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CWAC North District Preview
(Last years state place is highlighted in black)

103 - Top 5

AJ Cummings - Eph
Zach Aguirre - Qui
Nick Ruff - Casc
Jason Fleming - Qui
Eddie Bush - Chel

Cummings has the most talent in the North, but it may not be a cakewalk for him.
AJ Cummings has pinned both Aguirre and Ruff in dual meets this year. He has been
roughed up by the South 103'ers though. Aguirre and Ruff have defeated each other
with Aguirre winning the latest match. It will be a tough task for any of these wrestlers
to make it past the South wrestlers and on to state.


112 - Top 5

Lorenzo Longoria - Qui (4th)
Ricky Brown - Eph
Jason Escobedo - Casc
Aaron Hargrove - Cash
Mariano Silva - Chel

Lorenzo Longoria could make quite a statement at the state tourney this year.
At the Grizzly Den Classic, Lorenzo placed 2nd behind state champ John Bennett,
losing 10-6. Ricky Brown of Ephrata has stepped it up a notch this year. Jason
Escobedo gave Longoria a good match in their dual, losing 18-13. Hargrove and
Silva have been here before and could unsettle things a little.


119 - Top 5

Steve Turner - Cash
Tommy Race - Chel (part)
Richie Hearst - Qui (part)
Chris Smith - Eph
Jeremy Burns - Cash

Steev Turner of Cashmere has worked hard to become the top guy in the North. He is
going to have to work hard to keep that spot. Turner was 6-1 against CWAC
competition this year. His only loss coming to 112lber Kameron Hopkins of EV.
Race and Hearst were a combined1-4 at state last season, and will be hungry to
et back and do better. Chris Smith lost by only 1 point to Hearst in a dual. The strength
of the 119 division is in the south, so there may only be one state qualifying spot available
for these wrestlers.


125 - Top 5

Huber LaGrou - Omak
Aaron Koons - Eph
Abelino Ramirez - Qui (part)
Brian Race - Chel
Doug Nunn - Casc

This is a strong weightclass, with as many as 8 wrestlers capable of gaining one of the
4 state births. LaGrou could possibly be the best in the class, but he has not wrestled
many of the south contenders. LaGrou, Koons, Ramirez all have a good chance to
be district champions. Ramirez has been batteling injury this season, Quincy fans
are hoping he is ready for post-season action. LaGrou garnered a CWAC wrestler
of the week honor this season and for now is the top dog. Doug Nunn has had an
impressive season.


130 - Top 5

Jeff Smith - Chel
Mark Ouradnik - Eph
Brody Young - Qui
Stuart Campbell - Casc
Ben Kite - Cash

This weightclass seems to be up for grabs. Jeff Smith has grabbed the early advantage
with good dual meet showings. Not sure just how good he is. This tournament
should give a better indication of his talent. Ouradnik has been very good at times.
Brody Young was beaten by Ouradnik 9-6. Stuart Campbell has come on lately
and could be a wrestler to reckon with in the tournament.


135 - Top 5

Tommie Lindquist - Qui (5th)
Garrett Dart - Cash (part)
Colby Reilly - Eph
Stace Webley - Qui
Lucas Wolf - Chel

Tommie Lindquist is another Quincy wrestler who could do awfully good at state this
year. Lindquist pinned Dart in their dual meet. Colby Reilly gave Lindquist a run
for his money in their dual, losing just 8-6. Lindquist has also split two matches with
south contender Junior Gonzalez. Lindquist should prevail, but Dart and Reilly won't
go willingly.


140 - Top 5

Scott Ouradnik - Eph (5th)
Brandon Sims - Cash
Martin Aguirre - Qui
Jesse Newberry - Cash
Jesse Sanchez - Omak

Scott Ouradnik is looking to be in the finals at state this year. He probably won't be
challenged too much by the north wrestlers, but his matches with Justin Corke in the
south have been legendary. Sims is about the only wrestler in this weightclass who could
give Ouradnik a challenge.


