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A history of Ki-Be State Championship matches 

Ki-Be Bears Championship Finals Results

The Bears are 20-8 in state championship finals matches. Here are the results for the 28 finals:

1982 -- 168 lbs Lonnie Renz lost by decision 13-9 to Tono Caballero of Warden

1995 -- 141 lbs Garrett Knutson won by decision 8-6 over Gilbert Chavez of Mabton

1996 -- 141 lbs Travis Knutson won by decision in OT 6-4 over Roger Aguiar of Zillah

1996 -- 148 lbs Garrett Knutson won by fall at 3:13 over Jason Collins of Toledo

1997 -- 148 lbs Travis Knutson lost by decision in OT 9-7 to Ben Barkley of Orting

1997 -- 158 lbs Garrett Knutson won by major decision 15-5 over Luke Hughes of Liberty Bell

1998 -- 115 lbs Ale DeLaPena won by decision in OT 6-4 over John Cerna of Toppenish

1998 -- 158 lbs Travis Knutson lost by decision in OT 9-7 to Dino Castilleja of Toppenish

1999 -- 122 lbs Ale DeLaPena won by decision 3-1 over John Cerna of Toppenish

2000 -- 125 lbs Ale DeLaPena won by decision 8-2 over Troy Stephens of Quincy

2002 -- 145 lbs Josh Corke won by decision 6-5 over Josh Griffith of Lakeside

2003 -- 145 lbs Josh Corke lost by decision 13-5 to Josh Griffith of Lakeside

2003 -- 171 lbs Josh Corriell won by decision 5-0 over Paul Rudisky of Vashon Island

2005 -- 112 lbs Brandon Ashley won by decision 14-4 over Travis Draper of Ridgefield

2007 -- 119 lbs Troy Cunningham won by decision 5-3 over Jake Luczynski of Cascade (Leavenworth)

2008 -- 125 lbs Troy Cunningham won by decision 5-0 over Josh Lauderdale of Lakeside

2008 -- 135 lbs Sheridan McDonald won by tech fall (18-1) over Jolene Crook-Meyers of Kentwood

2009 -- 135 lbs Sheridan McDonald won by fall at 1:41 over Jessica Cooper of Port Angeles

2010 -- 135 lbs Sheridan McDonald won by fall at 1:48 over Anna Stauffer of Skyview

2010 -- 119 lbs Matt McCallum lost by decision 1-0 to Drew Templemen of Orting

2011 -- 135 lbs Sheridan McDonald won by decision 7-1 over Whitney Weinert of Stanwood

2012 -- 132 lbs Matthew McCallum lost by fall at 5:06 to Kit Majors of Riverside (Chattaroy)

2012 -- 170 lbs Cruz Del Angel won by fall at 2:46 over Chandler Knight of Colville

2013 -- 182 lbs Cruz Del Angel won by decision 8-3 over Tyrel Cronk of Mt. Baker

2013 -- 285 lbs Cody Zyph won by decision 15-5 over Miguel Morales of Forks

2014 -- 182 lbs Cruz Del Angel won by technical fall 17-2 over Markus Golbach of Freeman

2015 -- 106 lbs Jaron Gunter lost by fall to T.J. Baun of Colville

2015 -- 285 lbs Tanner Cook lost by fall to Miguel Morales of Forks

Lonnie Renz - Championship Finals 1982

In 1974 Ken Biehl, Bill Morgan and Jay Draper were the first Ki-Be
wrestlers to participate at the state tournament. Morgan finished 4th,
Biehl 9th and Draper 13th. It was not until 1982 that a Ki-Be
wrestler participated in a championship final at the state tournament.
Lonnie Renz had placed 6th at the 81 tournament and was looking to
move up in 82. At districts Lonnie finished 2nd to Dan Kuh of
Riverview, losing in the final 8-7. At the regional tournament, Kuh
placed 6th and out of the state tournament, while Lonnie placed 3rd
after losing in the semi's to Shane Groom of Dayton, 6-5. Groom had
placed 4th at the district tournament. The regional champion was
Patrick Miller of Royal, who Lonnie had defeated 12-11 at districts.
The state tournament was held at Moses Lake on February 19-20.
Lonnie started off with a 1st round, 10-2 victory and then faced Adam
Brunner of Cashmere. Brunner would eventually finish 3rd. Lonnie won
a hard fought battle 7-4 to move on to the semifinals against the
eventual 4th place finisher Charlie Dunn of Leavenworth. A dramatic
pin against Dunn vaulted Renz into the championship final. In the
finals, Tono Caballero of Warden (one of three Caballero's who won
state titles) dominated the early going. Late in the match Lonnie
started to make a comeback, even putting Caballero on his back for
nearfall points. Each time Renz would get close though, Caballero
would get control back. Despite losing 13-9, Lonnie made some noise
for a wrestling program that had not experienced anything like this

