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Josh Corke, Junior Gonzalez and Josh Corriell win titles at the Connell Invite to help the Bears place 2nd behind Warden. The Connell Eagles finished in third.

Junior Gonzalez defeated Dustin Gilbert of Royal 8-6. Gilbert placed 5th in the A/B state tournament last season. Brandon Ashley met up with 3rd place A/B state wrestler Frankie Torres. Ashely was pinned in the 2nd round.

Josh Corriell and Josh Corke dominated their opponents. Corke pinned Kyle Prescott of Naches, while Corriell defeated Joe Rosenkranz of Naches 12-2.

Comments from Rich Cunningham:

Ryan Corke wrestled well against tough competition. Jerry Haug looked good at 125. Ryan Burns was solid. Justin Corke looked awesome and was beating Scott Ouradnik in the final before getting pinned. Josh Corke wrestled like the patient assasin he is. Justin Mack wrestled well against tough competition. Rolland showed comeback ability. Corriell was the the MVP as he wrestled in the toughest bracket and dominated. Kevin Hunter wrestled well. Finishing ahead of Connell and Ephrata was great.


Connell Invite Results

Wgt Wrestler W-L Placing
103 Brandon Ashley 2-1 2nd
119 Ryan Corke 1-2 -
125 Blain Nunamaker (JV) 0-2 -
125 Jerry Haug 3-1 4th
130 Ryan Burns 3-1 4th
130 Bryce Livesey (JV) 0-2 -
135 Junior Gonzalez 4-0 1st
140 Justin Corke 3-1 2nd
145 Josh Corke 3-0 1st
152 Justin Mack (JV) 0-2 -
152 Ryan Phipps 1-2 -
160 Justin Rolland 2-2 -
171 Josh Corriell 4-0 1st
189 Jose Prado 0-2 -
275 Ross McDorman 1-2 -
275 Kevin Hunter 2-1 4th