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SCAC East District Tournament

112 - Travis Roos had a great tournament as he recorded two impressive pins and then took third on an injury default. Travis has a good shot at making it to state this year.

119 - Matt McCallum put on a show in the finals against 2007 state runner-up Franky Jimenez. Matt completely dominated Jiminez on his feet getting 5 takedowns to 2 for Franky. If not for a 5 point move by Jiminez at the end of the 2nd round, McCallum would have been the district champ. Matt lost 12-10. It seemed the Matt could takedown Jiminez all night long. It's a good bet that Jiminez and Matt will meet again at regionals and the result could be different.

125 - Andy Campbell wrestled to a 4th place finish in a tough 125 lb bracket. Andy made it to the consolation final with an 11-3 win over teammate David Gonzalez. Andy should have a good shot at making it to state, but he will need to be at his best at regionals. David recorded a pin in the 5th-6th place match to become the alternate.

130 - Kelvin Schuman had a good tournament with a couple pins. He lost a hard fought semi-final consolation match to Chencho Lopez of Royal to just miss out on a trip to regionals. Kelvin has show good improvement through the year and will be a force in the league next year.

135 - Evan Olinger and Adam Johnson came within one match of going to regionals, but both lost tough fought matches in the consolation semi-finals. Olinger then beat Johnson 14-4 for 5th place.

152 - Chris Howell had a tournament to remember. He wrestled two matches in a bracket that had only 5 wrestlers. He pinned both opponents including a domination of Dallas White in the finals. Chris brought home the only District title of the year for the Bears and has a good shot at making it to state.

171 - Salvador Acosta recorded two pins on his way to an impressive 4th place finish.

189, 215, 285 - Corey Brumbaugh, Luis Beltran and Jason Armstrong all wrestled into the 5th-6th place matches with Beltran coming out with a 6-5 win and 5th place. Armstrong lost a 7-6 overtime match to take 6th and Brumbaugh lost a hotly contested 189 lb match to place 6th.

The Bears send 5 wrestlers to the regional tournament in Connell. They will also have 5 alternates going to reagionals.


103 - John Kortz 0-2

103 - Edvin Wilson 0-2

112 - Travis Roos 3-1, 2pins 3rd

119 - Matt McCallum 2-1, 1pin 2nd

119 - Donald Baze 0-2

125 - Andy Campbell 2-2, 1 pin 4th

125 - David Gonzalez 1-2, 1 pin 5th

130 - Kelvin Schuman 2-2, 2pins 5th

130 - James Roberts 2-2, 3

135 - Evan Olinger 2-2, 1 pin, 5th

135 - Adam Johnson 1-3, 6th

145 - Clay Wilcox 0-2

145 - Robert Robinson 0-2

152 - Chris Howell 2-0, 2 pins, Champion

160 - Darren McPhail 0-2, 5th

171 - Salvador Acosta 2-2, 2 pins, 4th

189 - Corey Brunbaugh 1-3, 1 pin 6th

215 - Luis Beltran 1-2, 5th

285 - Jason Armstrong 2-2, 6th