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CWAC South District Preview
(Last years state place is highlighted in black)

103 - Top 5

Scott Thompson - EV (8th)
Brandon Ashley - KB (5th)
AJ DeLeon - Oth
Tallon Cerna - Con
Patrick Floyd - Oth

Ashley, DeLeon and Thompson have been beating each other up this year. Ashley
lost to DeLeon at the Royal Invite and then defeated him 16-11 in their dual meet.
Thompson beat Ashley 8-7 and DeLeon 5-2 in duals. Tallon Cerna has
come on late to make the south 103'ers very strong. Patrick Floyd placed 2nd
at the Othello Invite. I looks like all four state qualifiers will come from these wrestlers.


112 - Top 5

Edgar Mendez - Con (3rd)
Kameron Hopkins - EV (part)
Conrad Garza - Oth
Bryce Buckalew - EV
Chad Vanetta - Con

Hopkins and Mendez have not wrestled each other this year. Mendez defeated Garza
6-1 in their dual while Hopkins pinned Garza. A final with Hopkins and Mendez should
be very interesting. Don't count out Garza however. He is capable of an upset. Winning
the title here means you won't have to wrestle Longoria until the finals next week. That
is a big incentive to win.


119 - Top 5

Dago Velasquez - Con (1st)
Joel Flores - Top (7th)
Tony Cantu - Oth
Nick Romero - Top
Ryan Corke - KB

Dago Velasquez will be starting his quest for state title number 2. Joel Flores has
disappeared from the wrestling scene late in the season, will he be ready for
post-season action? Tony Cantu lost to Velasquez 8-5 early in the season. Cantu
placed second to state champ, Zach Morgan of Selah, at the Westerberg Invite,
losing by only 4-3. At the Dream Duals, Cantu took Michael Bell (3rd in state) into
OT before losing, and defeated Daniel Curulla (7th in state) 6-4. Romero is short,
stocky and tough. Ryan Corke has a mean leg-ride.


125 - Top 5

Keith Smith - Oth (part)
Angel Gonzalez - Top (part)
Jose Mendez - Con
Jorge Perez - Oth (part)
Jerry Haug - KB

Keith Smith defeated Angel Gonzalez 4-2 to vault himself into the top spot. Jose Mendez
has been wrestling very well this year. Angel defeated state champ Dago Velasquez 6-0
in the Toppenish-Connell dual. Jorge Perez has battled Smith daily in practice and could
also come away with a district title. Perez lost by just 2 points in his dual with Mendez.
Smith, Gonzalez and Perez were a combined 1-6 at at state last season. The 125
weightclass will be strongly contested this year as 4 other wrestlers from the north could vie for a state birth.


130 - Top 5

JD Gomez - Oth (part)
Ernest Guzman - Oth
Michael Velasquez - Con
Joe Frasier - Nac
Ryan Burns - KB

Another weight class that could be filled with potential state qualifiers. Possibly as
many as 9 contenders including the north wrestlers. This could be an all Othello
final with Gomez and Guzman.Velasquez is a newcomer, while Frasier has been
through this before. Burns is somewhat erratic, but has potential.


135 - Top 5

Rigo Pruneda - Oth (part)
Junior Gonzalez - KB (8th)
Derrick Gray - Con
Jorge Anguiano - Oth
Jess Leon - Top

Pruneda's stunning pin of Gonzalez showed that he is capable of winning this weightclass.
Was it a fluke or was it for real? We should find out at district. If these two meet in the
finals, it will be worth watching. Derrick Gray could muddle things even further. Leon
held his own with Gonzalez for one period before getting dominated in the last
two periods of their match.


140 - Top 5

Justin Corke - KB
Josh Gomez - Oth (part)
David Rae - Con (part)
Justin Hastings - Nac
Alex Mendoza - Con

Justin Corke has exploded onto the scene this year. He has big time throwing ability and
can wipe out a deficit in a hurry. Rae held a lead in the third round against Corke, only
to get thrown to his back twice. Gomez was pinned by Corke. Hastings fought Corke
hard in losing 5-2. Hastings is an unknown. He could challenge for a spot in the finals.
Rae is a smart wrestler and is usually not taken by surprise as he was with Corke.


