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Connell Ealges 42, Kiona-Benton Bears 29


103--Freddy Herrera (C) p. John Kortz, 3:52. 112--Hernan Serra (C) d. Travis Roos, 5-1. 119--Matt McCallum (KB) p. Christian Corona, 1:19. 125--David Gonzalez (KB) p. Eddie Lando, 2:56. 130--Tony Porales (C) p. James Roberts, 5:17. 135--Sheridan McDonald (KB) d. Arnoldo Garcia, 12-4. 140*--Harris Garcia (C) p. Evan Olinger, 3:32. 145--Jacob Rae (C) p. Adam Johnson, 3:07. 152--Clay Wilcox (KB) d. Joel Amezola, 14-5. 160--Ryan Heinan (C) d. Chris Howell, 5-4. 171--Garret Whitney (C) p. Salvador Acosta, 2:32. 189--Corey Brumbaugh (KB) p. Emanuel Farias, 3:28. 215--Nato Orazco (C) p. Luis Beltran, 1:30. 285--Jason Armstrong (KB) d. Gerardo Barragan, 9-4.

Kelvin Schuman and Amy Campbell got the night off to a good start against the Eagles with a couple of JV pins to give the JV a 12-0 win.

Evan Olinger and Harris Garcia started off the varsity match. Garcia got Olinger on a number of takedowns to build a quick lead. Olinger came back with a takedown to close the gap a little but Gracia seemed to be too much on this night as he put the match away with a pin in the 2nd round.

Adam Johnson wrestled tough against state vet Jacob Rae but finally succumbed to a 2nd round pin. Clay Wilcox got the Bears on the board with a dominating 14-5 win.

Chris Howell wrestled a very close match and led late in the match. The final score was 5-4 for Ryan Heinan, but the effort given by Howell was great and the improvement that he has shown this year exceptional.

Salvador Acosta survived until the 2nd round of his match and wrestled tough, but gave way to the pin. Corey Brumbaugh got that pin back for the Bears with a dominating 2nd round pin.

Luis Beltran wrestled state vet Nato Orozco and was pinned in the first round. Jason Armstrong had a tough battle with the Connell heavyweight but came away with a 9-4, scoring most of his points on takedowns.

John Kortz nearly made it to the 3rd round against state vet Freddy Herrera. Kortz wrestled well and has show great improvement this year.

Travis Roos has had an exceptional year and his match with State Vet Hernan Serra was an eye opener. Travis led early on and kept Serra off balance most of the match. It wasn't until late in the match that Serra caught Travis and put him on his back for the winning points. Travis is a much improved wrestler this year and continues to get better. He could be dangerous come districts.

Matt McCallum continues to roll in league competition and is now 4-0 in league action. He stopped this opponent in 1:19 with a pin. Matt should be a force to reckon with in the post-season.

David Gonzalez gave the Bears a much needed 6 points with a pin at 125lbs. The Connell wrestler looked like he didn't know what hit him after Gonzalez' 2nd round pin.

James Roberts gave a spirited effort at 130lbs, before giving in to the pin. Sheridan McDonald finished off the night dominating an unbelieving Connell wrestler. Sheridan dominated in every facet of the match to win 12-4 and show why she is a state champ.