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CWAC Regional Preview


103 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Brandon Ashley - KB vs #4 Zach Aguirre - Qui
#3 AJ DeLeon - Oth vs #2 AJ Cummings - Eph
#2 Tallon Cerna - Con vs #3 Jason Fleming - Qui
#4 Scott Thompson - EV vs #1 Nick Ruff - Casc

Regionals should once again be a dogfight between the top 4 wrestlers, Ashley, Cerna, DeLeon and Thompson. Ashley came out on top in the South due to his big 2-OT (escape) win over DeLeon in the semi's. Cerna got an early TD against Thompson in the semi's and hung on for a 2-1 win. Nick Ruff recorded 2 pins, including the final against Cummings, on his way to the North title. Ruff will be tested right out of the gate at regionals, as he will wrestle Thompson. Cummings will go up against DeLeon. Ruff could shake things up in this weightclass, he has been improving all season long.


112 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Edgar Mendez - Con vs #4 Zack Brissey - Eph
#3 Conrad Garza - Oth vs #2 Jason Escobedo - Casc
#2 Kameron Hopkins - EV vs #3 Ricky Brown - Eph
#4 Teddy Montemayor - Oth vs #1 Lorenzo Longoria - Qui

Lorenzo Longoria is top dog at 112. He dominated Escobedo 13-6 in the North final. Of the top South wrestlers, Hopkins will most likely get the first crack at Longoria. It will be a tough battle between Mendez, Garza and Escobedo to see who gets to the finals. Ricky Brown is capable of an upset along the way as well. The fourth state position will probably be up for grabs between Escobedo, Garza and Brown.


119 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Dago Velasquez -Con vs #4 Abelino Ramirez - Qui
#3 Jose Mendez - Con vs #2 Steve Turner - Cash
#2 Tony Cantu - Oth vs #3 Tommy Race - Chel
#4 Ryan Corke - KB vs #1 Chris Smith - Eph

It looks as if all 8 wrestlers in the 119 class have a chance at making it to state. Velasquez is the returning state champ but he will have his hands full with Abelino Ramirez right from the get go. All the first round matches will be tough and could go either way. Ryan Corke proved this at district with a stunning 2-1 win over Jose Mendez in the second round. Chris Smith stepped up his game with a big major decision over Steev Turner in the North finals. Missing from this group is Joel Flores of Toppenish. He re-injured his leg at districts and could not finish the tournament.


125 - 1st Round Matches
#1 Angel Gonzales - Top vs #4 Doug Nunn - Casc
#3 Phillip Ontiveras - Oth vs #2 Huber LaGrou - Omak
#2 Keith Smith - Oth vs #3 Aaron Koons - Eph
#4 Jarid Faris - Nac vs #1 Richie Hearst - Qui

Angel Gonzales returned the favor against Smith in the finals. Smith had defeated Gonzales 4-2 in the regular season, but Angel win the rematch 4-0. Richie Hearst turned it up a notch with wins over Koons and LaGrou in the North. An up and comer to watch is Phillip Ontiveras of Othello. He is only a freshman, but wrestles beyond his years. Keith Smith is a tough competitor who seems to find a way to win. LaGrou and Koons are capable of making the finals.


130 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 JD Gomez - Oth vs #4 Ben Kite - Cash
#3 Michael Velasquez - Con vs #2 Mark Ouradnik - Eph
#2 Ernest Guzman - Oth vs #3 Bryan Race - Chel
#4 Ryan Burns - KB vs #1 Jeff Smith - Chel

Jeff Smith is one of the wrestler to watch here. Just how good is he? Teammates Guzman and Gomez met in the South finals, but Smith could keep that from happening again. Burns defeated Ouradnik early in the season and could be a factor here. Ouradnik has been improving this year. Gomez is the top dog until someone knocks him off. Guzman, Ouradnik, Velasquez and Race will probably battle for the final two state spots.


135 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Rigo Pruneda - Oth vs #4 Stuart Cambell - Casc
#3 Derrick Gray - Con vs #2 Tommie Lindquist - Qui
#2 Junior Gonzalez - KB vs #3 Colby Reilly - Eph
#4 Jess Leon - Top vs #1 Garrett Dart - Cash

Garrett Dart pulled off what was probably the biggest upset of the weekend, with his 10-5 decision over Lindquist. Tommie had pinned Dart in during the regular season. Rigo Pruneda and Junior Gonzalez probably had the most exciting match of the day. Gonzalez got the upper hand first then Rigo came back. Then Gonzalez came back, then Rigo came back. Definitely the most exciting match at the South district tournament. These four will probably grab the 4 state spots, but don't count out Gray or Reilly. Also, Jess Leon gave Pruneda a run for his money in the semi's.


140 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Justin Corke -KB vs #4 Jacob Stacey - Eph
#3 Freddie Flores - Oth vs #2 Brandon Sims - Cash
#2 David Rae - Con vs #3 Jesse Sanchez - Omak
#4 Justin Hastings - Nac vs #1 Scott Ouradnik - Eph

Looks like its going to be Corke - Ouradnik IV in the regional finals. Ouradnik holds a 2-1 edge, but Corke won the last time they met. While Ouradnik was pinning his way to the North championship, Corke was just plain abusing his competition with throw after throw. David Rae is a fine wrestler, but appeared overmatched in the finals against Justin. Rae should have no problem grabbing a state spot. Sanchez, Hastings, Sims and Flores will battle for the final state spot.


