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Kiona-Benton vs. Hanford


Kiona-Benton 36   Hanford 28
103 Dustin Hirsch LBF 5:11 Dustin Doyea
112 Forfeit Double Forf. Forfeit
119 Forfeit Double Forf. Forfeit
125 Ryan Corke WBD 6-0 Taylor Gropper
130 Jerry Haug WBF 2:47 Jared Fry
135 Junior Gonzalez WBF 0:44 Kellen Cox
140 Justin Corke WBF 1:20 Evan Lechelt
145 Josh Corke WBF 1:29 Jared Stoker
152 Justin Mack LBD 2-10 Clay Underwood
160 Justin Rolland WBD 11-5 Josh Byrd
171 Josh Corriell WBF 3:58 Cody Bradshaw
189 Jose Prado LBF 2:56 Ryan King
215 Daniel Ayers LBF 1:36 Robbie Elstrom
275 Kevin Hunter LBF 5:45 Dax Berban

The Bears defeated the Falcons for the 5th straight time and the 9th time in 10 tries. Bear wrestlers recorded the first takedown in 10 of the twelve matches. Junior Gonzalez had the fastest pin to go along with 4 other Bear pins. At 103 Dustin Hirsch came out strong before a lack of oxygen took over and he was pinned late in the third. Ryan Corke used a good leg ride to take the fight out of his opponent. Jerry Haugtook his opponent into the second round before dispensing of him with a pin.

Justin Corke used a head and arm to score first in his match and then took care of him with a pin just 1:20 into the match. Josh Corke won his 35th straight match as he threw his opponent to his back for a quick 5-0 lead and then pinned him at 1:29.

Justin Mack wrestled tough against his opponent in his loss. Justin Rolland was in control of his match from the start with a few lapses to get some much needed oxygen. Josh Corriell threw his opponent around like a rag doll before pinning him in the second round.

Josh Praedo fought into the second round before succumbing to the pin. Daniel Ayers came out strong with a counter takedown but was pinned at the 1:36 mark of the first round. Kevin Hunter recorded the first takedown and led 5-0 after turning his opponent. Kevin lost the lead in the second and was pinned with time running out in the third.

All in all it was a good start for the Bears. Ryan Corke, Justin Corke and Jerry Haug wrestled quite aggressively and showed that they would like to join Josh Corke, Brandon Ashley, Josh Corriell and Junior Gonzalez in the next level of wrestling.