Garrett Knutson - Championship Finals 1995, 1996, 1997

It was not until 1995 that another Ki-Be wrestler participated in a
championship final. Garrett Knutson had finished 6th at the District
tournament in 94. His record of 18-5 showed that better things were
yet to come. Here is how Garrett saw his three state titles in his
own words.

"In '95 I had beaten Gilbert Chavez of Mabton twice, at a tournement
9-3 and a home dual 3-1. Then at both districts and regionals he
pounded me, the score was up there because he had me on my back
several times especially at regionals. At the podium at regionals
when we were receiving our medals by the Mabton coach I told him that
I would be up there next week. Just to make it to the finals was tough
because I had the returning state champ (129-Jeremy Price from Tonasket)
in the semi's. I was able to tire him out and eventually pin him. Then
Chavez in the finals which was a pretty close match 8-6. Afterward Chavez
and I talked and he told me that it was my turn to win! 2-2-1."

"'96 Was fairly easy, in the semi's I beat the kid from Orting, Ben Barkley,
who would eventually beat Trav and become a 2 timer defeating Bobby Mantle
(Riverview) last year. In the finals I pinned my kid (Jason Collins
of Toledo) in the second round."

"'97 I think the Quarter's was probably my toughest match against Sean
Wheeler (Lakeside). I beat him by a score of 4-3, which I gave him a point
for locking hands and stalling. That kid was huge and all he did was beat
down on my head and stall, but since I was the returning champ and nothing
was happening they dinged me for stalling. I think that Wheeler won state
last year. In the semi's I pinned Andy Moe (Vashon Is.) in the first
round (Aaron Moe's older brother). In the finals I wasn't to worried
because earlier in the year I had pinned Luke Hughes (Liberty Bell) in the
first period at the Royal Christmas Tourney in the quater's there. It
would have been tough though if Tony Jenks (Conn) would have made it there,
at regionals I beat him 7-6."

Travis Knutson - Championship Finals 1996, 1997, 1998

In the 96 season Travis and his brother Garrett did something that only
one other brother combination had done before in the state of Washington,
win state titles in the same year. Travis had placed 5th in 95 and
was ready to taste the thrill of victory in 96. A state title for his
brother in 95 was all Travis needed to know that he wanted one to.
Here is Travis Knutson's state experience in his own words.

"I would have to say that my freshman year was my most relaxed year at
state. I remember the first match. I was shaking, it was so big to
me. When I went to wrestle my first match it was a blure to me. I
was almost frozen out on the mat but after the first 20 secs everything
was back to normal and I was ready to go. I enjoyed my freshman year
at state cause there was no presure."

"My sophmore year was the best year though. Everything was going in
my direction. I beat Gilbert Chavez (Mabton) in the Regional Semi's
and then beat Roger Aguiar (Zillah) in over time in the Regional finals.
I couldn't have had a tougher line up at regionals. And after completing
this, I knew state couldn't be as hard. My matches at state were all
pretty close until the last period when I would catch them when they
were tired (usually with a firemans). I beat the state runner up in
the semi-finals (Clint Umbach of Deer Park). In the finals I had Aguiar
and I knew I had to beat him. I knew I had to keep the presure on him
and break him. I was beating him with a pretty good margin (4-1).
The ref started hitting me with stalling calls. Until he tied the
match up. It went into over-time, but at that point, I had never lost
in over time so I knew I was going to win. I knew I had been owning
the entire match so I knew I would win it."

