out on top of a very tough 171 class in the north. Bruehl defeated Chris Bacon 5-0. Travis Rairdan beat Clint Webley 7-5 for third.

Bruehl and Corriell could do battle in the semi's. Joe Rosenkranz beat Jamie Sehorn and is an ever improving wrestler. Orozco is going to have no easy time of making the finals. Is Bruehl in the same class as Corriell and Orozco? We will find out at regionals.



No doubt about it, TJ Gilmore is the man to beat. He pinned Bert Stalder of Tonasket for the north title. During the season, Gilmore beat both 171 pound champions, pinning Orozco and beating Bruehl 14-0. He also pinned 189 south champ Jose Moreno.

Jose Moreno won a tough battle against Josh Felix of Naches, 8-6. Chase Warner of Goldendale made a good run at the finals, but a semi-final loss to Moreno ended his bid.

Gilmore has defeated three district champions this year. He is the real thing. Moreno, Felix, Warner and Stalder will be battleing to see who gets a chance to get beat on by Gilmore.



Cody Roos picked an excellent time to win his first tournament title of his career. After a stunning win over Rory Gangle who had pinned him just a week ago, Roos beat Luis Escamilla on a takedown in OT. Escamilla had defeated Roos 18-10 during the season.

Jake Healy defeated Cody Bucholtz of Omak for the north title. Bucholtz beat Healy 8-2 during the year. Healy won this time 7-2. Ian Anderson pinned Andrew Erickson for third.

Healy and Roos have met twice this year with Healy winning both times. Hoewever, with what happened in this weight class at district, the regular season scores are of no significance. Gangle, Escamilla, Roos, Healy and Bucholtz all have an equal opportunity to win. Whoever is the most prepared to wrestle will win it all.



Cesar Williams defeated Jake Byle for the third time this season to win the north final, 5-4. Byle is a freshman and will be heard from over the next few years.

Doug Dearborn has been pinning everybody in sight this year. All three wins at district were by pin. He also pinned Cesar Williams of Quincy during the year. Jay Bandle would be the top contender if not for Dearborn.

Dearborn is an unstoppable train. Dearborn is a tall heavyweight who towers over his opponents, much like the state champion Russ Teeter of Quincy did. Bandle, Williams and Byle would like to derail the Dearborn Express. Eugene Umtuch may be the front runner for the 5th state spot.


Connell and Ki-Be stayed with Othello for much of the district tourney. But in the end Othello had just too much depth for them to keep up. 18 Huskies advance to the regional tourney. Only one of the Huskies will be going as a district champ, Jose Moreno at 189. Connell advances 13 (6 champs) and Ki-Be advances 12 (5 champs).

Ephrata, Tonasket and Quincy are the top teams in the north. Ephrata will advance 15 wrestlers, 4 champs. Tonasket advances 16 wrestlers (4 champs). Quincy will advance 13 wrestlers with 3 champs.

The depth of Ephrata and Othello will help these two teams stay at or near the top. Tonasket is sending a large contingent and may be able to gain some ground on these two. Connell and Ki-Be are sending the most champs, which should help them in the regional team scoring. Quincy has wrestled tough all year and should also do well.