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CWAC 2004 Post-Season Preview
(updates in black)

This is only one persons view of what it could be like this year in the CWAC post-season. I'm sure there are 100's of other opinions out there. Take this preview for what it is, an unbiased opinion of an average wrestling fan who just wants to see good wrestling, good sportsmanship and wrestlers rewarded for the hours of practice time they have put into this sport. With that said, here is the 2004 CWAC Post-Season Preview. Enjoy.



The competition for #1 in this weightclass is wide open with the absence of Brandon Ashley. Brandon did not have enough 103 weigh-ins. Patrick Floyd missed a large part of the season with a broken hand but will be ready for the post-season. JJ Garza has been tearing apart his opponents. He has won 6 tournament titles this year. Kellen Hopkins, however, has pinned Garza twice, with Garza returning the favor once. Hopkins will be a force to be reckoned with. Dallas Hintz has spent most of the year wrestling 112 pounders, but will take his game to 103 for the post-season. District will be a fight between Hopkins, Garza and Floyd in the South and teamates Hintz and Jake Horn in the North.
Important Scores: Hopkins pinned JJ Garza 2X, JJ Garza pinned Hopkins 1X, Floyd beat JJ Garza 12-4, JJ Garza was leading Brandon Ashley 8-2 prior to Ashley's INJ DEF.
Best bets to make state: Patrick Floyd, JJ Garza, Kellen Hopkins, Dallas Hintz
Others to Watch: Jake Horn, Miguel Zuniga, Matt Garza
In the Future? Watch for JJ Garza and Kellen Hopkins to make serious runs for state titles.



Scott Thompson is the returning state champ and until someone unseats him, he is the top guy here. There are, however, a number of guys who could do just that. Brandon Ashley is moving up for the post-season and has defeated Thompson in the past. AJ Deleon lost a close decision to Thompson at the end of the regular season. Tallon Cerna defeated Thompson at last years district meet. Conrad Garza and Nick Ruff will be throwing their hats in the ring as well. Ruff wrestled and lost to Thompson in the Eastmont tourney final and may have a feel for what it will take to beat him. The North battle should come down to Ruff and Bush, while the South has 5 wrestlers that could make it to the finals. Thompson will be the guy everyone is gunning for this year.
Important Scores: Eddie Bush and Nick Ruff exchanged pins, Deleon beat Garza 3-1, Garza beat Deleon 7-3, Thompson beat Deleon 10-6, Ashley beat Deleon 13-4, Deleon beat Levi Jones of Lakeside 11-8.
Best bets to make state: Scott Thompson, Brandon Ashley, AJ Deleon, Nick Ruff
Others to Watch: Tallon Cerna, Conrad Garza, Eddie Bush
In the Future? Ashley and Ruff could become state champs. Look for Eddie Bush to be a medal contender. As the only freshman in the CWAC top 10 at 112, Travis Haug could be at the top of the rankings someday.



Tony Cantu seems destined to win state this year. He has won every tournament he has entered and has defeated a number of state contenders, John Bennett (1st, 5th) of Newport and Jeff Cox (2nd, 4th) of Warden to name a few. Ricky Brown and Edgar Mendez are state veterans that will challenge Cantu. But Cantu's stongest competition may come from Steev Turner. Turner also has defeated Bennett and Cox this season, as well as defending state champ Scott Thompson. Ryan Corke has wrestled 125 pounders this year but will bring his leg ride to 119 for the post-season. Drew Walter made a splash early in the year with a pin of Ricky Brown. Cantu may be considered untouchable this year. Cantu should win the South title, while Turner and Brown will do battle for the North.
Important Scores: Cantu 11-3 over Turner, Cantu 12-5 and 6-4 over Bennett, Cantu 13-6 over Cox, Turner 9-6 over Bennett, Turner 5-3 over Cox, Turner 5-4 OT over Thompson, Turner 9-5 over Ruff, Turner 6-4 over Brown, Bennett 7-2 over Mendez, Brown 3-1 over Cox, Walter pinned Brown.
Best bets to make state: Tony Cantu, Steev Turner, Edgar Mendez, Ricky Brown
Others to Watch: Ryan Corke, Drew Walter
In the Future? Freshman teammates Zach Riggle and Drew Walter of Omak could be contenders in a few years.