"My junior year was really tough, I was cutting a lot of weight at
state. There was a lot of presure on me to win it again, along side
my brother. For some reason going into the finals I couldn't get ready.
My mind was going crazy and I was extremely nervous. When I got out
there Ben Barkley (Orting) caught me and got ahead, but in the third
round I put him to his back and tied it up to go into over-time.
I really didn't think I was going to lose, but he shot in and got
really deep and there was nothing I could do."

"My senior year I was plagued with injury after injury. It wasn't the most
enjoyable season. I lost in the finals at districts and regionals...dropping
the chance to win districts and regionals four times each. Once state came
around I was ready to go, my ankle was getting better and I knew I only had
four matches left. I went into every match like it was my last. I
pinned my first guy, and then in the Quarters I had Josh McKissick
from Nooksack Valley. I beat him in over-time at a tournament and
he had told me he would see me at state. I took this as a threat.
When I went into the match I knew I had to presure him, I did, and I
beat him 4-0, it doesn't sound like a lot, but shutting him out was
a big victory for me. I pinned my guy in the Semi's. I knew I was
going to have the Toppenish kid (Dino Castilleja) in the finals. I
knew I had to wrestle my best and not let myself get taken out of the
match. It was my turn to win again. I had beaten him in our dual
meet and he had beaten me the last two times, so it was my chance to
even the score. I knew in my heart I would beat him. I believe I
wrestled my best in that match. When I walked off the mat after
losing to him, it didn't feel like I lost."

"If I could do it all over again, the only thing I would do different
in high school is open up more, no one can stop you when you have them
on the run."

Ale DeLaPena - Championship Finals 1998, 1999, 2000

Ale DeLaPena participated at the 97 state tournament, winning one and
losing two against three state placers from 96. Expectations were
high for Ale in 98, but Ale's wrestling was even better than expected.
Going into the state tournament, Ale was 32-0 and had beaten his closest
competitor twice already, John Cerna of Toppenish. Ale disposed of his
first two opponents and then faced Josh Thompson of East Valley who was
having a very good tournament. Wrestling cautiously, Ale defeated
Thompson 6-4 to move into the finals to face John Cerna once again.
Cerna had disposed of all three opponents he faced rather easily on
his way to the finals. In the previous matches with Cerna, Ale had
gotten an early lead by getting the first takedown. This time however
Cerna seemed to hold the upper hand early in the match. In the third
period Cerna held a 4-3 advantage and was riding Ale pretty tough.
Late in the third Cerna was penalized one point for fleeing the mat,
tieing the score at 4. That is how it remained after regulation time
expired. Once again, as it had at regionals the week before, the match
came down to overtime. A chant of Ale-Ale-Ale went up from the Ki-Be
fans and many others. Ale would tell the newsmedia afterward, "I was not
going to lose", and he didn't. The best takedown wrestler in the state won
the state title with, what else, a takedown and finished the season with
a perfect 36-0 record.

In 1999, Ale had a relatively easy time getting to the finals, while Cerna was wrestling three
tough matches. Ale won his three preliminary matches by scores of 18-5, 22-7 and 20-8. Ale
scored approximately 26 takedowns in these three matches and was never close to being takendown
himself. Meanwhile, Cerna's easiest match was his 5 point win in a first round match. In the final Ale
and Cerna pushed each other around the mat for the first round. Neither wrestler was able to get
a good shot as the round ended in a 0-0 tie. Ale scored the first points with an escape a few seconds
into the second. This was a crucial time in the match as a takedown by either wrestler could be the
deciding points. Midway through the second Ale got in deep on a single leg at the edge of the mat.
It look like Cerna would escape out of bounds, but Ale reverse his direction and Cerna had to give
up the takedown. Ale rode tough for the remainder of the period for a 3-0 lead. Ale let Cerna go
to start the third to make the score 3-1. Again they pushed each other around the mat late into the
third. When Cerna spotted the towel guy coming on to the mat he made one last effort with a
throw attempt, which Ale blocked and whizzered out of danger as time expired.

