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Kiona-Benton vs East Valley

The Bears have won 5 straight duals from East Valley. The Red Devils have not defeated the Bears in a dual since 1991. Just like the previous 4 duals between the two teams, this dual could be a close one. East Valley has quality wrestlers in Kellen Hopkins, Scott Thompson, Kameron Hopkins, Cory Bronkhorst, Mick Gause, Paul Santos and Kyle Fay. The Bears will need to beat at least three of these wrestlers to have a chance at winning the dual. Ashley will take on either Kellen Hopkins or Thompson. A matchup of State Champ Scott Thompson and Brandon Ashley would be worth watching. Ryan Phipps and Cory Bronkhorst could put on a good show. Ryan Corke is capable of pulling off and upset over Kameron Hopkins. Ross McDorman and Kyle Fay will be a battle. The Bears will need their other wrestlers such as Gonzalez, Chapin, the Haug brothers and Ryan Burns to rack up the points in their matches. It will be a tough dual, but the Bears should be able to keep their winning streak alive if they wrestle well.


Last 6 Duals
2003 45-35
2002 37-28
2001 38-36
2000 39-33
1999 54-20
1991 12-59

Probable Matchups

103 #1 Brandon Ashley vs #2 Kellen Hopkins
112 #9 Jacob Johanns vs #1 Scott Thompson
119 Travis Haug vs Eric Leininger
125 #7 Ryan Corke vs #1 Kameron Hopkins
130 #5 Jerry Haug vs Bryce Buckalew
135 #6 Ryan Burns vs Josh Stahl
140 #1 Junior Gonzalez vs Jake Nester
145 #4 Tony Chapin vs #10 Brandon Rose
152 Larry Metcalf vs Tom Martin
160 #7 Ryan Phipps vs #5 Cory Bronkhorst
171 #5 Justin Rolland vs Matthew Schut
189 #7 Justin Mack vs #3 Mick Gause
215 Frankie Ramirez vs #4 Paul Santos
275 #3 Ross McDorman vs #5 Kyle Fay