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The Bears 2004 Post-Season Preview


103 - Normally this would be Brandon Ashley's domain. But a separated shoulder has forced him up to 112 for the post-season. For the average wrestling fan such as myself, this sets up great matches between Ashley and Thompson, or Ashley and Deleon, or Ashley and Conrad Garza or Ashley and Cerna. But that is at 112 and this is 103. Justin Hunt and La Sourivongsa will be carrying the torch into districts for the Bears at this weightclass. Justin has come on strong lately and will get some great experience against some very good wrestlers. La will give the good old senior try. It would be great for both of these guys to make it through to districts but they will have to wrestle extremely well and pull off a few upsets along the way.

112 - Brandon Ashley and Travis Haug will take on all comers at this weight. Brandon will be on the same side of the bracket as AJ Deleon and they will most likely meet in the semi's. That should be a barn burner. Brandon is still capable of taking the state title at 112. Not even a separated shoulder can stop him. Oh yeah, Brandon is also looking for his 3rd district title. Travis is full of energy and that will work to his advantage in a couple years. All he lacks now is experience, but this district will be a good place for him to get it. I expect to see Travis do well in the years to come.

119 - Ryan Corke and Kyle Hagins will battle with the other South 119 pounders. He spent most of the year wrestling up at 125 and will put his leg ride to the test against the likes of Edgar Mendez and possibly Tony Cantu. His leg ride may get him through to state this year. Ryan always finds a way to create an upset win, why should this year be any different. He is good enough to compete with some of the top wrestlers in the state. Kyle always wrestles hard and will get some much needed mat time at the district tournament.

125 - No one is wrestling for the Bears here.

130 - Jerry Haug is seeded #4 and will most likely meet up with Ernest Guzman in the semi's. Jerry has a great chance of moving onto state this year. If he wrestles the way he can at district and regionals, than he should be on the mat at the Tacoma Dome February 20th. Jerry wrestled a tough match against Edgar Mendez late in the season. It will take efforts like that to obtain a medal this year.

135 - Ryan Burns is in one of the tougher weightclasses in the CWAC. He should make it on to regionals and that is where the going will get tough. Ryan is capable of beating the guys ahead of him, but it will take some doing. No mistakes and aggressiveness are what Ryan will need to make it to state. Jove Stickel and the gang will be watching.

140 - Junior Gonzalez is currently 27-0 on the year and it does not look like anybody is going to beat him in the CWAC. Freddie Flores of Othello will give him his toughest test at district. At Regionals he could meet up with Tate Collins or Justin Hastings, both of whom he defeated earlier this year. Junior could continue the string of state champs for the Bears. Junior is just a fun wrestler to watch. He creates some of the sweetest pancakes this side of the mountains. Coach Hill says that Junior just has a feel for wrestling.

145 - Tony Chapin definitely has the muscle to make it to state this year. Tony can't get sloppy though. He must stay alert and attack his opponent. When Tony is aggressive, he is hard to stop. At district he will most likely meet up with David Rae of Connell in the semi's. This would be a good time for Tony to turn things around with Rae and create a little upset. Now is the time for Tony to stop all the talk about missed mat time and take his game to another level.

152 - Larry Metcalf is a work in progress. If he sticks to it, Larry could accomplish quite a bit in the sport of wrestling. His dual meet victory against Toppenish was as exciting as a match can get, even Larry let out a victory yell during the match. It would be nice to see Larry raising his hands in victory a few times at district.

160 -Ryan Phipps is capable of making it to state this year. He will need to beat a few guys ranked higher than himself, but anything is possible with Ryan. He is currently 15-13 on the year and has some regional experience from last year. Ryan could meet Josh Gomez for the district final on Saturday. Might as well win it, what have you got to lose. Johnny Rivera will finally get to show his stuff for the Bears.

171 - Justin Rolland is the biggest surprise this year for the Bears. His two wins versus Tony Lee of Connell has vaulted him into the top spot in the CWAC and also into the top 6 rankings in the state in 2A. After watching how he just absolutely wore down Lee, spirits must be high in the Rolland camp. All Justin has to do is continue to wrestle the way he has been, keep his focus and a state trip will be in store. Not only a state trip, but also a medal. His current record is 23-5. Joseph Del Angel has had a very good year for himself. He picked up his first ever win and added 6 more to go with it.

189 - Justin Mack will be taking his game to districts one last time. Mack should be able to move onto regionals for the first time in his career. It will take some outstanding wrestling by Mack to make it to the next level of state. This is where dreams can come true. Focus on the big prize and wrestle hard.

215 - Fraaaaannnnnkiiieeeeee Ramirezzzzzzzzz. Frankie has had some impressive outings this year. He know how to wrestle a little bit and this could be dangerous for his opponents. If Frankie can squeeze out a win against a higher ranked opponent at district, than he should make it on to regionals. Focus Frankie, focus. His 16-12 loss to Deleon gives one a glimpse of what Frankie can do.

275 - Ross' biggest challenge this year will come from Jake Byl of Omak at regionals. First Ross needs to take care of business at district. No letup allowed. At 22-4 on the year, Ross certainly has not let up on his opponents. He did not let up when he faced the defending 275 state champ, Nick Berry of Vashon Island, a match that Ross lost by only a 6-2 score at the Connell tournament. Ross is the defending district champion and would like to add to the harware this year. The Bears have been fortunate to have his services for the past two years. A trip to state and a medal await Ross at the end of his highschool wrestling journey.


District Records   Regional Records   State Records   Overall
Wrestler W L Titles   W L Titles   W L Titles   W L Titles
Brandon Ashley 6 0 2   4 3 -   6 4 -   16 7 2
Ryan Corke 3 7 -   1 3 -   0 0 -   4 10 -
Jerry Haug 1 5 -   0 0 -   0 0 -   1 5 -
Ryan Burns 2 2 -   1 3 -   0 0 -   3 5 -
Junior Gonzalez 5 1 1   4 2 -   5 5 -   14 8 1
Tony Chapin 3 1 -   3 2 -   0 0 -   6 3 -
Ryan Phipps 5 5 -   0 4 -   0 0 -   5 9 -
Justin Mack 3 7 -   0 0 -   0 0 -   3 7 -
Justin Rolland 4 4 -   3 4 -   0 0 -   7 8 -
Ross McDorman 2 0 1   2 2 -   0 0 -   4 2 -