Ale became the schools 2nd three time state champion by defeating Troy
Stephens 8-2 in the 2000 finals. Stephens came out aggressively and did not back
down from the challenge. Troy Stephens even went as far as to put Ale on his
back, fortunately out of bounds. With the score at 2-1, Ale was called for
stalling and exploded with a double leg on Stephens, also earning back
points to open the lead to 6-1. Stephens continued to come at Ale, but his
last throw attempt was blocked by Ale for the final takedown and an 8-2 win.
The Ki-Be fans kept getting louder and louder as the clock ticked down.
Finally during the interview after the match, Ale acknowledged the fans as
they chanted ALE, ALE, ALE.

Josh Corke - Championship Finals - 2002, 2003

Josh trailed Mike Griffith of Lakeside 5-4 with 1:10 to go in the third
round of his 2002 finals match. It had been a back and forth final with
Josh scoring the first Td and Griffith coming back with an escape and
Td to take a 3-2 lead. Griffith held Josh down for the second. Josh reversed
in the third only to be reversed back by Griffith. Trailing 5-4, Josh looked like
he might be done. But with less than 30 seconds left Josh sat out and grabbed
Griffith's leg. He threw Griffith forward and came out the backdoor. Griffith
caught Josh's head between his legs, and after what seemed to be like an eternity,
Josh finally freed his head and grabbed Griffith by the leg and gained the reverse
with just 14 seconds left. After going out of bounds, Josh and Griffith were
placed back in the middle and Josh put in the leg ride and rode out the
final 14 seconds to clinch the victory. Josh became only the 4th Ki-Be Bear
to win state. He was also the 3rd wrestler to go undefeated in a season at 34-0.

In 2003, Josh started strong with a major decision against Brandon Tobert of Hoquiam
in the first round. Things got a lot tougher against Chris Long and Nels
Jorgenson in the next two rounds. Against Long, Josh was able to make a his
one takedown hold up for the win. Against Jorgenson in the semi's, Josh
dominated the match, but Jorgenson kept it close and the match was tense
till the end. In a rematch of the 2002 finals with Mike Griffith of
Lakeside, Josh came out strong but Griffith slowed him down with a barrage
of takedowns and some back points. Josh recorded a late takedown, but it was
too little, too late as Griffith won the title this time. Josh ended his great
highschool career with 3 medals (1st, 2nd, 7th).

Josh Corriell - Championship Finals - 2003

Josh Corriell became the 5th state champion at Ki-Be. The only points
scored on Josh in the tournament were on escapes. Josh was really never
threatened in any of his matches and was not going to be denied his title.
His best move during the tournament was a firemans which he used almost at
will on his opponents.

In the finals, Josh and Paul Rudisky wrestled cautiously for most of the first round. Late in the
first, Josh got the first takedown on a firemans. Josh road tough for the remainder
of the first round. Josh started the second round with an escape and a 3-0
lead. Josh caught Rudisky in another firemans in the third round to take 5-0 lead.
Rudisky gave it a good try for a reverse in the third, but came up short.

Not only did Josh defeat all comers in the 2A ranks,but the 4A champion had been a victim
of Josh's attack during the season. Josh looked determined and showed an aggressiveness
that carried him to the title. This was a great way for Josh to finish off his Highschool career.
Josh went 1-2 at regionals as a freshman, was 0-2 at state as a sophomore and placed
8th at state in 2002. His 37 wins in a season sets a school record.

Brandon Ashley - Championship Finals - 2005

Brandon Ashley started his march to the title with a 0:55 pin in the first round, then a 14-5
thrasing of Alex Gateman of Vashon Island in the second. Thus ended his day of work on Friday.
This was the most focused I have ever seen Brandon during a tournament and you just knew
nothing was going to stop him.

Saturday morning started with his toughest match of the tournament against Robert Spackman of
Riverside. Brandon grabbed the early lead with a head and arm and led 5-2 late into the third. He
added another takedown late in the third to seal the deal. Though it was close, Brandon was never in any
danger of losing this one to a very fine wrestler in Spackman.

In the finals, Travis Draper never had a chance. Brandon attacked with a vengence. Draper
was usually on the defensive or trying to get off of his back most of the match. One almost felt
sympathy for what was happening to Draper on the mat. Brandon would not be denied this time around.
The anticipated 5th rematch with Conrad Garza of Othello did not happen due to Draper winning in
OT on a stall point against Garza in the semi-finals.

