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CWAC State Results


2nd - Romi Gonzalez- Grv
3rd - Edgar Mendez - Con
5th - Brandon Ashley - KB
7th - Kevin Mitchell - Ton
8th - Scott Thompson- EV


1st - Dago Velasquez - Con
3rd - Ismael Fajardo - Grv
1-2 - Kameron Hokpins - EV
0-2 - Keith Smith - Oth
0-1 - Alex Clark - Ton


1st - Jon Limbeck - Cash
4th - Lorenzo Longoria - Quin

7th - Joel Flores - Topp
0-2 - Richie Hearst - Quin
1-2 - Tommy Race - Chel

103 - Romi managed to get into the state finals, while the regional champion Edgar Mendez lost a 4-2 semi-final match to eventual champ John Bennett of Newport. Romi was unable to dig his way out of a big hole late in the finals match, and despite a barrage of late Td's, he lost 14-9 to take 2nd. Edgar came back from his semi-final loss to beat Brandon Ashley and then win 7-0 in the 3rd place match. Of all the CWAC wrestlers that had to wrestle a pigtail match, Brandon Ashley did the best, placing 5th.

112 - Dago Velasquez ended a great year with a state title. Velasquez made it out of the 1st round with a nail biting 6-5 win and then won an equally close 8-6 match in the quarterfinals. His easiest match was his 9-4 win over Colt Warner of Nooksack Valley in the semi's. Fajardo lost in 2OT's to returning state champ Stu Draper of Ridgefield in the quarters and then won in 2OT's in the consolation quarters to move into the 3rd place match.

119 - Limbeck dominated his first three matches winning 13-1, 7-0 and 9-3. Adam Bryant of Deer Park scored the first Td on Limbeck in the finals, but Jon took over from there and pulled out a 7-5 win. He finishes the year undefeated. At the conclusion of the match, Jon ran full speed across the mat and leaped into his Dad's arms. Lorenzo Longoria recorded a pin in his first round match and then won 10-8 in OT in the quarters. He went 1-2 in day two to place 4th. Joel Flores never seemed to recover from getting pinned in the championship quarterfinals. He beat Justin Barnes of Forks 9-1 for 7th.


1-2 - Angel Gonzalez - Topp
2-2 - Josh Granberg - Ton
0-2 - Chris Buckalew - EV
0-2 - Jorge Perez - Oth
0-2 - Abelino Ramirez - Quin


4th - Matt Dillin - Eph
5th - Tommie Lindquist - Quin
8th - Junior Gonzalez - KB
0-2 - Rigo Pruneda - Oth
1-2 - JD Gomez - Oth (Pin)


1st - Brad Prather - Con
2nd - Bryan Caraway - Gold
5th - Scott Ouradnik - Eph
1-2 - Garrett Dart - Cash
0-1 - Curtis Shiles - Omak

125 - The CWAC 125's were a combined 3-10 for the tournament. Josh Granberg had two of the three wins, one coming in the pigtail match. Angel Gonzalez lost his opening match 7-6.

130 - Dillin ran into returning state champ Seth Weatherman of Jenkins-Chewlah and lost 20-9 in the semi's. He took fourth as he lost a close 7-5 3rd place match. Lindquist and Gonzalez met in the consolations with Linquist coming out on top 8-7. Lindquist closed out his tournament with a pin in the 5th place match.

135 - Prather and Caraway both recorded pins in thier first round matchs. Both won close 2nd round matches, Prather 9-6 and Caraway 6-5. They met in the finals for the third time this year. Prather won by injury default in both district and regionals. His head and arm on Caraway in the district match left Bryan hurting chest. In the finals Caraway stayed away from the throws and kept things close. Prather scored on an escape and also on a penalty on Caraway for fleeing the mat. Caraway made the score 2-1 when he escaped Prather in the third. Prather held off Caraway for the remainder of the third to win by the 2-1 score. Ouradnik lost a tight 4-2 match to Brett Bailey of Lakewood to fall into the consolations.


1st - Derek Williams - Ton
5th - Adam Logozzo -
6th - Brandon Craven - Eph
0-2 - Davd Rae - Con
0-2 - Josh Gomez - Oth


1st - Josh Corke - KB
4th - Casey McCourtie - Oth
8th - Alex Torres - Oth
0-2 - Kelly Davis - Eph
1-2 - Jesse Kitzman - Ton


3rd - Mason Massey - Chel
5th - Juventino Orozco - Con
1-2 - Zach Harris - Eph
0-2 - Brandon Wagner - Nac
1-2 - Ben Mohs - Oth

140 - Williams ripped through the early competition with a pin and a 12-1 decision in his first two matches. Zack Nees of Lakeside gave him a tough match in the quarters, which Williams won 6-3. Chase Reed of Orting got the first takedown in the finals to take a 2-0 lead. Williams dominated the rest of the match using a leg ride to control Reed for the 5-3 win and his second championship. Williams will be trying to make it three next year in the 1A/B classification. Adam Logozzo lost to Matt Sketo of Deer Park 8-7 in the opening match and then had to battle back through the consolation bracket. He then lost to Sketo again in the consolation semis, 9-3. An OT 3-1 win over Brandon Craven of Ephrata gave him 5th.

