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Kiona-Benton vs. Connell

The Bears built and early 12-4 lead with a forfeit to Junior and 2nd round pin by Ryan Phipps. In between Junior and Phipps, Tony Chapin went the distance with David Rae. Tony fell behind early as Rae put him on his back twice in the first round. By the third round, Rae was tired and Tony took advantage with a double leg and then kept the pressure on a quickly fading Rae. When these two meet again, if Tony can keep it close into the third round, he could have a chance for an upset. He seems to be in better condition than Rae.

Phipps wrestled well despite controversy surrounding his match. No whistle was blown to start action in the second round, the ref just yelled "wrestle". This infuriated the Connell coaches. Phipps though, went about business, got an escape and the countered a Jenks Td attempt by throwing him to the mat for a pin.

Johnny Rivera fell behind early but tied the score late in the third round with a reverse and a cradle to make the score 5-5. With time running out in the match, Rivera went for broke with a suicide cradle, which Martinez stopped and held Rivera on his back for the pin.

An ever improving Tommy Small displayed a nice ankle pick against Rankin, to take a 2-0 first period lead. Small used an arm bar to turn Rankin for the 2nd round pin.

Connell had built a 22-18 lead as Troy Cunningham and Miguel Zuniga took the mat. Zuniga looked ready to go as he took Troy down almost immediately. Troy escaped and took Zuniga down for a 3-2 first period lead. Zuniga escaped to start the 2nd and took Troy down, only to be reversed for a 5-5 tie after 2 periods. 2 double leg takedowns in the third gave Troy the win.

Brandon Ashley made quick work of Tony Davis with a nearside cradle to give the Bears a 27-22 lead. Justin Hunt recorded the two takedowns against Wes Jenks. Hunt controlled Jenks head the entire match and with 2 escapes in the third round, Justin held on for a har fought 6-4 win. The score stood at 30-22.

Connell cut the lead to 30-28 with a pin and then Kyle Hagins took on Tallon Cerna. Cerna started strong but started to fade at the end and Kyle started to control the match in the third round. Kyle recorded a late takedown as he put up a good fight against Cerna.

Edgar Mendez then pinned Hayden Walsh to give Connell the team win. Jerry Haug finished off the night with a dominating performance against Ruben Orozco. Ruben actually led early in the match 3-2 after recording an impressive takedown. But Haug hit him with a succession of ankle picks and turned him aside 12-4.

Ki-Be 34, Connell 37

103 — Troy Cunningham WBD 10-6 Miguel Zuniga

112 — Brandon Ashley WBF 1:41 Tony Davis

119 — Justin Hunt WBD 6-4 Wes Jenks

125 — Jeff Slape LBF Nathan Knight

130 — Kyle Hagins LBD 4-10 Tallon Cerna

135 — Hayden Walsh LBF 0:48 Edgar Mendez

140 — Jerry Haug WBMD 12-4 Ruben Orozco

145 — Junior Gonzalez WBForf.

152 — Tony Chapin LBMD 5-19 David Rae

160 — Ryan Phipps WBF 3:42 Taylor Jenks

171 — Johnny Rivera LBF Martinez 5:32

189 — Tommy Small WBF 3:03 Josh Rankin

215 — Jose Prado LBF 3:16 Tony Lee

275 — Britt Samsell LBF 0:45 Michael Cuello


Jospeh Delangel LBF

Derrick Lockard LBF, LBF

Jack Otto WBF, LBF