Draper is a very good wrestler, but this year Brandon was the best. Brandon finishes his career
with 110 wins, a school record 61 pins and joins a group 5 other Ki-Be wrestlers that are able
to call themselves State Champions.

Troy Cunningham - Championship Finals - 2007, 2008


Troy Cunningham became the 7th State Champion at Ki-Be, recording the 11th individual State Championship earned by Bear wrestlers. He also tied Junior Gonzalez and Josh Corriel for the most wins in one season with 37. Troy sailed through his first three matches with a pin in the first round, a 9-2 win in the second round and a pin in the semi-finals. His 2nd round match against Bryan Baumgarden of Lakeside was not as lopsided as the 9-2 score indicates however. The match was only 6-2 going into the third round. But that is where Troy took over. In the final against Luczynski, Troy scored a takedown off the whistle and all Luczynski could do for the period was work an escape. Troy led precariously 2-1. Troy chose down for the second period and for awhile it looked like Jake would keep him down. With just 15 seconds left in the round, Troy sat out, grabbed Jake's head and spun behind for the reverse and a 4-1 lead. Still no room to breath though. During the second period, Dad Rich was making some good moves of his own as he watched Troy. Rich was twisting his body in various positions as he watched Troy work from underneath. The thrid period would tell the story. One minute into the round it looked like Luczynski might have a shot at being the one with the story as he recorded a takedown on the line to pull within 4-3. Fortunately the Tdown was on the line, because Troy ended up on his back, but out of bounds. No back points awarded. Luczynksi seemed to have renewed energy at this point as he let Troy escape and then rushed at him repeatedly, trying desperately for the tying takedown. Troy remained calm and confident and defensed every rush. He was called for stalling with 10 seconds left, but it wasn't stalling, it was just smart wrestling. With 8 seconds left Luczynski gave it one last effort and looked like he might actually have something, but once again Troy rose to the occassion and squelched it. Troy was not going to let this one slip through his fingers and as the whistle sounded, Troy was a champion (and so was Rich).


Troy Cunningham ignited the Ki-Be crowd with his 5-0 championship victory over Josh Lauderdale of Lakeside. Actually Troy and the crowd had already been ignited by his pin in the semi-finals. In the quarterfinals, Troy trailed 1-0 with 33 seconds to go in match against Nikko Veltri of Orting. That is when Troy took the lead with a takedown, but the match was tied as Troy was called for a questionable stall. Troy did not waste time in the OT period with a quick takedown for the win. After a nights sleep, Troy came out and wrestled Veltri's teammate Antonio Brown. The match started out like it would be another close match. Troy started down in the second round and mid-way through the round, after a scramble, Troy had Brown on his back to break things open. Seconds later Troy had the pin that vaulted him into the finals against Lauderdale.

Against Lauderdale things started out slow again. With 30 seconds left in the 1st round, with Troy on the offensive and Lauderdale blocking, Troy shot a fantastic double leg that caught Lauderdale by surprise. The 2-0 lead was all Troy needed. Lauderdale was unable to get away from Troy in the 2nd round and it was still 2-0 after 2 periods. In the third round, Lauderdale gave up the escape and had hopes of closing the 3-0 gap on Troy with a takedown of his own. With a minute to go in the match Troy once again showed why he is champion. When the points have to be scored, Troy scores them. He was in control the whole way in the final, the way he has wrestled every match in the past two seasons on his way to a 69-3 record. He is always in control. Troy becomes the third wrestler in school history to win back to back titles.

Sheridan McDonald - Championship Finals - 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


Sheridan McDonald dominated from start to finish. She not only dominated the championship final from start to finish, she dominated the tournament from start to finish. After a first round bye, Sheridan stamped herself as the girl to beat when she finished off the defending State Champ, Alex White of Hoquiam, with a pin in the third round. In the second round against Marissa Aube, also of Hoquiam, Sheridan dominated 13-4. Then the long wait came. She had to wait 24 hours to wrestle her championship final against Jolene Crook-Meyers of Kentwood.

