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Toppenish Dual Preview

The Bears hold a 4-2-1 advantage in duals versus the Toppenish Wildcats. Last year the Bears took the Wildcats 54-17 and have won 3 straight from Toppenish. The Wildcats are going through another rebuilding year and have been getting beaten pretty good by the other teams in the CWAC. That trend should continue thursday night.

Dustin Hirsch could wrestle either Siffuentes and Castenada and be competitive. Not sure if Flores will show up for this dual. He has been missing in action. Villanueva and Burns could be a good match. Jess Leon should give Junior a decent match. Corriell should overpower Rios, but it could be good for awhile.

Here is the probable lineup for the dual:

Wght Ki-Be Connell
103 #2 Brandon Ashley #10 Adam Siffuentes
112 Dustin Hirsch Ignacio Castenada
119 #7 Ryan Corke #2 Joel Flores
125 #10 Jerry Haug #1 Angel Gonzalez
130 #10 Ryan Burns Nick Villanueva
135 #3 Junior Gonzalez #8 Jess Leon
140 #1 Justin Corke ???
145 #1 Josh Corke ???
152 #5 Ryan Phipps Lupe Isaacs
160 #8 Justin Rolland Guillermo Rodriguez
171 #1 Josh Corriell #6 Teo Rios
189 #7 Hector Gonzalez Phillip Sifuentes
215 Jose Prado??? #9 Daniel Osorio
275 #4 Kevin Hunter ???