145 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Josh Corke - KB vs #4 Levi Parkins - Cash
#3 Kyle Prescott - Nac vs #2 Steven Smith - Casc
#2 Jorge Anguiano - Oth vs #3 Isaac Wolf - Qui
#4 Jesus Olascon - Oth vs #1 Willy Ives - Omak

Josh Corke is one of 4 untouchables in the CWAC regional tournament. A returning state champ with just one loss this season, Josh is set to defend his regional title. Willy Ives is the top challenger, but will be tested by Anguiano. Steven Smith is #3 in this group but will have a tough time with Corke. Kyle Prescott is a fin wrestler and freshman Levi Parkins is an up and comer. Probably an Ives - Corke final.


152 - 2st Round Opponents
#1 Alex Torres - Oth vs #4 Scott Caudill - Cash
#3 Jacob Holden - EV vs #2 Jacob Sypher - Chel
#2 Ricardo Magana - Con vs #3 Josh Cate - Omak
#4 Ryan Phipps - KB vs #1 Mason Massey - Chel

I would consider Mason Massey an untouchable in this tourney. Mason placed 3rd at state last season, including a victory over Juventino Orozco. Massey has a strong leg ride and can use it to score often. Torres and Magana put on a good show at districts, with Torres coming from behind to win 10-8. Look for freshman Jacob Sypher of Chelan to do well. Don't count out an all Chelan final.


160 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Juventino Orozco - Con vs #4 Ramiro Alvarez - Casc
#3 Tony Lee - Con vs #2 Dean Agee - Omak
#2 Brandon Wagner - Nac vs #3 Josh Hargrove - Chel
#4 Justin Rolland - KB vs #1 Zach Harris - Eph

Juventino is the third untouchable in the tournament. He appears headed for the state title that has been eluding him the past couple years. His main competition will come from teammate Tony Lee and Ephrata's Zach Harris. Juventino was takendown 3 times at districts, twice by Justin Rolland and once by Brandon Wagner. Rolland trailed only 13-9 before Orozco pulled away in the third round. Dean Agee has improved and could do well in the tournament. All 8 wrestlers have a shot at qualifying for state.


171 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Josh Corriell - KB vs #4 Daniel Sypher - Chel
#3 Jeremiah Rodriguez - Oth vs #2 Ben Niccum - Cash
#2 Joe Rosenkranz - Nac vs #3 Tyrel Sandelin - Casc
#4 Teo Rios - Top vs #1 Kelly Davis - Eph

Josh Corriell is the last of the untouchables. Corriell has defeated Rodriguez, Rosenkranz, Niccum and Davis during the year. Davis kept it close losing just 4-0 at the Best of the West, though it was still a dominating performance by Corriell. Rosenkranz seems to wrestle his best in the post-season and will give Sandelin and Davis a battle. Corriell, Davis, Rosenkranz and Niccum have a tight hold on the qualifying spots, but better not loosen the grip.


189 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Andy DeLeon - Oth vs #4 Dan Worley - Cash
#3 Hector Gonzalez - KB vs #2 Adam Burkhart - Chel
#2 Mick Gause - EV vs #3 Justin Hoefner - Cash
#4 Paul Santos - EV vs #1 Clint Webley - Qui

Just how good is Clint Webley? Clint defeated DeLeon 10-5 during the season. Burkhart lost by only two in the North finals. So are Webley, Burkhart and DeLeon 1-2-3? Not so fast. Hoefner has shown flashes this year. Hector Gonzalez is just now rounding into shape. Mick Gause started well against DeLeon in the South final. If these three have a good tournament, it could throw everything into chaos.


215 - 1st Round Opponents
#1 Curt Davis - Oth vs #4 Rodrigo Espinoza - Cash
#3 Kyle Fay - EV vs #2 Ian Anderson - Chel
#2 Chris Lee - Con vs #3 James Bush - Eph
#4 Jake Messer - Nac vs #1 Cesar Williams - Qui

Curt Davis and Cesar Williams are the best in this weightclass. Williams pinned Davis in the regular season, but Davis has been wrestling well of late. Williams has been highly ranked in the state for much of the season. Chris Lee leads the second tier of wrestlers and should grab a state spot. Anderson, Fay and Bush could battle for the last spot.


275 1st Round Opponents
#1 Ross McDorman - KB vs #4 James Peery - Cash
#3 Kyle Davis - Oth vs #2 Jake Healy - Eph
#2 Kevin Hunter - KB vs #3 Clinton Meacham - Casc
#4 Francisco Martinez - Con vs #1 Jake Byl - Omak

A battle of mammoth proportions was waged at both the North and South tournaments. Jake Byl avenged a regular season loss, by defeating #1 Jake Healy 6-4 in the North final. Byl is just a sophomore and is on track to challenge for a state title before his highschool career is over. Healy will be out for revenge at regionals, which does not bode well for Kyle Davis. McDorman and Hunter are darkhorses in this weightclass. Both have won championships this year. They have both benefited from practicing with each other. And both could be making a trip to state. Standing in their way are Kyle Davis and Clinton Meacham. Hunter pinned Meacham and McDorman pinned Davis.


Othello did not seem to faulter without two of their state veterans. They dominated the South district and are advancing 17 wrestlers, 5 champions, to the regional tournament. They have to be the heavy favorite to win their second straight regional title. The Ephrata Tigers advance 13 wrestlers, including 4 champions. Ki-Be and Connell advance 12 wrestlers each. Ki-Be gets the advantage with 5 champions to Connell's 3. Quincy is sending 4 champions among their 10 wrestlers. Cashmere sends 11 wrestlers and Chelan sends 9.