The wait was the hardest part, because the final was over soon after it began. 1:20 into the match, Crook-Meyers found herself in a position that she would be in most of the match, on her back. Sheridan led 5-0 after 1 period. In the second round Sheridan once again had Crook-Meyers on her back and held her there for a minute and a half. Sheridan led 10-1 after 2 periods. The third period brought much of the same as Sheridan started the round with a head-arm for a 15-1 lead and finished her off with another turn as time ran out. Just a freshman, Sheridan should have a few more state finals in her. Right now she looks unbeatable.


Sheridan McDonald once again dominated the the competition with 3 pins and a major decision in her 4 wins. Jessica Cooper of Port Angeles never made it out of the 1st round in her first three matches, pinning all of her opponents. McDonald told the media that she was nervous before her finals match against Cooper. Once again Cooper did not wrestle out of the first round, but this time it was McDonald that slapped a pin on her at 1:41 of the first round. This was the first year that the girls wrestled a 16 girl bracket and it did not phase Sheridan. She easily won her second straight title.


Sheridan McDonald became the 3rd 3X State Champion for the Bears.  Garrett Knutson and Ale Delapena were the first two.  Sheridan was never challenged on her way to the title as she won with 2 pins and 2 tech falls.  In the final the match was over after just 1:48 of the match.  Her second match did last the full 6 minutes only because she held her opponent on her back for the last seconds of the match for the tech fall.  It does not look like anything is going to stand in her way of winning her 4th straight next year.


Sheridan McDonald pinned her way to the finals and then found herself in a battle with Whitney Weinert of Stanwood. Though she nearly threw Weinert to her back many times in the first two rounds, the score stood at just 2-1 going into the third round. This is where Sheridan took charge and finally turned Weinert over for back points to pull away to a 7-1 win and her 4th state title. She becomes the first girl to win 4 titles at Mat Classic.

Matt McCallum Championship Finals - 2010, 2012


Matt McCallum started his tournament with a 47 second pin and then wrestled a tougher match winning 14-4 pulling away midway through the match.  In the Semi-finals, Matt faced Michael Baumgarden of Lakeside who had placed 4th the year before.  Matt made takedown midway through the first round hold up through the rest of the match for a 2-1 win.  In the finals against Drew Templemen of Orting the score was 0-0 going into the 3rd period.  Templemen got an escape early in the third and held off Matt the rest of the round to win his second title, 1-0.  Matt took the loss like a champion and will be back again next year to try for the title again.


Matthew breezed through his first two matches winning 13-3 and 9-2 and then wrestled a close match in the semis against Dalton Gonzalez of Castle Rock. A late takedown clinched the win and gave Matthew an 8-5 win and a birth in his second state finals of his career. His opponent was Kit Majors who had pinned him in the 3rd place match last season. Majors recorded the 1st takedown of the match in the first period but Matthew tied it up at 2 with a 2nd round takedown. Majors managed an escape and then was given another escape to start the 3rd which gave him a 4-2 lead. Matthew patiently waited for his opening against Majors, but it never came. With just over a minute left Majors grabbed a single leg on Matthew at the edge of the mat and then quickly, and surprisingly, slid his free hand over Matthew's head and down to his other hand locked onto Matthew's leg, and the ensuing standing cradle ended the match abruptly. Matthew finishes his fine High School career with 2 State Runner-ups and 2 other medals along with his school record 141 wins. He will be greatly missed on the team next year.

