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Kiona-Benton vs. Toppenish

The Bears destroyed the Wildcats as the they recorded 6 pins. The Bears built a 64-0 lead before Toppenish scored wins in the final three matches, including a forfeit at 125.

The best match of the night was between Ryan Corke and Nick Romero. The Toppenish wrestler scored first on a takedown in the first period. Ryan managed an escape in the second, and tried in vain to tie the match up with both wrestlers on their feet in the third.

Junior Gonzalez nearly gave up an early takedown to Jess Leon but battled but refused to give up the score. He dominated Leon from the second period on. Justin Rolland gave up early points to Rios before catching him in a head and arm for the pin.

Brandon Ashley pinned his opponent in under a minute. Josh Corriell showed off a nice ankle pick before pinning his man. Justin Mack used a leg ride to wear down his opponent before pinning him. Ryan Phipps ran up the score to 15-0 before his pin.

Hector Gonzalez got back on the winning track as he threw his opponent around for a first period pin. Ryan Burns nearly put top ranked Angel Gonzalez on his back with a head and arm, but Gonzalez rolled through.

Hirsch, Justin and Josh Corke, and Ross McDorman all looked tough as they took their forfeits!

Kiona-Benton 64   Toppenish 12
103 Brandon Ashley WBF Joshue Gutierrez
112 Dustin Hirsch WBForf Forfeit
119 Ryan Corke LBD 1-3 Nick Romero
125 Forfeit LBForf Nick Villanueva
130 Ryan Burns LBD 2-8 Angel Gonzalez
135 Junior Gonzalez WBMD 13-2 Jess Leon
140 Justin Corke WBForf Forfeit
145 Josh Corke WBForf Forfeit
152 Justin Mack WBF Lupe Isaacs
160 Ryan Phipps WBF Guillermo Rodriguez
171 Justin Rolland WBF Phillip Sifuentes
189 Hector Gonzalez WBF Ladis Avila
215 Josh Corriell WBF Daniel Osorio
275 Ross McDorman WBForf Forfeit


JV Results

Livesey WBD 10-2 over Nick Villanueva