Update: Kameron Hopkins will wrestle at 130

Joel Flores has had a tough last couple of years, but he looks ready to turn it around this year. Jorge Perez's late season defeat of Kameron Hopkins has jumbled the rankings a bit. One thing that could further jumble things is if Flores decides to go 130. Up North, Chris Smith, Abelino Ramirez, Tommy Race and Huber LaGrou are in about as tight a race as you can have. Flores, Perez and Hopkins should take three of the four spots for state with Smith, Ramirez, Race and LaGrou batteling for the 4th spot.
Important Scores: Jorge Perez 7-2 over Tyler Marshall (Mount Baker), Perez 10-2 over Hopkins, Hopkins INJ DEF win over Flores, Smith 4-2 OT over Ramirez, Smith 5-2 over Race, Smith 9-2 over LaGrou, Ramirez 3-2 over LaGrou, Ramirez 4-2 over Race, LaGrou 5-3 over Race.
Best bets to make state: Joel Flores, Jorge Perez, Kameron Hopkins, Chris Smith, Abelino Ramirez
Others to Watch: Abelino Ramirez, Tommy Race, Huber LaGrou
In the Future? 5 of the top seven in this weightclass are seniors. Hopkins and Smith will be back next season.



Othello holds down the top spots here with Ernest Guzman and Phillip Ontiveras. Guzman is a senior and has some impressive wins this year, defeating Chad Hogg of Newport twice. He also has a head scratching defeat to Zack Brissey early in the year. Phillip Ontiveras is a sophomore who has only great things ahead of him. After the top two the competition drops off a little, but Jerry Haug, Chris Stewart and Zack Brissey will do battle for the two remaining state spots. It will most likely be an all Othello district final in the South and Stewart and Brissey could meet in the North final. If Joel Flores goes 130, then he would be the guy to beat here.
Important Scores: Guzman 6-5 and 4-3 over Chad Hogg, Stewart 8-4 over Brissey, Brissey 10-6 over Guzman, Brissey 15-7 over Jerry Haug, Jerry Haug 14-4 over Chris Stewart.
Best bets to make state: Ernest Guzman, Phillip Ontiveras, Jerry Haug, Chris Stewart, Kameron Hopkins
Others to Watch: Chris Stewart, Zack Brissey
In the Future? Phillip Ontiveras could dominate for a couple years.



Tommie Lindquist, JD Gomez, Brandon Sims and Aaron Koons all could win the regional title. First Gomez and Jess Leon will battle in the South district, while Lindquist, Koons and Sims battle in the North district. Leon and Jason Escobedo could prove to be spoilers in each district though. Lindquist and Gomez have not met this year, but Gomez defeated Sims while Lindquist has defeated Koons. Lindquist, Sims and Gomez have all wrestled in the state tournament before. Lindquist has 2 medals (3rd, 5th), while Gomez has one (5th).
Important Scores: Lindquist 5-3 over Koons, Gomez 7-4 over Sims, Lindquist pinned Leon
Best bets to make state: Tommie Lindquist, JD Gomez, Aaron Koons, Brandon Sims
Others to Watch: Jess Leon, Jason Escobedo
In the Future? No one has stepped up in the underclassman roll to take over. 6 of the CWAC top ten at 135 are seniors.



