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Ki-Be Wrestling Results

Best in the West

Britt Samsel led all Bears by going 3-0 in the tournament. The Bears went 1-2 with their lone win coming against Newport.

Troy Cunningham's loss came at the hands of Kooper Bond of Skyview, 2-0. Bond placed 6th in the Montana State Championships last season.

Skyview 7-66

103-Cole Champney-SKYV Forfeit OPEN-KIBE
112-Brennan Barta-SKYV Pin 0:40 Isaias Farias-KIBE
119-Brice Gretch-SKYV Pin 0:55 Travis Roos-KIBE
125-Andy Campbell-KIBE Major 15-3 Preston Hu-SKYV
130-Kooper Bond-SKYV Dec 2-0 Troy Cunningham-KIBE
135-Brandon Hu-SKYV Pin 1:00 Garrett Parsons-KIBE
140-Cory Champney-SKYV Pin 0:43 Sheridan McDonald-KIBE
145-Tyler Elm-SKYV Pin 5:11 Jesse Henderson-KIBE
152-Joey Mancuso-SKYV Dec 7-0 Sam Landoe-KIBE
160-Jared Berry-SKYV Pin 5:07 Devon Hudspeth-KIBE
171-Lucas Polkow-SKYV Pin 1:32 Tony Lopez-KIBE
189-Carson Hilliard-SKYV Pin 0:41 Matt Mason-KIBE
215-Britt Samsel-KIBE Dec 9-7 Justin Prevost-SKYV
285-Sam Holt-SKYV Forfeit OPEN-KIBE
Richland 23-57
103-Kyler Mars-RICH Forfeit OPEN-KIBE
112-Channing Winterrose-RICH Pin 1:32 Isaias Farias-KIBE
119-Jacob Bieber-RICH Pin 1:33 Travis Roos-KIBE
125-Dustin Utecht-RICH Pin 0:36 Evan Olinger-KIBE
130-Jordan Manthei-RICH Pin 3:00 Andy Campbell-KIBE
135-Daniel Dawson-RICH Dec 10-4 Garrett Parsons-KIBE
140-Kody Wyrick-RICH Pin 1:13 Sheridan McDonald-KIBE
145-Jesse Henderson-KIBE TF 25-7 Korwin Nelson-RICH
152-Sam Landoe-KIBE Pin 5:01 Adam Herandez-RICH
160-Devon Hudspeth-KIBE Pin 0:23 Joey White-RICH
171-Jeremy Knighten-RICH Pin 1:24 Tony Lopez-KIBE
189-Stephan Jansons-RICH Pin 1:01 Matt Mason-KIBE
215-Aaron Sevigny-RICH Forfeit OPEN-KIBE
285-Britt Samsel-KIBE Pin 1:06 DJ Clark-RICH
Bears 42, Newport 30
103-Kyle Lawrence-NEWPT Forfeit OPEN-KIBE
112-Isaias Farias-KIBE Forfeit OPEN-NEWPT
119-Warren Hilton-NEWPT Forfeit OPEN-KIBE
125-Andy Campbell-KIBE Pin 1:07 Corbin Chitwood-NEWPT
130-Daniel Swain-NEWPT Pin 0:54 Garrett Parsons-KIBE
135-Troy Cunningham-KIBE Pin 2:24 Steffen Ellison-NEWPT
140-Jared Carson-NEWPT Pin 0:29 Sheridan McDonald-KIBE
145-Jesse Henderson-KIBE Pin 1:28 Jake Lindell-NEWPT
152-Sam Landoe-KIBE Dec 5-1 Dylan Ellison-NEWPT
160-Tony Lopez-KIBE Forfeit Klint LeMaster-NEWPT
171-Devon Hudspeth-KIBE Pin 3:31 Lance Brace-NEWPT
189-Jack Clark-NEWPT Pin 0:53 Matt Mason-KIBE
215-Britt Samsel-KIBE Dec 6-2 Max Thew-NEWPT
285-OPEN-NEWPT Double Forfeit OPEN-KIBE

JV Results

Robert Palencia (All-Stars and JV) 0-3