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Ki-Be vs Toppenish

  Kiona-Benton Bears     Toppenish Wildcats
  38     37
103 Sergio Avila (-1 team point) WBD 4-1 Richie Zuniga
112 Forfeit   WBForf Eli Zuniga
119 Barry Leavitt   WBF 1:48 Rene Valdez
125 Ale DeLaPena WBForf   Forfeit
130 Josh Corke WBForf   Forfeit
135 Matt Walsh WBD 7-4   Steve Lopez
140 Jesse DeLaPena WBF 3:03   Anthony Munoz
145 Mark McCullough WBForf   Forfeit
152 Kyle Nickerson   WBD 11-3 Ralph Villanueva
160 Josh Corriel   WBF 3:03 Tony Paredes
171 Angel Mejia WBForf   Forfeit
189 Joey Isley   WBF 1:52 Shane Patterson
215 Bobby Canales WBForf   Forfeit
275 Zach Lefevre   WBF 0:45 Wilde Owens
JV Results
189 Daniel Ayers LBF to Luis Baradez
275 Kevin Hunter LBF to Michael Zuniga 0:29

Th Bears used 5 forfeits to defeat Toppenish. The wildcats won 6 of the 8 matches wrestled. Ki-Be is now 3-2 on the year and 2-2-1 lifetime against Toppenish.


135 - The match of the night was between Matt Walsh and Steve Lopez. The Bears deperately needed Matt to pull out the win here in order to have a chance at winning the dual. Matt recorded the first takedown but was quickly reversed by Lopez. Unecessary roughness by Lopez gave Matt a 3-2 lead after one period. Walsh worked hard from the down position in the second round and finally reversed Lopez late in the round for a 5-2 lead. Matt chose neutral for the third and took Lopez down halfway through the round. Matt then proceeded to pull Lopez on top of himself in an attempt to turn Lopez over. Fortunaltely Lopez managed only a reverse and Matt won 7-4.

103 - Sergio wrestled much better against Richie Zuniga this time. Last year Zuniga pinned Sergio in the third round while leading 13-3. This year Sergio came out strong and pressured Zuniga from the start. Richie got the first takedown late in the first with Sergio getting an escape for a 2-1 lead for the Toppenish wrestler. Sergio rode Zuniga tough to start the 2nd but Zuniga took command midway through the period and controlled Sergio the rest of the way. Zuniga looks like he might be the #1 guy to beat in the state.

140 - Jesse wasted no time in taking charge of his match against Anthony Munoz. Jesse 2 double leg takedowns in the first before Munoz began to wrestle defensively and block Jesse's double leg attempts. Jesse recorded another takedown in the 2nd and muscled Munoz over for a much needed pin for the team.

160 - Josh Corriel put pressure on Paredes from the start of the match. State vet Paredes got the first takedown on Corriel on a duck under and led 2-1 after on period. Corriel kept the pressure up in the second but got caught on a throw buy Paredes and succumbed to the pin in 3:03.

189 - The surprise match of the night was Joey Isley versus Shane Patterson. Isley looked like he was in control at the start of the match, and even looked like he was going to take Patterson down, maybe to is back. Somehow, Patterson caught Isley in a head and arm on the way down and ended up on top. Isley fought to stay off his back for about 1 1/2 minutes before getting pinned with just 10 seconds left in the first.

The Bears travel to Grandview this weekend in search of more championships. Ale DeLaPena has won a school record 18 career tournaments and will be looking for number 19. This will be a good tuneup for next weeks dual against the Grandview Greyhounds.

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