Junior Gonzalez looks like the real deal this year. His main competition will come from Freddie Flores and Tate Collins. At the Connell invite, Collins put a scare into Junior by throwing him to his back. Junior escaped with a 13-9 win in that match. Justin Hastings will need to hold off Andrew Paton for the 4th state spot. Taylor Jenks, Elias Longoria and Mark Ouradnik are capable of pulling off an upset and moving on to state. Junior seems pretty untouchable in the CWAC South, while Collins could earn himself a district title as a freshman in the North.
Important Scores: Gonzalez 13-9 over Collins, Gonzalez 13-6 over Flores, Gonzalez 9-3 over Hastings, Collins 12-6 over Paton, Flores 10-2 over Hastings.
Best bets to make state: Junior Gonzalez, Tate Collins, Freddie Flores, Justin Hastings
Others to Watch: Andrew Paton, Taylor Jenks, Mark Ouradnik, Elias Longoria
In the Future? Tate Collins looks capable of putting up some big numbers and possibly a few state titles.



Willy Ives looked unbeatable this year until his rematch with returning state champ Lee Morrison of Okanogan. That became his only loss of the season and could remain his only loss. David Rae and Jorge Anguiano stand in the way of Ives winning the regional title. Willy placed 4th last year and is a front runner to reach the finals this year. Anguiano is a much improved wrestler this year and could give Rae a run for his money in the South district. Tony Chapin will try and create an upset or two along the way. Ives should have an easy go of it in the North. His competition will come from Jacob Stacey, Lukas Wolff and Levi Parkins.
Important Scores: Ives over Morrison 7-5 and Morrison over Ives 9-4, Anguiano 4-3 ove Matt Dinsmore of Lakeside (8th), Anguiano 11-2 over Chapin, Anguiano 10-4 over Ross Jones of Warden (3rd), Rae pin Chapin
Best bets to make state: Willy Ives, David Rae, Jorge Anguiano, Tony Chapin
Others to Watch: Lukas Wolff, Levi Parkins, Jacob Stacey
In the Future? David Rae has one more year of improvement and by the looks of things, he will be very, very very good next year. Tony Chapin lost mat time as a sophomore, but should be a dominating senior.



Alex Torres is #1 on a lot of people's lists. He has given them reason to put him there. Torres is unbeaten this year and has virtually no competition in the CWAC. This could hurt him at the state tournament, but as a veteran of state, he should be able to overcome this. I look to see him in the finals. Kyle Prescott is also a state vet and should have no problem making it back this year. After these two there are no fewer than 6 guys who could be vying for the final 2 spots. Alex Martin, Scott Caudill, Dominic Anderson, Derek Lynch, Cory Bronkhorst and Jesse Newberry all have a good shot at qualifying for state. The South district will come down to Torres and Prescott. The North district will be a dogfight between Caudill, Martin, Anderson, Lynch and Newberry.
Important Scores: Torres 9-7 over Jon Millard of Lakeside, Torres pin Prescott, Prescott pin Martin, Caudill 2-0 over Anderson, Caudill 3-2 over Martin, Bronkhorst 4-1 over Newberry
Best bets to make state: Alex Torres, Kyle Prescott, Scott Caudill, Alex Martin
Others to Watch: Cory Bronkhorst, Dominic Anderson, Derek Lynch, Jesse Newberry
In the Future? Kyle Prescott should win some medals at the state tourney.



Junior Josh Cate has virtually come out of nowhere to become the #1 contender in the CWAC at 160 this year. Teammate Dean Agee has been equally as impressive. The two have battled each other all year for the varsity spot. Steven Smith placed 7th at state last year, but an early season loss to Cate knocked him out of the top spot. Expect to see Smith come back with a vengence in the post-season. Josh Gomez missed the post-season last year and will be ready to wreck havoc this year. Dan Landeck, Ryan Phipps and Santana Echavarria will need to wrestle some good matches to move on to state. Cate, Agee and Smith will compete for the North district title.
Important Scores: Cate pin Newberry; Cate 9-5 over Smith; Smith 13-6 over Agee; Smith beat Gomez; Gomez 12-11 over Smith (Lakeside); Gomez 13-11 over Little (Mount Baker); Smith 7-9 to Little (Mount Baker)
Best bets to make state: Josh Cate, Steven Smith, Dean Agee, Josh Gomez
Others to Watch: Dan Landeck, Santana Echavarria, Ryan Phipps, Rudy Ochoa
In the Future? 5 of the top 6 wrestlers in this weight class will be graduating this year.