145 - Top 5

Josh Corke - KB (1st)
Kyle Prescott - Nac
Eddie Cruz - Top
Tom Martin - EV
Oscar Feria - Con

Corke has pinned all contenders in the South. His biggest challenge will come from Ives
in the North. Prescott will be the most likely to make the finals against Corke. This is a
weak weightclass in the CWAC this year. Corke and Willy Ives in the north are head
and shoulders above the rest. Corke has refocused after his early season loss to state
runner-up Michael Griffith of Lakeside, at the Best of the West tourney.


152 - Top 5

Alex Torres - Oth (8th)
Ricardo Magana - Con
Jesus Olascon - Oth
Ryan Phipps - KB
Todd Ferguson - Nac

Alex Torres moves up to 152 and should be the favorite to take the title. Magana lost
12-2 to Torres in a dual. Magana defeated Phipps 11-6 in their dual. Phipps and
Magana pinned Ferguson. Others to watch in this weightclass will be Jacob Holden
of East Valley and Justin Mack of Ki-Be. Holden lost 18-10 to Torres and 16-10 to
Ferguson. Mack lost to Holden 5-3 in OT..


160 - Top 5

Juventino Orozco - Con (5th)
Brandon Wagner - Nac (part)
Tony Lee - Con
Justin Rolland - KB
Vito Cantu - Oth

It appeared that Juventino was on his way to a state title last season before his train was
derailed in the semifinals. His train is rolling again. Brandon Wagner or teammate
Tony Lee should give him a good challenge for the title. Rolland and Cantu wrestled
a memorable match in the KiBe-Othello dual, with Rolland winning on a disqualification
of Cantu for stalling.


171 - Top 5

Josh Corriell - KB (8th)
Joe Rosenkranz - Nac (part)
Teo Rios - Top
Jeremiah Rodriguez - Oth
Michael Mitchell - EV

Josh Corriell is likely the best candidate for a state title at 171 in the 2A ranks. Josh
has suffered only one defeat, that to a 3A wrestler. Joe Rosenkranz should fend off
the others and meet Josh in the finals. Corriell and Rosenkranz have met twice this year
with Corriell winning 12-2 and 10-1. Joe saves his best for the tournaments however.
171 has been a fairly week class in the CWAC this year. Davis and Niccum in the
north have given Corriell the biggest test.


189 - Top 5

Andy DeLeon - Oth
Mick Gause - EV
Josh Vantrease - Nac
Hector Gonzalez - KB
Josue Silva - Oth

Gause defeated Vantrease 14-4. Vantrease beat DeLeon 11-6. And DeLeon beat
Gause 11-5. Gonzalez is a question mark but has the potential to beat any of the top
three. This means that the title will go to the wrestler who has the best tournament.
The wrestler who makes the fewest mistakes and is the most aggressive will most
likely win this weightclass.


215 - Top 5

Curt Davis - Oth
Chris Lee - Con (part)
Kyle Fay - EV
Jake Messer - Nac
Paul Santos - EV

Curt Davis is tearing the competition apart lately. He major decisioned Lee and defeated
Messer 8-2. He had a surprisingly close match with Kyle Fay, 4-2. Chris Lee pinned
Messer and Santos. Early in the season, Lee took first at the Royal Invite, while
Davis placed third. Davis was pinned by north opponent Cesar Williams in a dual meet.


275 - Top 5

Kyle Davis - Oth
Kevin Hunter - KB
Ross McDorman - KB
Francisco Martinez - Con
Daniel Osorio - Top

Kyle Davis defeated McDorman at the Royal Invite. Kevin Hunter and McDorman have
been battleing each other for the varsity spot on the Ki-Be roster. The top three have
an equal chance of winning. McDorman and Hunter met for the title in the Grandview
Invite. A repeat at district is not out of the question. At regionals, these three will
probably be batteling for the final two state births.


Teams - Top 5

East Valley

This will be an interesting battle between Othello, Connell and Ki-Be. Othello will have
the advantage with 17 ranked wrestlers. Connell will have 15 ranked wrestlers and the
the Bears will have 13. East Valley, Naches and Toppenish will be batteling for the 4th
spot. A recent rumor has it that 3 returning state qualifiers for Othello may be suspended
from post-season action due to disciplinary actions.