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District Preview


103 - Brandon Ashley - If last years 103 division wasn't exciting enough, this years competition could be even better. Brandon is the defending district champ, but AJ DeLeon and Scott Thompson are hot on his trail. Throw in Tallon Cerna and things will get even tighter. Brandon has won 50 career matches against only 17 losses. He placed 5th at state last season and should place even higher this year, possibly #1. DeLeon and Thompson are considered to be among the top wrestlers in the state, so by defeating them, Brandon would be a strong candidate for a state title. Against DeLeon late in the season, Brandon was the agressor and got an early lead on DeLeon with takedown after takedown. That is the kind of performance he will need on saturday to grab his second district title.

103 - Dustin Hirsch - This is just the beginning for Dustin. He needs the district experience to build a fire inside of himself. Dustin usually comes out aggressively in his matches, but needs experience and the desire to be the best he can be.

119 - Ryan Corke - Leg rides run in his family. Ryan has shown the ability to put a mean leg ride on his opponents this year. He will need to use this weapon at district in order to move onto regionals. Ryan is ranked #5 in the CWAC south due to his loss to Nick Romero of Toppenish on Thursday. Romero is beatable and a top 4 finish is not out of the question for Ryan.

125 - Jerry Haug - Agressive is the way to describe Jerry. His season record stands at 16-13 and he is just beginning to show his potential. Ranked #5 in the CWAC south, Jerry has a lot of climbing to do at district. A mistake free tournament could mean a trip to regionals. Don't count out an upset or two from Jerry.

130 - Ryan Burns - Though he is ranked #5 in the south, Ryan is very capable of beating the #3 and #4 guys. If he wrestles to his potential at district he could even make the finals. Ryan is just a sophomore this year and should provide the Bears with strong wrestling for the next couple years. Getting the regional tournament experience would be invaluable.

130 - Bryce Livesey - Bryce has shown potential this year. He is 7-11 on the season with 3 of his win coming by pin. In order to make it to regionals, Bryce will need to pull off a few upsets along the way.

135 - Junior Gonzalez - Placing 8th at state put a target on Junior this year. His season record stands at 22-5. Being pinned by Rigo Pruneda of Othello has seemed to spur Junior on and there could be a rematch with Pruneda in the finals at district. Just a sophomore for the Bears this year, Junior is a potential state champ. He has the ability to beat just about anybody he wrestles. He is 1-1 against 5th place state finisher Tommie Lindquist of Quincy this year, winning the last match for the title at the Grizzly Den Classic. It's that kind of performance that will lead Junior to his second district title. Only 4 wrestlers in Ki-Be history have won district titles in their first two years. Junior would like to become the 5th, or 6th if Brandon beats him to it.

140 - Justin Corke - We might be talking about a returning state champ here if Justin hadn't lost two seasons to injury. The desire and determination that Justin has exhibited tihs year have been amazing. He is the best thrower in the CWAC and can wipe out any deficit in a matter of seconds. Justin never stops his assault on the opponent, he never gives up if things aren't going his way. For example, Justin lost his first two matches against top state contender Scott Ouradnik of Ephrata. In the third attempt at the Royal Invite, Justin finally defeated Ouradnik for the title. Justin is 35-12 lifetime and along with his brother Josh, would like to become only the second pair of brothers in Ki-Be history to win district titles in the same year.

145 - Josh Corke - Defending 2002 145lb state champion. Josh has been destroying his opposition this year. He is 25-1 with 14 pins and 4 tournament titles. His career record stands at 108-27. Josh will also be going for his second straight district title. His main competition will come from Kyle Prescott of Naches, whom he has dominated this year. An early season loss to 2002 145lb state runner-up, Mike Griffith of Lakeside, may have clouded Josh's march to his second title, but Josh has the heart of a champion and it seems he always finds a way to win. Josh is very good on his feet and even better when on the mat. His leg ride is nearly unbeatable and he usually racks up back points with it. Josh's main challenger in the CWAC will be Willy Ives of Omak, whom he should meet at regionals.

152 - Justin Mack - The Bears could have two regional qualifiers at 152 with Mack and Phipps. Justin went 1-3 last year at district, placing 8th. He has won 22 career matches and has also shown that he can use a leg ride at times to control an opponent. Ricardo Magana and Jesus Olascon are beatable, but Mack will have to wrestle smart to do it.

152 - Ryan Phipps - In the same boat as Justin Mack. Magana and Olascon are capable of being beaten. Defeating just one of these wrestlers could be enough to move on to regionals. Phipps lost to Magana 11-6 in their last meeting. Ryan has won 25 career matches and placed 6th at district last season. Phipps best showing of the season came at the Grizzly Den Classic, where he placed 4th.

160 - Justin Rolland - After a slow start to his junior season, Rolland has come on strong. Justin placed 2nd at the Grizzly Den Classic and picked up wins in the final two team duals of the season. One of them was a classic against Vito Cantu of Othello. If Justin can use the takedown ability he showed against Cantu in his comeback match of the year, he should be able to move on to regionals and possibly state. Of Justin's 38 career wins, 29 have come by pin.

171 - Josh Corriell - It appears that nothing is going to stand in the way of Josh and a state title. For much of the season, Josh has been regarded as the best 171 pounder in the state.

189 - Hector Gonzalez - A sporadic season has left a question mark on Hector's post season. Hector is very strong and has shown improvement on his feet. None of the wrestlers ahead of Hector at district are unbeatable. If Hector can harness his strength and use good techinque, he could come out of saturdays tourney as the champion.

215 - Jose Prado - A late season injury has slowed Jose progress. If he is ready for districts he will gain some much needed experience.

275 - Kevin Hunter - A state tournament trip is what Kevin Hunter wants this year. This is the beginning of that journey for Kevin. He has benefited greatly this year from the presence of Ross McDorman in practice. Kevin looks determined to make the most of his final year of highschool wrestling. His aggressiveness is something that hasn't been seen from a Ki-Be heavyweight in some time. Kevin also has the ability to throw an opponent, as McDorman found out in the championship of the Grandview Classic. It is possible that the district final could come down to McDorman and Hunter.

275 - Ross McDorman - Ki-Be has two good heavyweights. Ross transfered from Idaho this year and has been a great addition to the Bears. Ross' season record stands at 19-9. He has been batteling Kevin Hunter all year for the varsity spot, something that has helped each wrestler. McDorman and Hunter just may be the best heavy weights in the south.

Individual District and Post-Season Records of all Current Wrestlers

  District   Post-Season
Wrestler W L Placing   W L
Brandon Ashley 3 0 1st   10 4
Ryan Burns 0 0 -   0 0
Ryan Corke 1 5 8th   1 5
Bryce Livesey 1 3 6th   1 5
Jerry Haug 0 2 -   0 2
Junior Gonzalez 3 0 1st   7 4
Justin Mack 2 5 8th   2 5
Ryan Phipps 2 3 6th   3 5
Josh Corke 9 4 1st, 4th, 5th   26 11
Justin Rolland 2 2 5th   5 4
Josh Corriell 6 4 2nd, 2nd, 5th   14 13
Kevin Hunter 5 6 5th, 7th   7 11
Justin Corke 4 2 5th   4 4
Ross McDorman 0 0 -   0 0
Dustin Hirsch 0 0 -   0 0
Hector Gonzalez 0 0 -   0 0
Jose Prado 0 0 -   0 0