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Mat Classic XIX Tournament Results

Place Wgt Wrestler W-L Pins Team Pts
State Champion 119 Troy Cunningham 4-0 2 26
9th 125 Andy Campbell 1-2 1 3
13th 125 Enoel Farias 0-2 0 0
9th 130 Jake Johanns 1-2 1 3
5th 135 Kyle Hagins 4-2 0 9
13th 145 Sam Landoe 0-2 0 0

Troy Cunningham - 1st

Troy Cunningham became the 7th State Champion at Ki-Be, recording the 11th individual State Championship earned by Bear wrestlers. He also tied Junior Gonzalez and Josh Corriel for the most wins in one season with 37. Troy sailed through his first three matches with a pin in the first round, a 9-2 win in the second round and a pin in the semi-finals. His 2nd round match against Bryan Baumgarden of Lakeside was not as lopsided as the 9-2 score indicates however. The match was only 6-2 going into the third round. But that is where Troy took over. In the final against Luczynski, Troy scored a takedown off the whistle and all Luczynski could do for the period was work an escape. Troy led precariously 2-1. Troy chose down for the second period and for awhile it looked like Jake would keep him down. With just 15 seconds left in the round, Troy sat out, grabbed Jake's head and spun behind for the reverse and a 4-1 lead. Still no room to breath though. During the second period, Dad Rich was making some good moves of his own as he watched Troy. Rich was twisting his body in various positions as he watched Troy work from underneath. The thrid period would tell the story. One minute into the round it looked like Luczynski might have a shot at being the one with the story as he recorded a takedown on the line to pull within 4-3. Fortunately the Tdown was on the line, because Troy ended up on his back, but out of bounds. No back points awarded. Luczynksi seemed to have renewed energy at this point as he let Troy escape and then rushed at him repeatedly, trying desperately for the tying takedown. Troy remained calm and confident and defensed every rush. He was called for stalling with 10 seconds left, but it wasn't stalling, it was just smart wrestling. With 8 seconds left Luczynski gave it one last effort and looked like he might actually have something, but once again Troy rose to the occassion and squelched it. Troy was not going to let this one slip through his fingers and as the whistle sounded, Troy was a champion (and so was Rich).

Kyle Hagins - 5th

Kyle wrestled one of the most inspired tournaments that I have ever seen him wrestle. He started off with a 6-0 win over Gage Schmidt of Chelan and finished with another 4-0 win over Gage Schmidt for 5th. He beat Vince Rediger of Nooksack Valley 13-10 to advance past the 7th-8th place match. That match was a excercise in toughness for Kyle. The points were flying around. Late in the third period Kyle led 11-6 and looked like all he had to do was hang on for the win. Well, in true Kyle Hagin, no safe match, go for broke, lay it all on the line, even if it kills me, style, Kyle went for more points and it nearly cost him. With the leg ride in, Kyle pulled Rediger backwards to try and secure more back points, only to have Rediger counter, reverse and earn backpoints of his own, before Kyle righted himself and earned a reverse at the end. But this is what was observed from Kyle the entire tournament, he never gave up, he never gave in. He always kept coming at his opponents, scoring when he needed to and winning more often than not. What is very surprising when one looks at the 135 results is that Wes Jenks of Connell went 0-2 and lost to Rediger. Caleb Ferch placed 7th and lost 11-6 to Gage Schmidt along the way. Eric Nanez lost 3-1 to another of Kyle's defeated opponents. In district and regionals, Kyle went 0-3 against these three. But at state he went 4-0 against the guys who beat them. Kyle definitely rose to the occasion and became the best he could be.

Jake Johanns - 9th

It was a short tournament for Jake. After losing in the first round, Jake came on strong in the consolation with a pin. Then against Eric Valdez of Wahluke, Jake started quick and led 4-0 early. Valdez though, used a cradle to gain the advantage and Jake ran out of time, losing 7-6. It was a good year for Jake and a trip to Mat Classic was well deserved.

Andy Campbell - 9th

Andy gained one win, a pin of teammate Enoel Farias. But the experience that he will be taking with him into next year will be of tremendous importance, ask Troy Cunningham. Andy has a bright future with the Bears and at Mat Classic. He will be back for another shot at a medal.

Sam Landoe - 13th

Sam should be making a return trip to state next year. His improvement this year was unparalleled in Ki-Be history. Sam is the only wrestler in Bears history to lose 20 matches one year and then win 20 matches the next. With that kind of improvement next year, Sam would be a lock for a medal at Mat Classic.

Enoel Farias - 13th

What a year it was for Enoel. A first year senior, makes it to Mat Classic. A medal would have made it even better, but just to earn a trip to the event was a fantastic way to end the season for Enoel. Wish we had him for another couple years.

The Bears - 16th

All in all it was a very good year for the Bears. Coach Hill and Coach Cunningham did a fantastic job of coaching and you could see the improvement in each wrestler as the season progressed. Coach Rolland probably had something to do with that as well. The Bears have a number of bright spots for next year. Only 364 days till Mat Classic XX!!!