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Ki-Be vs Naches

  Kiona-Benton Bears     Naches Rangers
  48     27
103 Forfeit   WBForf. Jared Faris
112 Barry Leavitt   WBF 2:54 Troy Johnson
119 David Vongalath   WBD 8-2 Chris O'Brine
125 Sergio Avila WBF 1:55   Jim Davenport
130 Ale DeLaPena WBF 3rd   Andy Wilson
135 Josh Corke WBD 9-4   Boyd Nixon
140 Matt Walsh   WBF 2:28 D.J.Wood
145 Jesse DeLaPena WBF 1:46   Joe Snyder
152 Rich Flores   WBF 3:41 Andy Stiles
160 Josh Corriel WBD 11-5   Dennis Carlson
171 Angel Mejia WBF 0:58   David Rust
189 Joey Isley WBForf.   Forfeit
215 Bobby Canales WBF 0:49   Rory Gangle
275 Zach Lefevre WBF 1:45   Josh Brown
JV Results
130 Devin Leavitt LBD to Brandon Wagner 12-5
135 Andrew Wight LBF
171 Josh Grier WBF 0:35 over James Kosco
275 Kevin Hunter LBD to Josh Brown 7-2
The match of the night took place at 160 between Josh Corriel and
Dennis Carlson. Josh had his hands full with the tall and wirey Carlson.
Josh muscles a double leg takedown which led to a scramble which almost
netted Carlson a reverse. Somehow Josh came out of the scramble with a
head and arm for a 3 point nearfall and a 5-0 1st period lead. Carlson started
down for the 2nd round and scored an early reverse. Carlson rode Josh tough
the remainder of the round but could not score any points, 5-2 Corriel after 2
rounds. Josh realized that Carlson was a better mat wrestler than himself
and choose to wrestle on his feet for most of the third round. Josh
used his strenght adantage to dominate the third with 3 takedowns
for an 11-5 win.

More match notes:

Josh Grier recorded the fastest pin of the night with a 35 second pin over James Kosco in a JV match. Grier should make his presence felt at sub-district a week from saturday.

112 - Barry Leavitt got a quick 5-0 lead on Troy Johnson with a takedown to a nearfall to start the match. Troy Johnson came back to dominate the 2nd round and pin Leavitt at 2:54.

119 - Vongalath again got the first takedown in his match, but O'Brine took over from there as he scored 8 unanswered points for the win.

125 - Sergio wasted no time in pinning Davenport with a double arm bar.

130 - Ale had his hands full with Andy Wilson. The Naches wrestler came wrestling defensively and held Ale at bay until Ale countered a Wilson shot for the first takedown. Ale then proceeded to record 2 more takedowns to lead 6-2 after one period. Wilson rode tough on Ale in the second, but Ale's quickness got him a reverse. Ale then released Wilson and used his "Ale Special" to put the match out of reach. Ale got in on a double leg, picked Wilson up, posed for the crowd, slipped in the half and took Wilson down to his back for a 3NF. Ale started the third with a release of Wilson and went right back to the "Ale Special" for the pin this time.

135 - Josh Corke had an unexpectedly tough match with Boyd Nixon. After a 1st period takedown and then giving Nixon a point on a full nelson Corke led only 2-1 after 2 periods. Corke quickly escaped Nixon in the third and recorded a takedown. After not being able to turn Nixon, Corke decided to wrestle the remainder of the match on his feet. Josh then recorded two takedowns (nearly three) in 30 seconds for a 9-4 win.

140 - Matt held D.J.Wood scoreless for the first period and nearly had a takedown early before going out of bounds. Wood then controlled the second and pinned Matt.

145 - Jesse showed good movement as Joe Snyder stalled through the first round. Jesse did record a takedown in the first and another in the second. Snyder got a reverse to tie the match at 4 when Jesse got a little careless in releasing him after a takedown. Jesse made him pay for this as he worked for the escape and caught Snyder in a throw from his knees, into a saturday night special pin.

152 - Rich Flores and Andy Stiles stalled through the first round in their match. The first shot was by Stiles at the 3:20 mark of the match. Stiles then settled down and recorded the pin on Flores.

171 - Mejia improved to 5-1 in the month with a quick pin on Rust.

215 - Bobby Canales countered Gangle's shot for a quick takedown and muscled a half for the pin.

275 - Zach...Uhh...Czar Lefevre used "THE HOGG", a move made famous by Joey Isley against Grandview, lifting Brown up and pull him backwards by locking his hands around Brown's arm and head, and at the same time putting in a leg ride (Yes a leg ride by Zach...Uhh...Czar). Zach eventually got the pin in a more conventional way with a crossface at 1:45.

Not the blowout that was expected but a good showing by the Bears.

Bring on Goldendale!!!

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