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CWAC South District Preview
(Last years state place is highlighted in black)
(119 weightclass has been updated with late breaking news)

103 - Top 5

Romi Gonzalez- Grv - 3rd
Brandon Ashley- KB
Scott Thompson- EV
Edgar Mendez- Con
AJ DeLeon- Oth

Others to Watch

Jed Garcia- Gold

Romi is definitely the wrestler to beat at 103. Edgar Mendez went the distance with Romi, losing only 1-0. Brandon Ashley has had a few matches with Romi, starting out aggressively in each match, but in the end, getting pinned each time. Ashley led Romi 6-4 at the recent Grandview Invite before succumbing to the pin. Mendez and Ashley are 1-1 head to head. Both Ashley and Mendez could come through with a big surprise at district, much like Joel Flores pinning Romi for the district title at 103 last year. Scott Thompson is another fine freshman wrestler. He also went the distance with Romi, losing 8-4 in a recent match. He defeated Mendez 2-1 last week. A.J. DeLeon has wrestled everybody tough and has shown the knack for pinning his opponents of late. Jed Garcia will have to wrestle his best to become a qualifier for regionals. Jed has a Naches Invite title to his credit this year. I believe the top 5 wrestlers advance this year. Gonzalez, Mendez, Ashley, Thompson and DeLeon look like the favorites, but maybe not in that order.


112 - Top 5

Ismael Fajardo - Grv
Dago Velasquez - Con - 13th
Keith Smith - Oth
Kameron Hopkins - EV
Jose Mendez - Con - 4th

Others to Watch

Bryce Shreeve - Grv
Paul Whitner - Gold
Martin Fajardo - Topp

The battle should be between Ismael Fajardo, Velasquez and Smith. Fajardo has defeated each of the other top 5 wrestlers. His victory over Keith Smith was by 1 point, 4-3. Ismael has come a long way since his freshman year and has had a breakout season. Velasquez handled Smith a little better, 6-1, but lost 6-4 to Fajardo in a dual meet. The district title will probably go to the wrestler who is on top of his game at the time. Kameron Hopkins is capable of an upset however. Hopkins gives East Valley a 1-2 punch when combined with Scott Thompson at 103. Hopkins lost a close one to Smith 6-5. Jose Mendez placed 4th at the Mat Classic last year but has found the going at 112 this year a little tougher. Shreeve placed second at the Ki-Be Invite and could provide and upset. Whitner won a early season tournament and is probably another year away from seriously competing for a medal. Martin Fajardo pinned Whitner in a dual meet.


119 - Top 5

Sergio Avila- KB - 13th - Quit
Joel Flores- Top - 6th
Jorge Perez- Oth
Ernest Guzman- Oth
Jarid Faris - Nac

Others to Watch

Matthew Saldana - Grv
Chad Vanetta - Con

Sergio Remembers last years State disappointment well. Going in as a solid medal contender, Sergio lost his first two matches and went home without a state medal for the first time in his highschool career. Avila has one district title (2000) and 2 runner-ups (1999, 2001). He would be undefeated this year if not for a fluke loss in the finals of the Grandview Winter Classic. Flores picked up his first state medal last season and should be the top challenger to Avila. Flores is quick and strong and could give Sergio a problem. Flores stunned the district crowd last season, as a freshman, with a phenominal first round pin of Romi Gonzalez for the district title. If Flores and Avila meet in the finals, it will be a barn-burner. Perez, Guzman and Faris will battle for positioning going into regionals. Saldana and Vanetta are capable of moving up. Perez lost a close 6-4 match with Jose Mendez of Connell early in the season.

Sergio Avila decided to give up wrestling after posting a 17-1 season record.


125 - Top 5

JD Gomez - Oth
Chris Buckalew - EV
Angel Gonzalez - Topp - 8th
JJ Martinez - Oth
Joe Frazier - Nac

Others to Watch

Ryan Burns - KB
Daniel Sandoval - Grv
Derrick Gray - Con (130?)
Taylor Jenks - Con

Gonzalez is the only returning state vet, placing 8th at last years Classic. Gonzalez has the most post-season experience haveing wrestled 22 matches, winning 11 of them. JD Gomez went 1-2 at last years district for his first post-season experience. Buckalew has 17 matches under his belt in the post-season an will be worth watching this year. JJ Martinez is capable of an upset or two. Joe Frazier will try and fend off Burns, Sandoval and Jenks. Derrick Gray of Connell may also throw his hat into the ring. This is a weightclass that does not have a clear leader. Someone is going to make a statement at this district meet. Gonzalez has the experience factor, but Gomez has been wrestling the best. It just may be Chris Buckalew's year. Or another wrestler could turn it up a notch and be the surprise of the tournament.