145 - Josh Corke overcame a 5-4 deficit with 14 seconds remaining in his finals match against Mike Griffith of Lakeside to win his first state title. With Griffith on top, Josh reversed him by going out the backdoor on a sitout and coming out on top for a 6-5 lead. He held on for the final 14 seconds for the title. McCourtie benefited from wrestling guys who did not know about McCourtie's throwing ability. McCourtie threw Micah Aday of LaCenter twice in the consolaton quarters to move into the third place match, where he was pinned. Torres was dropped to the 7th place match after getting pinned by teammate McCourtie.

152 - Juventino Orozco was right on course through his first two matches, winning 10-2 and 15-6. But then he ran into Chris York of Vashon Island. York used a strong double leg ride to control the always moving Orozco for a 13-9 win. Masson Massey then took advantage of an upset Orozco in the consolation quarters with an upset pin in the third round. Massey then won 9-4 against Larry Lytle of Hoquiam who had pinned him in 1 minute on the first day. Orozco went on to win 5th, defeating Taylor Galvin of Lakeside for the second time in the tournament.


3rd - Brian Freeman - Con
7th - John Roehling - Eph
0-2 - Stephen Gruginski - Gold

0-2 - Josue Moreno - Oth
2-2 - Garrett Klein - Eph


2nd - Jimmy Orozco - Con
4th - Chris Bacon - Chel
8th - Josh Corriell -KB
1-2 - Colby Bruehl - Cash
2-2 - Joe Rosenkranz - Nac


3rd - TJ Gilmore - Quin
6th - Bert Stalder - Ton
7th - Jose Moreno - Oth
0-2 - Chris Lee - Con
0-1 - Josh Felix - Nac

160 - Brian Freeman's state title hopes got derailed almost before they got started. After man handleing Adam Morris of Riverside 9-1, he was pinned by DJ Rathjen of Mount Baker, the eventual champion. Brian came back to win his next three matches, including a 2-0 win over Adam Morris for third. Regional champ Stephen Gruginski lost to Garrett Klein and then lost 13-6 in his first round consolation match. John Roehling won three consolation round matches to earn his medal.

171 - Jimmy Orozco won a big match against Dan Caldwell 7-6, while Chris Bacon was beating Dan Honeycutt in 2 OT's to advance to the semis. Both Caldwell (6th) and Honeycutt (4th) had medaled the year before. Orozco took care of Bacon in the semi 16-6 to meet Josh Edmondson in the final. Edmondson dominated the final winning 7-3. Bacon went on to place 4th, losing a close 4-3 decision to Orting's Jason Wargo. Josh Corriell also lost to Wargo, 3-2, in the quarter-finals. He never recoverd from that loss and placed 8th.

189 - TJ Gilmore almost made the finals as he recorded a pin and a tech fall, before meeting Evan Mattingly of Vashon Island in the semi-finals. Mattingly got a late takedown to win 8-6. Gilmore went on to win his final two matches by pin and 10-0 for third. Bert Stalder won a big consolation match from Jose Moreno, 3-2, and eventually finished 6th as Moreno placed 7th.


7th - Jake Healy - Eph
1-2 - Cody Bucholtz - Omak
0-2 - Rory Gangle - Nac
1-2 - Cody Roos - KB
0-1 - Luis Escamilla - EV


2nd - Doug Dearborn- Con
8th - Cesar Williams - Quin
1-2 - Jake Byle - Omak
0-2 - Eugene Umtuch - Topp
1-2 - Jay Bandle - EV


1st - Connell 137.5
8th - Quincy 54
11th - Ephrata 50
12th - Grandview 48
14th - Kiona - Benton 45
15th - Tonasket 41.5
24th - Chelan 30.5
25th - Othello 29
28th - Cashmere 24
30th - Goldendale 20
34th - Toppenish 10.5
37th - East Valley 6
40th - Omak 5
41st - Naches 3
45th - Cascade 0

215 - Jake Healy was the only 215 pounder to make it to the second day. A consolation quarterfinal loss dropped him to the seventh place match. Healy pinned is first opponent and then lost a tough 7-6 match. He won his third match to assure himself of a medal.

275 - Doug Dearborn benefited from being on the opposite side of the bracket from Joey Onigkiet of Riverside and Jamie Rakevich of Elma. Rakevich and Onigkeit battled in the semis with Rakevich winning 4-2. Dearborns two losses this year, prior to the finals, were to Onigkiet and Rakevich. Dearborn pinned Jim Rushing of Ridgefield in the semis. Rakevich, who is a leg riding heavy weight, took care of Dearborn with a pin in the third round. Cesar Williams first 4 matches ended in pins. 2 for him and 2 against him. He then lost to Nick Berry of Vashon Island 7-1 for 8th.

Teams - Connell placed 6 wrestlers into the championship semi-finals, with 4 making it into the finals. Velasquez and Prather took individual titles for the Eagles, who won the team title, their first since 1978. Quincy was the only other CWAC team to break into the top 10, placing 8th. It was a tough tournament for District and Regional champs Othello, as they placed 25th. The CWAC had 5 champions and 4 runners-up. The CWAC was represented in 8 of the 14 championship matches. 35 of the 70 CWAC state participants won medals. 10 of the 14 pigtail matches were won by CWAC wrestlers.