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CWAC Results

103 -Zabreznik nearly had himself a championship. If it hadn't been for undefeated Mike Magnusson. Magnusson defeated Zabreznik 9-4. Limbeck was upset by Avila 4-2 in overtime in the consolation round.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
2nd Brad Zabreznik, Tonasket 2 1st
5th Sergio Avila, Ki-Be 4 7th
7th Jon Limbeck, Cashmere 3 3rd
1-2 Melchor Imperial, Wapato 5 -
0-2 Daryl Stephens, Quincy NR -
112 - Ramon Ortiz racked up 30 points in two championship matches. The only problem is that his opponents racked up 28. Jordan Bradbury defeated him 13-11 in the semis. Mark Schutte defeated Matt Anderson of Eatonville to take 3rd while Ortiz struggled to 5th.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
3rd Mark Schutte, Othello 2 5th
5th Ramon Ortiz, Connell 1 3rd
6th Matt Dillon, Ephrata 8 Participant
1-2 Jesus Sandoval, Cascade 7 Participant
1-2 Jason Giles, Othello 5 8th
119 - The magic ended for Bryan Caraway in the second round as he lost to eventual #2 Keith Graham. Caraway pulled out two more matches as he took 6th. Martin Mitchell took home his third championship, but not without a fight. The fight came in the semis against Jesse Thomas of Washougal. First Mitchell had to ride out the last minute of regulation to keep the score tied at 1-1. Then in overtime Mitchell got the takedown on Thomas for a 3-1 win. Mitchell had an easier time in the finals with a 2nd period pin.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
1st Martin Mitchell, Tonasket 1 1st
6th Bryan Caraway, Goldendale 6 -
1-2 Raul Zambrano, Wapato 5 -
1-2 Jeremy Hauck, Cashmere 3 Participant
0-2 Chris Branch, Omak 8 -
125 - In a tournament where we saw more than a few wrestlers storm off the mat after a loss, Troy Stephens was a great example of sportmanship. It has to be tough to get so close to the championship, but Stephens took the loss with dignity, posed for pictures, and even smiled when he was presented the second place medal. After all their were 784 other wrestlers who would have loved to be at least #2. Ale won his third title and was 105-1 doing so in the last three years. Julien had a great tournament taking 5th.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
1st Ale DeLaPena, Ki-Be 1 1st
2nd Troy Stephens, Quincy 2 5th
5th Julien Mendez, Connell 5 Participant
1-2 Casey McCourtie, Othello 10 -
1-2 Matt Owens, Ephrata 9 Participant
130 - Antonio Avalo lost in the semis to Joe Button of Blaine 13-8 to end his run for the title. He then lost a hard fought match with Hoquiam's Adam Calica before settling for 5th. Avalos will be back as a serious contender next year.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
4th Ben Hargrove, Cashmere 1 3rd
5th Antonio Avalos, Grandview 6 -
7th Juan Rodriguez, Quincy 4 8th
1-2 Jermai Hafer, Othello 5 7th
0-2 Camilo Mendez, Connell 2 4th
135 - Thompson's bid for the finals ended in the semis against Brett Bailey of Lakewood. Thompson ended up taking 4th. Danny Villarreal was disqualified from further tournament action in his 2nd round match with Kelly Banner of Forks.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
4th Josh Thompson, East Valley 1 Participant
5th Russ Chipman, Cashmere 4(125) Participant
7th Josh Corke, Ki-Be 5 -
Disq. 1-1 Danny Villarreal, Othello 2 -
0-2 Guadalupe Montes, Connell 4 -
140 - Eli Super stepped it up another notch at state. Super made it look easy against Scott Penney of Orting with a double arm bar pin in the 3rd round. Super had Penney in trouble from the start. Hutchinson defeated Escobedo and Hopkins on his way to 5th.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