130 - Top 5

Tommy Vasquez - Top
Jose Gonzales - KB
Troy Johnson - Nac
Maurisio Saldana - Grv
BJ Wilson - EV

Others to Watch

Derrick Gray - Con (125?)

A dual between Toppenish and Ki-Be could have answered the question as to who is better, Gonzales or Vasquez. Ki-Be and Toppenish did have a dual, but Vasquez did not wrestle. Vasquez made it as far as regionals last year. Gonzales is an ever improving freshman. He picked up his first tournament championship at the Grandview Winter Classic. He defeated Johnson 9-1 las week. Gonzales will be a wrestler to watch for the next three years. A final between Vasquez and Gonzales could be very interesting. Johnson came up big at last years district, placing 5th and moving onto regionals. Saldana and Wilson will be battling Gray, and whoever else shows up at 130, for the final regional slots.


135 - Top 5

Brad Prather - Con
Bryan Caraway - Gold - 3rd
Rigo Pruneda - Oth
Kyle Prescott - Nac
Tony Chapin - KB

Others to Watch

Justin Keilhorn - EV
Jesus Olascon - Oth

Brad Prather seems to have put it all together this year. His titles this year include the Connell Invite, Wapato Invite and the prestigious Sundome Classic. He also pinned Bryan Caraway who placed 3rd at state last season. Caraway will be looking to show that the pin was a fluke. Caraway has had his dramatics in the post-season and could still be the best 135 pounder in the state. He has four tournament titles this year including the Royal Rumbe, Granger Ironman, Ki-Be Invite and the Naches Invite. The rest of the pack will be battleing for the remaining three spots. Pruneda pinned Prescott in a dual, while Prescott defeated Chapin last week 11-9. Chapin has the muscle that could get him a spot into the regional tourney. Jesus Olascon could make his presence felt and could grab a regional spot. A final matchup between Prather and Caraway should be worth the wait.


140 - Top 5

Adam Logozzo - Grv - 9th
Ramon DelAngel - KB
Chris O'Brine - Nac
Jorge Anguiano - Oth
Enrique Romero - Top

Others to Watch

David Rae - Con
Josh Gomez - Oth

Logozzo and DelAngel had a fantastic match at the Grandview Winter Classic. It was back and forth until the very end, with Logozzo pulling out the win. DelAngel beat O'Brine 11-5 last week and pinned Romero the week before. Logozzo has wrestled anywhere from 152 to 140, but has settled in at 140. Logozzo is the kind of wrestler that can raise his level of wrestling to meet the demand. He is very dangerous in the post-season. O'Brine, Anguiano and Romero should battle for 3rd thru 5th. Don't count out Rae or Gomez though. Rae is an unknown, but could surprise, anything is possible from a Connell wrestler. Gomez could be capable of throwing a scare into an opponent, or even pulling off an upset.


145 - Top 5

Josh Corke - KB
Casey McCourtie - Oth - 8th
Alex Torres - Oth
Tony Lee - Con
Abraham Magallan - Grv

Others to Watch

Thomas Beams - Nac
John Coleman - EV

Josh Corke has definetly stepped it up a bit this year. He has won every tournament entered this year, and is undefeated. His dual match with McCourtie almost turned into a brawl. McCourtie beat Corke at last years regional tournament and ended Corkes chances for a state birth as a sophomore. Josh has the state champion attitude going into the post-season, and just might become one if he wrestles smart and doesn't let his emotions get the better of him. McCourtie is one of the best throwers in the CWAC and is liable to pin anyone with a throw. Casey comes at you the entire match and will try a throw at anytime. He can make up a big deficit in a hurry. You never have a safe lead with McCourtie. Torres, Lee and Magallan will probably be watching Corke and McCourtie in the finals. Magallan has wrestled impressively at times this year and might just pull off the surprise of the tournament if given a chance.


152 - Top 5

Juventino Orozco- Con- 3rd
Ben Mohs - Oth
Brandon Wagner - Nac
Brian Prather - Con
Justin Rolland - KB

Others to Watch

Michael Mitchell - EV

Juventino Orozco is definetly the guy to beat here. He has looked beatable at times this year, although beating him is easier said than done. Brandon Wagner lost a high scoring 13-12 match to Juventino early in the season. Juventino seems to save his best wrestling for the post-season. Last season he wrestled his best at state and suprisingly took home a 3rd place medal. Look for much of the same out of him this year. Mohs has looked strong and did manage to pin Wagner in a dual this year. Mohs and Wagner could do battle to see who gets a chance at Juventino in the finals. Prather and Rolland may be the 4th and 5th best wrestlers in a week 152 pound division. These last two regional spots, 4th and 5th, will be up for grabs to the wrestler who wants it the most.