Cruz Del Angel Championship Finals - 2012, 2013, 2014


Cruz was virtually untouchable this year. He recorded 3 pins and a 9-0 decision in capturing his first state title. His first pin came in 54 seconds and then an oddity from Cruz, a full 6 minute match which was never in doubt, but kudos to Kevin Zettel of Cascade Christian for going the distance with Cruz. This was followed by a 1:23 pin and then a finals pin over Chandler Knight at 46 seconds into the 2nd period with the score tied at 2. Knight had been ranked ahead of Cruz all year long, but Cruz would not be stopped. If you are going to wrestle Cruz, you better be ready to wrestle every moment with no let up. It is in those moments where the other wrestler takes a breather that Cruz strikes and he strikes quick. Just ask Kamiakin State Champ Sisto Santana Pina whom Cruz pinned in 38 seconds at the Bob Mars Tournament to start the year. Or ask Damien Delarosa of Royal, a State runner-up at 182, whom Cruz beat 16-5 during a dual this year. Knight found out that Cruz does not let up. After a near takedown of Cruz, Knight gave up the first takedown of the match but quickly reversed Cruz to tie the score at 2. Cruz chose down for the 2nd period and wasted no time in standing up and grabbing Knight around the head and throwing him to the mat for the pin. Knight was probably in the middle of a rest period, which we already know there is no rest period when wrestling Cruz. A State Championship and a 39-0 record with 24 pins is just the the beginning for Cruz.


182 - Cruz Del Angel pinned his way to the finals wrestling a total of 3:03 in the three matches. His finals match against Tyrel Cronk of Mt. Baker did not end in a pin, but Cronk never had a chance. Cruz got takedowns at will (3) on Cronk and threw in a reverse to build an 8-1 in the third round. Cronk's final 2 points came on a stalling call on Cruz and an escape. Cruz was guilty of a little extra curricular activity as the match came to a close, pushing Cronk so that he fell to the ground out of bounds. The ref awarded a phantom point to Cronk which never showed up in the match score. Cruz was fortunate because many wrestlers have been disqualified from previous tournaments for similar actions. Cruz will be going for his third state title next year and currently has a 78 match winning streak.


182 - Cruz was definitely an untouchable in this years State tournament, with no match ever in doubt from the opening whistle. All season long only 3 wrestlers managed to finish the entire 6 minutes with Cruz. The honor roll goes like this: Carter Allred of Royal lost 12-2 at SCAC District, Kyzer Bailey of Centralia lost 7-0 at Best of the West and was later pinned by Cruz in the Best of the West tournament, and Pyper McCalleum of Pendleton lost 8-5 in the finals of the Bob Mars tournament. None of Cruz' opponents at State lasted the dsitance as he recorded 2 pins and 2 tech falls. His toughest match was probably the finals against Markus Goldbach of Freeman whom he tore apart 17-2. He repeatedly scored takedowns and near falls at will against Goldbach. Cruz finishes his high school career with many Ki-Be records, among them are a 116 match winning streak, 145 wins with 103 of them by pin. It was all smiles and hugs after the match as Cruz and his dad, sister and coaches celebrated a fantastic season and career.


Cody Zyph Championship Finals - 2013


285 - Cody's road to the finals started out easy with a first round pin. His next two matches were not quite as easy. In the second round Cody faced Luis Garcia of Chelan who at one time was the #1 heavy weight at 1A. Cody won the match on takedowns 6-5 in a nail biter. His next match was against the current #1 ranked 285 pounder in the state, Mike Antczak of Blaine. Cody took charge of the match and was extremely aggressive against Antczak in a 7-4 win, again won on takedowns. It was assumed that the final would be even tougher but Cody completely dominated Miguel Morales of Forks 15-5. Morales, who was a first year wrestler (?), never had a chance as Cody added to his medal count with his third medal, a state championship.


Jaron Gunter Championship Finals - 2015


106 - Jaron wrestled great through the tournament and faced a tough TJ Baun in the finals. Colville had a good team as was in the top 5 in points. Baun had manhandled Eduardo Rodriguez of Royal, Jaron opponent in the District and Regional final. Jaron held his own in the early going as Baun tried to throw him. Later in the match Baun tried the same throw and it seemed Gunter had stopped it, but Baun was persistent and continued with the move to put Jaron on his back to stay. Gunter is a great young wrestler and should be back in the finals again.


Tanner Cook Championship Finals - 2015


285 - Tanner pinned his way through the tournament, including a WOW! pin in the semi-finals. He met Forks wrestler Miguel Morales in the finals. Morales had lost to Cody Zyph 2 years ago in the state finals and then had beaten Zyph in the 3rd place match last season. He was well aquainted with Ki-Be wrestlers. Miguel took charge of the match early on and never let Tanner get going as he finished the match with a pin early on. Cody dominated most of the wrestlers he faced this year. Look for him to be back in the finals next year.