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Kiona-Benton vs. Othello

The Bears won 5 of 11 matches that were wrestled and gave away 12 points with forfeits. Justin Rolland and Brandon Ashley put on a great show for the fans. Josh Corriell, Justin Corke and Josh Corke continued to rip through the competition. The Bears have never beaten Othello in six tries. Othello is just so deep at every weight that not many teams can keep up with them.

Kiona-Benton 26   Othello 48
103 Brandon Ashley WBD 16-11 AJ DeLeon
112 Dustin Hirsch LBF Conrad Garza
119 Ryan Corke LBD 2-13 Tony Cantu
125 Jerry Haug LBF Jorge Perez
130 Ryan Burns LBF JD Gomez
135 Junior Gonzalez LBF Rigo Pruneda
140 Justin Corke WBF Josh Gomez
145 Josh Corke WBTF Jesus Olascon
152 Justin Mack LBD 4-14 Alex Torres
160 Justin Rolland WBDisq Vito Cantu
171 Josh Corriell WBF Jeremiah Rodriguez
189 Forfeit Forf. Andy DeLeon
215 Forfeit Forf. Kyle Davis
275 Kevin Hunter LBD 0-9 Curt Davis


Match play by play:

119 - Tony Cantu hit Ryan Corke with a barrage of takedowns and nevedr let up as he went on to a 13-2 win. Ryan was never able to use his leg ride.

Ki-Be 0, Othello 4

125 - Jerry Haug started strong against Jorge Perez, but Perez' quickness got the better of Jerry. Perez pinned Haug with a cradle, which seemed to be the pinning combination of choice by the Huskies tonight.

Ki-Be 0, Othello 10

130 - Ryan Burns could not match the quickness of JD Gomez and succumbed to the pin.

Ki-Be 0, Othello 16

135 - Everything was looking just as it should for Junior until late in the 1st round. Junior got the first TKD but an escape and TKD by Pruneda gave him a 3-2 lead. Pruneda reversed and immediately put Junior in a cradle for the stunning pin.

Ki-Be 0, Othello 22

140 - It looked like things might continue on the downward trend as Justin gave up the first TKD to Josh Gomez. However, he quickly righted the ship with a reverse to tie the score. In the second, Justin sunk a half, grabbed a wrist and leg and turned Gomez for the pin.

Ki-Be 6, Othello 22

145 - Othello chose Jesus Olascon instead of Alex Torres to wrestle Josh. The result would have been the same either way, total domination by Josh. Wanting the pin instead of the tech fall, Josh tried a throw leading 18-5, and finally settled for a double leg and the tech.

Ki-Be 11, Othello 22

152 - Alex Torres moved up to wrestle Mack. Justin wrestled tough despite losing 14-4.

Ki-Be 11, Othello 26

160 - The match of the night had to be between Justin Rolland and Vito Cantu. Rolland must have shot 20 times against Cantu. Vito did not initiate the action at anytime during the match and he was constantly backing up. The referee saw the same thing a began calling stalling on Vito in the second round. Trailing 16-6 in the 3rd, Justin continued the assault. He caught a flat-footed Cantu off-gaurd, and started to climb back into the match with a barrage of takedowns. Cantu continued to backpedal and stall and the ref continued to call stalling, awarding 1pt then 2pts to Justin. With less than 20 seconds left in the match, the score was 17-20 Cantu. As Cantu backed off the mat yet another time, the ref awarded two more stall points to Justin, therefore disqualifying Cantu and giving the win to a dog tired Rolland.

Ki-Be 17, Othell 26

171 - Josh Corriell was all business in his match with Rodriguez. An early takedown by Josh was the only scoring in the first round. Corriell wore Rodriguez down in the second and put him away with his superior muscle in the third.

Ki-Be 23, Othello 26

189 - 215 Forfeits to Othello

Ki-Be 23, Othello 38

275 - Again Othello switched the lineup and sent Curt Davis out to wrestle Kevin Hunter. Davis got two takedowns on Hunter in the first two rounds and led 4-0 going into the third. Kevin chose the top position and rode Davis for most of the round. An escape late in the round,a takedown and nearfall points gave Davis a 9-0 win.

Ki-Be 23, Othello 42

103 - If Rolland's match was the best of the night, this one was a close second. Brandon Ashley came out on fire against AJ DeLeon. He muscled AJ to his back late in the first round for a 5-0 lead. Brandon recorded another takedown in the round before AJ reversed to close the gap. A monster double leg in the second made the score 11-4 Brandon. DeLeon closed the gap to 14-9, but Brandon muscled AJ for another takedown and nearly more nearfall points, but AJ fought out of it for a reverse to make it 16-11 Brandon. AJ stuck in the leg ride on Brandon at the end and nearly turned Brandon, but it was to little to late. Brandon won this one with his aggressive attack early in the match..

Ki-Be 26, Othello 42

112 - Dustin was pinned by Conrad Garza before I could finish writing the final score for Brandon's match.

Ki-Be 26, Othello 48

JV Results:

Bryce Livesey LBF 2X