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Bob Mars Invitational

The Bears placed a respectable 6th place at the Bob Mars Invitational. Troy Cunningham paced the team with two sub-minute pins in his first two matches and then won a tough match against Tyler Cowin of Southridge, 5-2 for the championship. Jake Johanns looked good as well with a tech fall and a pin in his first two matches. Against Muse in the finals, Johanns came out strong with a double leg to take and early lead, before Muse (Southridge) out manuevered him for a pin in the first round. Britt Samsel had a good tournament with a pin and a third place finish.

Justin Hunt was inpressive with 2 pins and wrestled tough in all of his matches. Sam Landoe did not look like the improved wrestler that he was at the end of last year, HE LOOKED EVEN BETTER! Landoe could do some good things this year.

Henderson came out strong in his second match and shows potential for good things this year. Hagins ran into a couple strong wrestlers. Overall it was a good showing for the Bears. Things should just get better from here.


Ki-Be Results

103--Travis Roos, 0-2

112-- None

119--Troy Cunningham, 1st - 3-0, 2pins, 26 team points

125--Justin Hunt, 6th - 2-2, 2 pins, 9 team points

130--Jake Johanns, 2nd - 2-1, 1pin, 21.5 team points

135--Jesse Henderson, 0-2

140--Kyle Hagins, 5th - 1-2, 8.5 team points

145--Zach White 0-2

152--Sam Landoe 2-2, 1pin, 5 team points

160--Devon Hudspeth 1-2, 4 points

171--Eddie Acosta, 0-2, 1 team point

189--Johnny Roman-Rivera, 1-2, 1pin, 3 team points

215-- Britt Samsel, 3rd - 2-1, 2pins, 13 team points

275-- None

Partial JV Results

119 - Enoel Farias L
125 - Clay WIlcox L
130 - Andy Campbell L
152 - Sam Long L
160 - Hector Prado L