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Ki-Be Wrestling Results

Grandview Invitational

Team scores:

Hanford 148, Kiona-Benton 140.5, Grandview 135, West Valley 132, Foss 88.5, Prosser 83, Washougal 74, River View 60.5.

Championship final

103: Chism King (Was) p. Edwin Wilson (KB) :52. 112: Luis Cornelio (F) d. Andrw Hahn 12-7. 119: Osmar Jaimez (Pro) d. Matt McCallum (KB) 6-0. 125: Kamm Freudenstein (F) d. David Gonzalez (KB) 6-4. 130: Roberto Palencia (KB) d. Michael Huck (Was) 8-4. 135: Chane Watt (RV) d. Caleb Gifford (Han) 7-5. 140: Ethan Groom (Pro) d. Raul Gamboa (Gra) 7-1. 145: Matt Owens (Han) d. Ruben Davison (Was) 16-5. 152: Isaac Anderson (Pro) d. Cody Bruland (WV) 8-6. 160: Juan Guzman (Gra) p. Joe Traverso (Han) 1:43. 171: David Godinez (Pro) p. Cole Apgar (Han) :52. 189: Dylan Foster (WV) d. Isaac Alaniz (Gra) 4-3. 215: Kevin Madson (WV) d. Adam Morales (Gra) 9-5. 285: R.J. Harris (Han) won by forfeit.

Third, fourth place

103: McKay Permann (WV) p. Keely Freudenstein (F) 1:23. 112: Travis Roos (KB) d. Will Bricker (Han) 3-1. 119: Sandy Dittell (F) d. Christian Ruiz (Gra) 12-0. 125: D.J. Stai (WV) d. Marco Gonzalez (Gra) 13-6. 130: Isaac Perez (Gra) d. Cameron Queener (RV) 11-9. 135: Efren Ramos (Gra) d. Jensen Chau (F) 7-4. 140: Manny Gallegos (RV) p. Kris Young (KB) 3:21. 145: Kelvin Schuman (KB) d. Jared Wilson (WV) 7-4. 152: Thomas Ruane (Han) p. Chris Howell (KB) 2:40. 160: Chris Wilcox (KB) d. Vlad Kalinchuk (F) 4-0. 171: Patrick Galvan (Gra) p. Jarrett Gregory (Was) 2:26. 189: Weston Green (WV) p. Joe Clements (Han) 3:05. 215: Anthony Mendez (RV) p. Aaron Wilson (Was) 2:25. 285: Colton Gurney (WV) p. Corey Brumbaugh (KB) 1:20.


Bears Individual Results

Roberto Palencia stole the show for the Bears with a dramatic 8-4 win in the championship match. Roberto dominated with takedowns over Michael Huck of Washougal. Roberto is coming on at the right time of the year and could be a big factor in the SCAC post-season.

Matt McCallum and David Gonzalez ran into extremely tough opponents in the finals, but gave a very good showing. Osmar Jaimez held McCallum in check winning 6-0. Gonzalez gave Kamm Freudenstein of Henry Foss a good scare in the finals and was in it till the end.

Kelvin Schuman lost his first match, but then ran through the competition winning 3 straight to take 3rd. Kelvin looks to be peaking as the Bears go into the post-season. Clay Wilcox gave #1 seed Juan Guzman of Grandview a good match in the semi-finals, leading 6-4 late in the second period, before getting pinned. Sharon McDonald gave the fans a thrill with 2 pins on the guys.

103 Edvin Wilson 1-1,2nd,1pin

103 Joel Campbell 0-2

112 Travis Roos 2-1, 3rd

112 John Kortz 1-2

119 Matt McCallum 2-1, 2nd, 1pin

125 David Gonzalez 2-1, 2nd

125 Donald Baze 1-2, 1pin

130 Roberto Palencia 3-0, 1st, 2pins

135 Sheridan McDonald 2-2, 2pins

140 Kris Young 2-2, 4th, 2pins

145 Adam Johnson 1-2

145 Kelvin Schuman 3-1, 3rd, 1pin

152 Chris Howell 1-2, 4th, 1pin

160 Clay Wilcox 3-1, 3rd, 2pins

171 Josue Lucatero 1-2, 1pin

189 Joseph Mettling 0-2

215 Luis Beltran 1-2, 1pin

285 Corey Brumbaugh 2-2, 4th 2pins

Samantha Wright 3-1, 1pin

Amy Campbell 2-0, 1pin