Justin Rolland lost the first match between himself and Tony Lee, but came back to defeat Lee back to back and earn the #1 CWAC ranking at 171. Tony Lee is a state vet and could get back on track in the post-season. Jake Walter looks like he is ready to take on Lee and Rolland for top honors at regionals. Rumor out of Othello is that Rodriguez may have quit the team, If the rumors are wrong than Rodriguez will have something to say about who goes to state. Niccum is capable of an upset and earning his way to state as well. Districts will probably be between Rolland and Lee in the South and Walter should contend for the North title.
Important Scores: Rolland 5-2 and 12-5 over Lee; Rolland pin Niccum; Lee 6-2 over Rolland; Walter 9-1 and 12-10 OT over Niccum;
Best bets to make state: Justin Rolland, Tony Lee, Jake Walter, Jeremiah Rodriguez
Others to Watch: Ben Niccum, Kevyn Valline, Ramiro Alvarez
In the Future? Jake Walter could take over this weight next year.



This is a very competitive weightclass. Curt Davis is the top dog and should take the South title. Davis is also ranked #2 by Bikerman in the state for 2A. If he can live up to those expectations, than we may see him in the state finals. Justin Hoefner and Adam Burkhart look like the top two in the North, though the Chelan wrestling page lists Burkhart as being injured? The 4th state spot could be a real dogfight between Teo Rios, James Bush, Tyrel Sandelin and Mick Gause. Sandelin may drop to 171 for the post-season.
Important Scores: Davis 13-9 over Bushnell (Newport); Hoefner pin Sandelin; Hoefner pin Gause; Rios pin Gause
Best bets to make state: Curt Davis, Justin Hoefner, Adam Burkhart, Tyrel Sandelin
Others to Watch: James Bush, Teo Rios, Mick Gause
In the Future? Bush or Sandelin could step forward next year. 7 of the CWAC top ten at this weight are seniors.



Cesar Williams placed third at state last season and is currently ranked #2 in the state behind the 2X champion Garrett Johnson of Medical Lake. Could this be the year that Cesar takes it all the way? Andy Deleon is the top contender in the South although Jake Messer could have something to say about that. Don't count out Paul Santos to make himself heard from. Dan Worley is an up and comer who could be a serious state contender for the next couple of years. Worley could be the top competition for Williams. Clinton Meachum was a state qualifier at 275 last season. Darrick Green opened some eyes late in the season with a pin of Meachum.
Important Scores: Messer 6-2 and pin Santos; Messer pin Ramirez; Deleon pin Messer; Worley pin Meachum; Worley pin Santos; Green pin Meachum
Best bets to make state: Cesar Williams, Andy Deleon, Dan Worley, Kyle Davis, Jake Messer
Others to Watch: Jake Messer, Darrick Green, Paul Santos, Clinton Meachum
In the Future? The torch will be passed to Dan Worley next year. Darrick Green could be close behind.


Update: Kyle Davis will wrestle 215

Jake Byl seems headed to a state title at some point in his career. Last season Byl lost to the eventual runner-up, Robby Shaw of Lakeside on his way to a 5th place finish at state. Returning champ, Nick Berry of Vashon Island, may be the only wrestler standing in his way this year. Ross McDorman narrowly missed a trip to state last year and will be ready to claim his state spot this year. Kyle Davis, James Peery and Kyle Fay could pull off and upset. These three will probably be battleing for the final two state spots.
Important Scores: McDorman 6-0 over Fay; Peery 7-0 over Fay
Best bets to make state: Jake Byl, Ross McDorman, Kyle Davis, James Peery, Kyle Fay
Others to Watch: Kyle Fay
In the Future? Jake Byl will could be a state champ before it's all said and done.