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Andy Campbell is fast becoming one of the top wrestlers on the team and is improving greatly with every match. He is a very exciting wrestler to watch and will not make the same mistake twice. The SCAC better watch out for him in the post-season.

Cunningham made mince-meat out of yet another wrestler. Johanns started quickly building a 10-0 lead before settling for a 10-5 win. Kyle wrestled well in his exhibition match. Landoe looked good taking a forfeit.

Samsel wrestled aggresively at the end of his match but came up a little short. Rivera wrestled well for a couple rounds. Jesse continues to improve each outing. Roos wrestles tough. Zach White got some varsity experience. Hudspeth is a much improved wrestler over last year.


Warden 54, Kiona-Benton 21
103 Travis Roos LBTF to Frankie Jiminez
112 Forfeit to Alex Rangle
119 Troy Cunningham WBF 3:49 over Freddie Flores
125 Andy Campbell WBF 5:10 over Josh Reyes
130 Jake Johanns WBD 10-5 over Chris Kalous
135 Forfeit to AJ Martinez
140 Jesse Henderson LMBD 4-12 to Lupe Alderos
145 Sam Landoe WBForf
152 Zach White LBF 1:24 Alan Martinez
160 Devon Hudspeth LBF 5:10 to Scott Phillips
171 Forfeit to Dakota Scott
189 Johnny Roman-Rivera LBF 4:26 to Kenny Guerra
215 Britt Samsel LBD 5-10 to Drew Jesse
285 Forfeit to Tony Martinez
EXHB Zach White LBF
JV Sam Long LBF
EXHB Kyle Hagins WBD 6-4 over AJ Martinez