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Kiona-Benton vs. Connell

Dual Play by Play

275 - Kevin Hunter came out very aggressive against Francisco Martinez. Almost too aggressive. Kevin started off the match by slipping on a throw and nearly giving up an easy takedown to Martinez. He then got caught in a head and arm at the end of the first round, but was able to keep from getting pinned. Kevin, however, was not phased by the 5-0 deficit and threw Martinez to his back in the second round for the pin.

Ki-Be 6, Connell 0

103 - Brandon has had trouble with tall, lanky guys in the past. Tallon Cerna is a tall lanky guy. The first round belonged to Brandon as he worked over Cerna pretty good, getting the first takedown and leading 2-0 after one period. A reverse in the second made it 4-0. Cerna did a lot of blocking and threw in an occasional shot, but was never a threat as Brandon won 4-2.

Ki-Be 9, Connell 0

112 - Forfeit to Connell. This forfeit hurt the most. It allowed the Eagles to move up Edgar Mendez and Dago Velasquez.

Ki-Be 9, Connell 6

119 - Edgar Mendez placed 3rd at state at 103 last year. He is currently ranked #1 at 112 in the CWAC. At times, however, in this match it looked like Ryan Corke was the highly ranked wrestler, not Edgar. Mendez built an early lead, but Ryan basically wrestled him to a standstill after the early going. Despite losing 7-4, Ryans wrestled extremely well.

Ki-Be 9, Connell 9

125 - Jerry Haug took on Jose Mendez. Once again the Connell wrestler started strong, getting a quick early lead on Jerry. As the match wore on, Haug was able to slow down Mendez and hold the score down, losing 11-3.

Ki-Be 9, Connell 13

130 - Ryan Burns drew the chance to wrestle a state champion. Dago Velasquez won his title at 112 last year. Dago recorded a barrage of takedowns against Burns. Ryan was nearly able to get a double leg takedown on Dago, but was ruled out of bounds. Dago won 21-9.

Ki-Be 9, Connell 17

135 - Junior Gonzalez had his hands full in the early going against Derrick Gray, and it looked like the match just be another nail-biter for Junior. In the second period, trailing 5-3, Junior stuck a "lights-out" head and arm on Gray.

Ki-Be 15, Connell 17

140 - The best come from behind thrower I have seen in the past few years was Casey McCourtie of Othello. Justin Corke is better. Any lead on Justin Corke is not a safe lead. It looked like David Rae was going to pull off the upset of the night. Twice he had Justin on his back in the match. Both times it was mistakes by Justin that put him there. Rae, a state veteran, held a 9-6 early in the third round. Justin made it 11-9 with a throw that Rae, and everyone in the building, knew was coming, but could not stop. Rae scarmbled off his back and escaped, only to get immediately thrown right back down for another takedown and nearfall. Final official score was 14-10 although it should have been 16-10.

Ki-Be 18, Connell 17

145 - Josh Corke had little trouble disposing of Oscar Feria in the second period. This was the first match in a long time that Josh did not use his deadly leg ride.

Ki-Be 24, Connell 17

152 - Ryan Phipps took his turn as a varsity wrestler as Justin Mack watched. Phipps got an early takedown and nearfall to take an early lead over Ricardo Magana. The lead slowly dissolved and Magana held on for an 11-6 win.

Ki-Be 24, Connell 20

160 - Tony Lee came out strong against Justin Rolland and took an early lead that Justin could not overcome. Rolland scored a late takedown to make the final score 12-4 Lee.

Ki-Be 24, Connell 24

171 - The match between Corriell and Saveedra looked like a cat playing with a mouse. The pin was eventually coming, but Josh got everything he could out of the match. A nice double leg pickup for a takedown, a couple of firemans and finally the pin midway through the second.

Ki-Be 30, Connell 24

189 - Juventino moved up two weight classes to face Hector Gonzalez. Hector couldn't match the speed of Orozco and was tech'd in the second round.

Ki-Be 30, Connell 29

215 - Forfeit to Chris Lee of Connell

Ki-Be 30, Connell 35

JV Matches

Bryce Livesey WBF over Kyle Sannes and Taylor Jenks
Dustin Hirsch LBF to Miguel Zuniga

Ki-Be 30, Connell 35

103 — Brandon Ashley WBD 4-2 over Tallon Cerna

112 — Forfeit to Chad Venatta

119 — Ryan Corke LBD 4-7 to Edgar Mendez

125 — Jerry Haug LBD 3-11 to Jose Mendez

130 — Ryan Burns LBD 9-21 to Dago Velasquez

135 — Junior Gonzalez WBF over Derrick Gray

140 — Justin Corke WBD 14-10 (16-10) over David Rae

145 — Josh Corke WBF over Oscar Feria

152 — Ryan Phipps LBD 6-11 to Ricardo Magana

160 — Justin Rolland LBD 4-12 to Tony Lee

171 — Josh Corriell WBF over Jose Saveedra

189 — Hector Gonzalez LBTF to Juventino Orozco

215 — Forfeit to Chris Lee

275 — Kevin Hunter WBF over Francisco Martinez