145 - Top 5

Willy Ives - Omak
Steven Smith - Casc
Santana Echavarria - Eph
Levi Parkins - Cash
Joe Strother - Eph

The only thing that kept Willy Ives from going to state last year was a broken leg! Look
for Ives to place high at state this year. Steven Smith has been tearing through the
competition as well. Smith placed second behind Josh Corke at the Grizzly Den Classic.
Santana Echavarria could give Ephrata a good showing here. Freshman Levi Parkins of
Cashmere is an up and comer.


152 - Top 5

Mason Massey - Chel (3rd)
Alex Martin - Casc
Jake Walter - Omak
Josh Cate - Omak
Elias Longoria - Qui

On his way to third place at the state tournament last season, Mason Massey recorded a
stunning pin of Juventino Orozco. This served notice to the rest of the CWAC that
Mason Massey had arrived. Massey should'nt receive to much of a challenge from the
of the field. The main competition for Massey will come from south wrestlers Torres
and Magana at regionals.


160 - Top 5

Zach Harris - Eph (part)
Josh Hargrove - Chel
Jacob Sypher - Chel
Dean Agee - Omak
Ramiro Alvarez - Casc

Zach Harris went 1-2 at state last year. Josh Hargrove and Jacob Sypher will be strong
competition for Harris. It would be interesting to see an all Chelan final, but it probably
won't happen. Dean Agee was pinned by Harris in their dual meet. Sypher could
be the top dog in the near future. None of these wrestlers will probably be able to keep
up with Juventino Orozco in the south.


171 - Top 5

Ben Niccum - Cash
Kelly Davis - Eph (part)
Daniel Sypher - Chel
Tyrell Sandelin - Casc
Robert Garcia - Qui

Ben Niccum and Kelly Davis will battle for the number one spot. Davis qualified for state
last year at 145. Niccum is only a sophomore and looks to be the class of this weightclass
next year as both Davis and Corriell of Ki-Be are seniors this year. This title however, is
most likely up for grabs between Davis and Niccum.


189 - Top 5

Clint Webley - Qui
Justin Hoefner - Cash
Adam Burkhart - Chel
Tim Chism - Chel
Anthony Rhodes - Omak

Clint Webley looks to be the top wrestler in an otherwise very weak CWAC at
this weightclass. Hoefner and Burkhart have improved this year and could
give Webley a stiff challenge. Hoefner defeated Burkhart 10-8 in their dual
meet. Webley pinned Hoefner. Add 4 wrestlers from the south and regionals
could be a toss up, though Webley looks like he is the real thing. Webley did
defeat highly ranked south Andy DeLeon 10-5. He also lost a close 5-4 match
to Joe Rosenkranz of Naches.


215 - Top 5

Cesar Williams - Qui (8th)
Frank Womack - Omak
Ian Anderson - Chel
Tim Steffler - Eph
Rodrigo Espinoza - Cash

Cesar Williams has been ranked as high as 3rd in the state in 2A. Rumor has it that
Womack has graduated from Omak and has joined the Coast Gaurd. If so than that
could open up things for Anderson to make it to state. Don't know much about Steffler
or Espinoza.


275 - Top 5

Jake Healy - Eph (7th)
Jake Byl - Omak (part)
Clinton Meecham - Casc
James Peery - Cash
Mark Vargas - Qui

There could be a battle of mammoth proportions between Healy and Byl. Healy won the
dual match 3-2. These two will probably meet at the regional final as well. The top
three wrestlers in the south would haveto wrestle better than they ever have to
stop this from happening. Clinton Meacham could play the spoiler roll, but would need
a perfect match and a lot of breaks to do so.


Teams - Top 5


Ephrata is just too deep for the rest of the North teams. Quincy has 4 wrestlers ranked at
#1 in the CWAC, while Ephrata has just 1. But Ephrata has 10 wrestlers ranked in the
top 5. Chelan, Omak and Cashmere will have a few wrestlers competing for the top
spots, but will not be able to compete for the team title. Cascade is making progress
but they have too many holes in their lineup.