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SCAC Post-Season Preview

Warden and Zillah are the top teams to watch, though the Granger wrestlers could also do very well with the Salcedo's.  The second level will be a battle between Royal, Ki-Be, Connell and Goldendale.

Chris Castillo of Zillah will be going for his 3rd consecutive title as a Junior this year.   Skylor Davis of Zillah is also a returning champ winning in 2008.  Nato Orozco of Connell, Forrest Kopta of Highland and JP Martinez all placed 2nd in past State meets.

This is also a good place to remind everyone that Ki-Be has a 2X Girls champ in Sheridan McDonald.  She is on pace to become the first 4X girls state champ, but she can't overlook the 3rd or any of the girls she will be wrestling to get their.


Top 15 to Watch this Post-Season

1 - Chris Castillo (Zillah) 2X Champion

2 - Nato Orozco (Connell) 09 Runner-Up

3 - Trevor Morrision (Burbank)

4 - Skylor Davis (Zillah) 08 Champion

5 - Forrest Kopta (Highland) 08 Runner-Up

6 - Chance Watt (River View)

7 - Matt McCallum (Ki-Be) 

8 - Johnathan Salcedo (Granger)

9 - Joshua Salcedo (Granger)

10 - Gerardo Avitia (Connell)

11 - Javier Tapia  (Warden)

12 - Jacob Rae (Connell)

13 - Dakota Scott (Warden)

14 - Joe Salcedo (Granger)

15 - JP Martinez (Warden) 09 Runner-Up

Others Who Should
Medal at State

Those Who Could Make
a Name for Themselves
Others to Watch!!!

Hernan Serra (Connell)
Danny Barajas (Royal)
Austin Hudson (Wahluke)
Zac Reisenauer (Burbank)
Scott Henderson (Warden)
Garrett Whitney (Ki-Be)
Pete Almaguer (Granger)
Nathaniel Dierdorff (Zillah)
Ashton Gottshalk (Naches Valley)
John Meyers (Zillah)
Sammy Suarez (Warden)
Daniel Magallon (Mabton)

David Gonzalez (Ki-Be)
Omar Gomez (Royal)
Rodney Treece (Zillah)
Kyle Kluever (Zillah)
Mario Herrera (Wahluke)
Brandon Ross (Goldendale)
Kane Koerner (Zillah)
Jake Thomas (Royal)
Travis Roos (Ki-Be)
Hank Ellis (Royal)
Carlos Deleon (Granger)
Alex Myrick (Royal)
Hector Camacho (Warden)
Kenny Sullivan (Warden)
Billy Monroe (Goldendale)
Clay Wilcox (Ki-Be)
Kurt Wilkins (Goldendale)
Justin Kincaid (Royal)
Enrique Barajas (Wahluke)
Matt Macias (Granger)