160 - Top 5

Brian Freeman - Con - 7th
Josh Moreno - Oth
Kyle Nickerson - KB
Andy Stiles - Nac
Stephen Gruginski - Gold

Others to Watch

Andy DeLeon - Oth

I don't think anybody will be able to beat Freeman this year. He has won every tournament entered this year. Freeman is on a mission this year. A 7th place finish was good last year, but Brian has higher expectations this year. The other four in the top 5 are all fairly even. Moreno defeated both Nickerson and Stiles by 1 point this year. Nickerson defeated Stiles by 1 point in overtime. Gruginski has defeated Nickerson 8-3, and Moreno 4-2, and has been pinned twice by Stiles. Almost anything goes between these 4. I have not heard much out of Andy DeLeon this year. He could scramble the final 4 spots even more. Look for Freeman to roll through this district meet.


171 - Top 5

Jimmy Orozco - Con - 7th
Josh Corriell - KB - 13th
Jamie Sehorn - EV - 13th
Joe Rosenkranz - Nac - 13th
Jeremiah Rodriguez - Oth

Others to Watch

Outside of the top 5 wrestlers there is not a lot of depth n the CWAC South at 171. As the year began, it looked like Orozco would be the overwhelming favorite. Josh Corriell has had something to say about that. While Orozco is winning every tournament he has entered this year, Corriell was making a name for himself as well. Orozco defeated Corriell in their only meeting of the year, 6-5 in the finals of the Royal City Christmas Tournament. Corriell lost to 3rd place state placer Josh Edmondson at the Grandview Winter Classic, despite out wrestling him for most of the match. Corriell also went the distance with state champ Brandon Hern, losing 9-4. Orozco is still the man to beat, and it will take a perfect match to beat him. Jamie Sehorn is a strong wrestler and is capable of pulling off a big win. Joe Rosenkranz got a taste of state last season and has stepped up his game this year. He wrestled tough against Corriell losing just 3-1. Rodriguez will be looking for the 5th spot to regionals.


189 - Top 5

Chase Warner - Gold
Jose Moreno - Oth
Josh Felix - Nac
Chris Lee - Con
Matt Flowers - EV

Others to Watch

John Vantrease - Nac
Teo Rios - Topp
Jonathan Juarez - Grv
Josh Tamsen - Con

189 is a mystery. How good is Warner? Can he be consistent enough to win the district title? How good is Chris Lee? Warner pinned Moreno in a dual match. Lee has shown up on the scene at 189 just recently. Is this the same Chris Lee that wrestled at 135 for Connell last year? Lee could be the top guy here, but there just isn't enough info. Felix and Moreno have met with Moreno winning 10-5. Flowers, Vantrease, Rios, Jaurez, Tamsen are all capable of winning the 5th regional spot. Who will come out on top is the question. There may not be a dominating wrestler in this tournament.


215 - Top 5

Luis Escamilla - EV
Rory Gangle - Nac
Cody Roos - KB
Curt Davis - Oth
Daniel Ayers - KB

Others to Watch

Gonzalo Galindo - Grv
Mick Gause - EV

Luis Escamilla recently wrestled at 189, but will probably weigh in here. If he does than the title should come down to Gangle and Escamilla. Luis has pinned both Roos and Gangle, while Gangle has pinned Roos. Escamilla is a three time regional wrestler, but has never made the next level, a trip to state. Gangle went to regionals last year and is a strong contender for a state trip. Roos is a strong pinner and could surprise someone and make it to the finals. Roos is strong and knows how to put an opponet away. Curt Davis of Othello could cloud the picture a little. Davis has wrestled up at heavyweight in many matches but should end out at 215 for district. Daniel Ayers will try and fend off Galindo and Gause to take the 5th spot.


275 - Top 5

Doug Dearborn - Con
Jay Bandle - EV
Eugene Umtuch - Top
Jesse Trudeau - Nac
Kevin Hunter - KB

Others to Watch

Jake Messer - Nac
Andrew Morales - Grv

Doug Dearborn has practically come out of nowhere to become the #1 guy in the CWAC at 275. Well not exactly nowhere. He has been to regionals the past two years and is 7-7 in the post-season in his career. But the domination he has shown at heavyweight is a surprise. With his pin of Jay Bandle last week, it looks like no one is going to give him a stiff challenge. Dearborn is currently ranked third in the state by "The Predictor". Bandle should be able to take care of his side of the bracket and make it to the finals. The other 3 spots will be up for grabs. Heavyweight is usually the most unpredictable weight class. Hunter, Umtuch and Trudeau could each come up big for a third place finish. Messer and Morales could show up big as well.



East Valley

Connell has been the top team all year but a late season loss to Othello in the Dream Duals dropped them to second in the CWAC rankings. Connell may still have too much depth for the Huskies to deal with in the post-season. Naches has had a surprising year and should have their best post-season in years. Ki-Be is regrouping with good young wrestlers and could be a force for the next few years. Grandview and East Valley are going through some growing pains. Toppenish and Goldendale will each have their top wrestlers, but not much depth.