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Ki-Be Results


Ale DeLaPena becomes the schools 2nd three time state champion by defeating Troy Stephens 8-2 in the finals. Stephens came out aggressively and did not back down from the challenge. Troy Stephens even went as far as to put Ale on his back, fortunately out of bounds. With the score at 2-1, Ale was called for stalling and exploded with a double leg on Stephens, also earning back points to open the lead to 6-1. Stephens continued to come at Ale, but his last throw attempt was blocked by Ale for the final takedown and an 8-2 win. The Ki-Be fans kept getting louder and louder as the clock ticked down. Finally during the interview after the match, Ale acknowledged the fans as they chanted ALE, ALE, ALE.

Marc Villano, Lakewood WBMD 19-5
Zack Reed, Orting WBMD 16-3
Jace Wilkins, Stevenson WBF 1:02
Troy Stephens, Quincy WBD 8-2 (1st)

Sergio Avila pulled off an upset of Jon Limbeck in the consolation round to assure himself of a better finish then last years 7th place. Earlier in the tournament, Sergio had led Jason Nees of Lakeside in the quarterfinals, and seemed to have the match in control when Nees came alive and pinned Sergio. Ricky Farmer of Washougal gave Sergio a battle in the first match with a late takedown, but Sergio held on for a 9-7 victory. A rematch with Nees for 5th place was just what Sergio needed. This time he made Nees pay for the quartefinal pin. Sergio kept the pressure on Nees the entire match and came away with a well earned 6-1 victory and 5th place.

Ricky Farmer, Washougal WBD 9-7
Jason Nees, Lakeside LBF 3:14
Anthony Kautz, Castle Rock WBF 4:26
Jon Limbeck, Cashmere WBD 4-2 OT
Jonathan Muri, Steilacoom LBF 3:43
Jason Nees, Lakeside WBD 6-1 (5th)

Josh Corke wrestled the full 6 minutes in each match, but did catch a break when Danny Villarreal was disqualified from further wrestling in his second round match. Josh received a forfeit in his third match and entered into the medal round. A hard fought match with Chipman of Cashmere ended with a 5-2 loss. Corke then took on Shane Thompson for 7th. Corke and Thompson wrestled to a 1-1 tie at the end of regulation. In the overtime period Thompson attempted a shot, Corke blocked and spun behind to secure 7th place.

Jared Redinger, Chewelah LBD 5-3
Dan Penn, Tenino WBD 9-3
Forfeit WBForf.
Russ Chipman, Cashmere LBD 5-2
Shane Thompson, Nooksack Valley WBD 3-1 OT(7th)

Jesse DeLaPena lost his first match 7-0 to John Dudley who eventually was put out of the tournament while Jesse place 8th. In the one of the most exciting matches of the tournament, Jesse pinned Shawn Close of Lakeside while trailing 8-5. Jesse led early on 4-3 but got caught in a head and arm at the end of the first. Jesse escaped to start the second to make the score 8-5. Close came at Jesse aggressively but ended up getting caught underneath Jesse. Jesse then barred Close's arms from the front and turned him over for the pin. Jesse then lost a 1-0 decision in the next match to Andy Newton. Newton was warned for stalling with 15 seconds left, but had stalled most of the third round. Newton went on to take 5th. Jesse lost his 7th place match to Andy Logozzo of Grandview 7-1.

John Dudley, Stevenson LBD 7-0
Cole Webley, Quincy WBD 10-4
Shawn Close, Lakeside WBF 2:25
Andy Newton, Chelan LBD 1-0
Andy Logozzo, Grandview LBD 7-1 (8th)

Joey Isley didn't seem to recover from a first round loss to Johnny Martinez of Othello. Joey did come back to dominate the #1 seed from district 4, Scott Schmitz of Montesano, 8-5. He use the "HOGG" to rack up early points and held off a late surge by Schmitz. In the third match of the day, Joey dominated Curnutt early and nearly pinned him with a head and arm that had the Ki-Be fans hootin and hollerin. Curnutt turned the 5 point move by Joey into a reversal and went on to control the rest of the match and won it with a takedown with less than 10 seconds remaining.

Johnny Martinez, Othello LBD 9-2
Scott Schmitz, Montesano WBD 8-5
Greg Curnutt, Qunicy LBD 12-9