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The Bears hold a slim 7-6 advantage in matches with Naches. The Rangers took the dual last season 36-27. Justin Rolland may get a rematch with Brandon Wagner who quick pinned him last season. Another rematch may be Josh Corriell vs. Joe Rosenkranz. Josh defeated Rosenkranz 3-1 in last years dual, and also defeated him 6-2 at the Mat Classic.

Jarid Faris of Naches will give Corke, Nunamaker or Burns a good battle. Chris O'Brine is an exciting wrestler to watch and could give one of the Corke brothers a good match. Rory Gangle at 215 will be tough. Kevin Hunter may get a rematch with Trudeau or he could draw Messer. Either way it will be a good test for Kevin. At 135 Joe Fraiser and Junior Gonzalez should give a pretty exciting performance.

Naches had a fine season last year, 9-2 in duals. Three of the four Naches state wrestlers return, Wagner, Rosenkranz and Gangle. The key to this dual for the Bears will be at 125, 135, 140, 160, 171 and 275. If the Bears can win a majority of these matches they should be able to win the dual.


Possible Matchups

Wght Ki-Be Versus Naches
103 Dustin Hirsch   ???
112 Brandon Ashley (#2)   Carlos Villareal
119 Ryan Corke   ???
125 Craig Nunamaker/Ryan Burns   Jared Faris (#7)
130 Jerry Haug   Dustin Schafer
135 Junior Gonzalez (#2)   Joe Fraiser
140 Justin Corke   Travis King/Chris O'Brine (#4)
145 Josh Corke (#1)   Kyle Prescott
152 Justin Mack   Ricky Miller
160 Justin Rolland (#8)   Brandon Wagner (#4)
171 Josh Corriell (#1)   Joe Rosenkranz (#3)
189 Hector Gonzalez   Josh Vantrease
215 Daniel Ayers   Rory Gangle (#2)
275 Kevin Hunter (#5)   Jake Messer (#6)/Jesse Trudeau(#4)