1st Eli Super, Tonasket 1 3rd
5th Kyle Hutchinson, Grandview 2 Participant
8th Gilbert Escobedo, Cascade 4 Participant
1-2 Ben Jensen, Othello 5 -
1-2 Kyle Hopkins, East Valley 6 -
145 - Andy Newton defeated Johnny Burns for 5th, while Logozzo defeated DeLaPena for 7th. Jesse DeLaPena lost a tight 1-0 battle with Newton in the consolation round.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
5th Andy Newton, Chelan 1 1st
6th Johnny Burns, Cashmere 7 Participant
7th Andy Logozzo, Grandview 2 Participant
8th Jesse DeLaPena, Ki-Be 3(140) Participant
0-2 Cole Webley, Quincy 3 Participant
152 - Tony Call went all the way to the finals before losing to Josh Brock of Washougal. This was a meeting between Call who's school went up a classification this year and Brock, who's school came down a classification. Brock dominated 13-1. Chris Garza finally defeated Claudio Garza and took 5th.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
2nd Tony Call, Tonasket 1 3rd
5th Chris Garza, Wapato 5 -
7th Claudio Garza, East Valley 2 4th
1-2 Brady Gariano, Omak 9 -
0-2 Brian Freeman, Connell 7 -
160 - Tuck and Yedinak both lost semifinal matches and neither was very happy about it. Tuck's and Yedinak's head gear found the same spot on the Tacoma Dome wall after the losses. Chad Tuck fought feverishly to tie up his match at 8 only to lose due to what appeared to be a penalty for locking hands.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
4th Mike Yedinak, Ephrata 2 Participant
6th Chad Tuck, Connell 1 Participant
1-2 Adam Bacon, Chelan 3 3rd
1-2 Jared Wilson, Tonasket NR -
0-2 Matt Risenmay, Othello 4 -
171 - Lance Reichert took himself all the way to the championship match but couldn't beat Stuart Fox of Vashon Island. A late rally by Reichert fell short as Fox went on to win 14-8. Once again Josh Bates of Ephrata wrestled grest at state finishing 4th. Teamate Josh Brewer took 6th.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
2nd Lance Reichert, Othello 1 Participant
4th Josh Bates, Ephrata 4 6th
6th Josh Brewer, Ephrata 3 Participant
8th Tyler Critchlow, East Valley 5 -
0-2 Paul Hargrove, Cascade NR -
189 - The top three seeds from the CWAC all lost their first matches, while the bottom two seeds won. #4 Curnutt took 7th while #5 Martinez took 6th. Johnny Martinez came within one win of making the finals.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
6th Johnny Martinez, Othello 4 Participant
7th Greg Curnutt, Quincy 3 -
1-2 Nathan Price, Ephrata 6 -
1-2 Joey Isley, Ki-Be 2 Participant
1-2 James Cain, Cashmere 1 Participant
215 - Zuniga returned to state after a years absence and placed 6th for the second time. Sam Allen had a good tournament taking 7th. Allen and Zuniga met in the consolation quarterfinals with Zuniga coming out on top 9-6.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
6th Nathan Zuniga, Toppenish 1 -
7th Sam Allen, Ephrata 6 -
1-2 John Gomez, Cascade 2 (275) -
0-2 Jason Greene, Grandview 2 Participant
0-2 Larry Ebel, Cascade 5 -
275 - Russ Teeter got to the finals but so did Chad Charbonneau who dominated Teeter 11-4. The CWAC had 3 of the 4 spots in the semifinals. Charbonneau took care of Wilde Owens with a pin at 5:40 and Teeter defeated Justin Allen of Omak with a first round pin.
Mat Classic XII CWAC Rank 1999 State Place
2nd Russ Teeter, Quincy 1 5th
3rd Wilde Owens, Toppenish 5 Participant
5th Justin Allen, Omak 6 -
1-2 Saul Olascon, Othello 4 -
0-2 Mike Guerrero, Ephrata 3 Participant